Life can be surprising. I don’t suppose that should come as a surprise. We know things change. If things aren’t changing, they are dying, right?

So life as I know it is about to change. Possibly in a big way — most likely in a big way. My husband (and I) started a church 3 years ago and last week, we all decided that it was time to close its doors. I don’t know why God’s blessing wasn’t on it to grow, but I do know that the time spent there with people I love was a blessing. A time of healing and growing.

So now we are looking for where God wants us to be. We would like to be close, though I feel like that is asking alot of God. I know, He listens to heart’s desires, but deep down I know I want what He wants. I know His path, His plan, His way is always best. (My daughter has 2 years left of high school and it would break my heart if she had to uproot at this point in her schooling.) Of course, we will go wherever God calls us and trust He will work out the details.

So has anyone ever been uprooted unwillingly? Has anyone ever followed God on a wild and crazy ride? I’d love to hear your journeys of faith building.

10 responses to “Changes”

  1. Oh, Sherrinda, this is big news. My prayers are with you for this wonderful journey ahead. Trust that God will do great things in this time of change. With Him in control, it kind of makes the unknown exciting, rather than scary, doesn’t it?Sorry, God has not put major change on me since I headed away to university, leaving my family an hour and a half drive away. Not huge by any means, but at the time it seemed monumental. I’m praying for you!


  2. Thanks for your prayers, Eileen. I love that my sisters are praying for me. You are right in that it is more exciting than scary and I think that is one of the things I really and truly learned in the last 3 years. We have had to trust Him completely for everything and He is faithful. So incredibly faithful.


  3. Yes, I’ve been uprooted a lot when I was a kid (military dad). I hope you all find the perfect place, and I’m glad you realize that there was a purpose for the time your doors were open. Who knows what will come of that season? 🙂God bless!


  4. Jessica, I would imagine moving alot was difficult. I work in an elementary school and am amazed at the number of schools some of these kids have already been to. Everyone has such a different path from each other, all lined out by God.


  5. Hi, Sherrinda. I can relate to this in two ways. One, I was a missionary for a year in Ukraine and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t very fruitful there. Now I understand it, but that’s another story … But anyway, it hurt that God had not seemed to bless our ministry, though in many ways it was a blessing. Just not in the ways I had envisioned. And when my first baby was only about six weeks old, my husband got a new job, which would take us to another state and away from his family and our friends. I was scared and all alone with a tiny baby. But God took care of us. We’re still here, ten 1/2 years later, and I would be heartbroken if we had to leave. I will be praying for you, Sherrinda. God is faithful. He’ll take care of you.And on an unrelated note, I’m so excited you are writing a medieval. Would you like to join a group of ACFW’ers who write European historicals? There are some medieval writers there, including some pubbed authors. Email me, melaniedickerson at knology dot net and I’ll get you the info.


  6. Sherrinda – I found your blog through Joyce Schneider … I HAD to comment on this. My husband is in the military and uprooted unwillingly is like the story of my adult life! And I have to say, that the past two moves (there were four before that!!) I was able to to simply give it over to God … COMPLETELY. While my husband is not following Christ wholly, I was able to submit to him and say, I'm behind you no matter what you decide. I OFTEN have to function as a single parent to my two children (8 & 5) due to his deployments. But you know what? I have had some of the most amazing opportunities in Christ? And met so many women who have spiritually mentored me. GODS HAND HAS BEEN IN IT ALL! Be blessed .. no mater what, God is with you! “Do not be afraid, for God is with you” Josh 1:9heather[dot]johnston[at]unf[dot] edu


  7. Heather,Thank you so much for your sweet response to my blog. I cannot imagine having to move that much! We have moved 4 times in our married life of 23 years and I thought that was alot! 😉 Moving is such a hard thing, but I have found that I have always fallen in love with each place I have been. I can make any house a home and I always make great, lifetime friends. I have always struggled with the unknown, but this time I have a peace like no other time….and we are probably in more desperate straights than ever before! God is good. All the time. He will be with me every step of the way. I will be praying for you and your husband and children. I have such respect for those who serve our country and am so thankful to have such giving men and women give so much to keep us safe. May God bless you!


  8. Melanie,I am sure you were a blessing in the Ukraine and used exactly how God wanted you to be used. I know God works in ways we cannot see and any time spent serving Him is worthy time. God bless you! (Were you able to write while there?? 😉


  9. Sherrinda, I believe “circumstances beyond our control” and “God at work” both mean the same thing. The Lord has a more perfect plan for you.

    When I moved from Colorado to Michigan nearly 20 years ago, I wanted to move right back home. The Lord closed every door I knocked on. I still remember the day the sermon convicted me of needing to allow Him to plant me wherever pleases Him, and going forward to the altar with tears pouring down my cheeks to tell Him I’d quit fighting Him.

    He’s worked in my life here in Michigan in ways I can’t imagine occurring in Colorado. My family still asks when we’re going to move out. I always say, “When God tells us to move.”

    I’ve added you and your family to my prayer list, asking God to give you clear direction and peace in Him along the way.



  10. Thanks for sharing your journey, Anne, and I thank you for your prayers. My goodness, moving away to Michigan would be hard for me! This Texas girl would have trouble with the winters there, I am sure. I am learning so much in this faith journey we are on and finding that God’s provision is beautiful, whether it be financial, emotional, or spiritual. Where He leads, we will follow.


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