Pet Peeve….Seriously?

I have a pet peeve. Do you ever go to a movie and a family brings their little kids…we’re talking one to maybe 4 years old here…and then lets them run up and down the aisle?


Okay, granted we are at the dollar movie. I only paid $1.25 to get in, but really, could you not just wait until it came out on video so your kids could run around at YOUR home?

This is not the first time this has happened. I went to a more mature show (not R, but definitely not a kid movie) and one family had the nerve to bring a plastic riding toy for their toddler to ride up and down the aisle! How they got it in the theater, I will never know.

Anyway….that’s my peeve.

7 responses to “Pet Peeve….Seriously?”

  1. Hey…I popped over from Annie’s blog. Please come visit me. I love to network with other writers.


  2. I AM SO GLAD you stopped by. Please come back often and let yourself go…JUST WRITE! You’re already a good writer, so allow yourself some freedom to enjoy what you do so well.I hope to talk to you soon….Jan


  3. You guys have $1.25 movies? That is totally unheard of here. I think the $5.00 Tuesdays are the absolute lowest we get.I’ve never experienced that in a theatre. Maybe our movie workers keep it from happening. I can certainly see it as a huge annoyance, but on the other hand, I also see why parents do it if it’s allowed. Perhaps there are other theatres with “rules” in the area that would make for a more enjoyable outing.


  4. Yes, our dollar movie theater shows movies that have been out awhile and are almost ready to come out on DVD. I love it, especially in these economic times! I just don’t care for the kiddos running wild. It only happens at this theater and not any of the more pricey ones. I guess I need to get over it or spend more money to avoid it. Or just wait for the DVD. (but don’t you love to see movies on the big screen?)


  5. I certainly do.Hubby took the girls out to pick up ingredients for my birthday dinner so I have some free time to write and surf–so I’m doing exactly that.Hey, I checked out the cutestblogsontheblock and tried to use one of their templates but it seemed to just go over top of my existing template. How did you do it? Do you need to set your basic template to something specific first?


  6. Yes, you have to go into Layouts and change your layout template to Minima. It’s the basic plain layout. It should work then.


  7. Thanks, Sherrinda! As you can see, I got it working.


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