Obsession With Blogs

I have to confess to an obsession with blogs. My reader is filling up and I am starting to spend an enormous amount of time reading all these blogs about….reading! Yes! Review blogs, writer blogs, romance blogs…you name it. I suppose I want to educate myself in some way, to be a better reviewer, a better writer. I want to be more informed and feel like I know what I am doing.

But I have decided I will never feel like I know what I am doing. In anything in life. I think I have the type of personality that never feels like I have arrived. Is that the perfectionist type? Well, you wouldn’t guess it but looking at my house. There doesn’t seem to be anything that stays in its place and any kind of paper seems to land in piles scattered throughout. Weird.

No, I wouldn’t call myself a perfectionist, but I maybe a perfectionist wannabe. I desire it, for sure, but the creative part of me wants to think of ways to “be” it, instead of “doing” it. Ha!

So, as I continue surfing the web for more blogs to read, I will put the blinders on, yet again, and try to ignore the clutter around me. Or better yet, maybe have my teens pick up THEIR clutter. Now that is a great idea, though it causes me to be the Task Master with the naggy voice. Oh, but wait, I am queen of my home and can delegate all I want.

I guess I better go delegate. (with a cup of coffee to charge my eagle eye)


Writing Is HARD

This writing thing is hard work. I will have a day with no interruptions and I can spit out 3000 words in one day! And the next day I have no interruptions and can’t seem to get 500 words down. How does that happen??

I need some booty glue to keep my big ol’ seat stuck in the chair. When the words are not flowing, I find myself surfing the web, watching tv, going to the store, anything but making my fingers fly over the keyboard.

I had hoped to finish the first draft by the end of the summer, but I don’t think that is going to be possible. Just not enough time, as my last week of summer is next week. Plus, I want to do some fun things with the kids.

Okay….guess what? I need to get back to writing. At least a couple of hundred words before I turn in for the night. Wish me luck.

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West Wing

My two younger kids are at my sister’s house this week. While I am taking the days to write as much as possible, I was given the first 2 seasons of West Wing to watch this week. I have heard it is great, but I have been so incredibly sick of the whole election year saga, that I am having a hard time wanting to even take a look at the first episode. Hopefully, it will be catchy and grab me. I could use some non-mental activities this week. 🙂



I don’t like being stuck. But stuck I am. I ‘ve begun a writing project, you know, and I can’t seem to write today. I finished a scene and know what I need to do, but just don’t want to. The words won’t come. I am 100 pages in and can’t seem to move forward.

I’d rather read or watch a movie, or take a nap. Which is what I did. Now I bet I won’t be able to sleep tonight. Won’t that be fun!!

What a funk I’m in. I don’t really feel like doing anything. Not talking to anyone, not going to church tonight, not cooking supper, not anything. I don’t think I’m depressed. So what is it? I don’t know!

Whatever it is, I hope it passes and does it fast! I don’t have time for it…summer is almost over!

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My Summer Obsession

I mentioned in my first blog that I needed to pick the “one thing” that I wanted to accomplish this summer and just do it death. Well, I decided. I am writting a novel. I know, I know, that sounds so lame and I am embarrassed to even put it to paper, much less publish it in a blog, but I decided that it is something I must do.

It is something that I have wanted to do my whole life. I am an avid reader and the thought of putting a story together that would transport someone away to another time…another place…well, if fair takes my breath away. What a dream, right?


It is a dream. My dream. And while nothing may ever come of it, I will have done it. I will not get to my death bed and wonder why I never even tried my hand at it. It will not be my regret.

And so, here I go. I have about 15,000 words written so far, and while it is really poor writing, I am sticking to my plan of writing the whole first draft this summer while I have the time off from my job at the school.

I watched Finding Forrester the other day and Sean Connery says to Forrester, “You write with your heart. You rewrite with your head.” Such wise words. So that is what I am doing. I am trying to let go and let the words flow and ignore my inner editor that wants to rewrite every other sentence. (I will never get it done if I listen to that little demon!)

So, while I don’t think anyone reads this blog, if you do, then don’t laugh at me and my dream. It may have been stupid, but I thought myself brave to put it out there for the world to see.

Just don’t ask me to let you read it!

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John’s Skin Cancer

My husband, John, had a skin cancer and had to have it removed. After being told that it would be a small incision, with only a stitch or two, he came home with a 3 inch cut and 15 stitches!
Needless to say, it was bigger and deeper than originally thought. It is healing up nicely and his neck is not pulling as bad, with the skin being stretch so. He can now move his head to the side without too much discomfort.
He is wearing his new protective hat that we got for him for Father’s Day. We got it from Coolibar, a neat site that is approved by the National Skin Cancer Association. It is comfortable and good quality.
So, now I am all conscious about being in the sun. I used to lay out all the time, but rarely get in the sun these days. I tan easily, so I sport a farmers tan for a good part of the year. Nice, huh?

We should all be wearing our sunscreen these days, don’t you think?

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Blogging Again

Here I am, trying to start up blogging once again. I have another site that I haven’t visited in months, and here I am starting up another. It seems that I am an all or nothing kind of girl. I get fixated on one thing and that is what I do until I do it to death. Death by obsession. Sigh….

It is summertime for me and I have been off a full 3 weeks now. I got a job last year in a school district and so now I get paid summers. Nice, I know! The sad thing so far is I keep counting down until I go back. Don’t get me wrong….I absolutely LOVE my new job. It is just that I have so much I want to do and can’t seem to make headway. I suppose I need to pick the “one thing” and then do it death! Maybe I just haven’t fixate on the one thing. Maybe my summers need to be times to focus on just one thing…that way I will be assured of getting it done.

Say like I wanted to paint the house. Save it for summer. Or fill up my art room with paintings. Save it for summer. Or write a book. Save it for summer. What a great idea! Now….to pick one. ha. I will get back with you on that.