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John’s Skin Cancer

My husband, John, had a skin cancer and had to have it removed. After being told that it would be a small incision, with only a stitch or two, he came home with a 3 inch cut and 15 stitches!
Needless to say, it was bigger and deeper than originally thought. It is healing up nicely and his neck is not pulling as bad, with the skin being stretch so. He can now move his head to the side without too much discomfort.
He is wearing his new protective hat that we got for him for Father’s Day. We got it from Coolibar, a neat site that is approved by the National Skin Cancer Association. It is comfortable and good quality.
So, now I am all conscious about being in the sun. I used to lay out all the time, but rarely get in the sun these days. I tan easily, so I sport a farmers tan for a good part of the year. Nice, huh?

We should all be wearing our sunscreen these days, don’t you think?

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Blogging Again

Here I am, trying to start up blogging once again. I have another site that I haven’t visited in months, and here I am starting up another. It seems that I am an all or nothing kind of girl. I get fixated on one thing and that is what I do until I do it to death. Death by obsession. Sigh….

It is summertime for me and I have been off a full 3 weeks now. I got a job last year in a school district and so now I get paid summers. Nice, I know! The sad thing so far is I keep counting down until I go back. Don’t get me wrong….I absolutely LOVE my new job. It is just that I have so much I want to do and can’t seem to make headway. I suppose I need to pick the “one thing” and then do it death! Maybe I just haven’t fixate on the one thing. Maybe my summers need to be times to focus on just one thing…that way I will be assured of getting it done.

Say like I wanted to paint the house. Save it for summer. Or fill up my art room with paintings. Save it for summer. Or write a book. Save it for summer. What a great idea! Now….to pick one. ha. I will get back with you on that.