Trudging Through

I am getting back into my novel and am having a hard time. I decided to go back and read through it, since I had been away from it awhile, but keep finding things to edit! I am not ready to edit, but am afraid I will forget what needs changing. What’s a girl to do?

I think I may quit reading it and just keep writing. I think I have the voice of the book back in my head, so maybe it will be easier. Maybe the words will flow now.

I am still scared, but need to get over the fear and just get it finished! I have 53,000 words and want to be able to finally write THE END and say that I have accomplished my goal! Maybe I will make this a Christmas present for my family.

Did I mention that my dad is an editor and a ghost writer? I am going to let him critique it when I am finished and I hope he can be honest so that I can learn something valuable.

I better get back to writing. I here the thunder coming and love to write when it is raining! Now, where is my candle?

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