I’m Not Dead Yet

You might have thought I was dead by the length of time it has taken me to post a blog, but surprise…I am alive and well, though a little worse for wear. Since I last posted, I have had a son married off to a lovely girl. Now the fact that this happened just 3 days after Christmas might make you heave a sigh of sympathy for me – and I totally appreciate the offer – but amazingly enough, I did great. I had Christmas presents all bought 5 days before Christmas, wrapped and ready. We had Christmas and then I focused on the wedding rehearsal.

Ah, the wedding rehearsal. It was over booked. Surprising you say? Yes, indeed. We were the bigger people and practiced our moves in a different room and the other party did graciously let us place our party where they were going to stand. We then pretended we were in the real room, while we practiced in the other. All is well. The rehearsal dinner was fabulous at the Blue Mesa Grill!

After all the wedding hoopla and more Christmas afterward with my husband’s family who were in town, I retreated into a deep and dark well of reclusiveness, not really wanting to face anything. I needed escape and did that with a ton of books and movies. Not very sociable, but I certainly needed my “me” time.

So, now I have the itch to branch out. Reach out to the world and embrace the need to write once again. I need to finish this first novel of mine. I am having trouble jumping back in, though I dearly want to. Is it fear? I don’t know, but tomorrow is the day.


One response to “I’m Not Dead Yet”

  1. Congratulations! Linore is on my historical writing loop and she is a great writer. She really knows the Regency period.


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