Obsession With Blogs

I have to confess to an obsession with blogs. My reader is filling up and I am starting to spend an enormous amount of time reading all these blogs about….reading! Yes! Review blogs, writer blogs, romance blogs…you name it. I suppose I want to educate myself in some way, to be a better reviewer, a better writer. I want to be more informed and feel like I know what I am doing.

But I have decided I will never feel like I know what I am doing. In anything in life. I think I have the type of personality that never feels like I have arrived. Is that the perfectionist type? Well, you wouldn’t guess it but looking at my house. There doesn’t seem to be anything that stays in its place and any kind of paper seems to land in piles scattered throughout. Weird.

No, I wouldn’t call myself a perfectionist, but I maybe a perfectionist wannabe. I desire it, for sure, but the creative part of me wants to think of ways to “be” it, instead of “doing” it. Ha!

So, as I continue surfing the web for more blogs to read, I will put the blinders on, yet again, and try to ignore the clutter around me. Or better yet, maybe have my teens pick up THEIR clutter. Now that is a great idea, though it causes me to be the Task Master with the naggy voice. Oh, but wait, I am queen of my home and can delegate all I want.

I guess I better go delegate. (with a cup of coffee to charge my eagle eye)

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  1. Nice blog 🙂


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