Review: A Bride of Honor by Ruth Axtell Morren

Backcover: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a lady of rank and distinction is no match for an impoverished preacher. Yet Damian Hathaway is entranced from the moment he spies Miss Lindsay Phillips entering his church. She doesn’t appear any different from the other pampered society ladies—and she’s betrothed to a gentleman of the ton. But Damian is determined to find the pure heart he’s sure exists underneath all the ruffles and lace. The unlikely friendship formed by Damian and Lindsay is a revelation to them both, but is frowned upon by her parents—and Damian’s parishioners. Torn between two worlds, the pair must trust that their love can bridge the divide—and conquer all.

Review: I have read Regency romances for years and this book does not disappoint. Ruth brings the propriety of the times against the friendship and love of two people who defy their difference in rank and station in life.

Lindsay Phillips is a beautful young woman, whose heart is on a spiritual quest. Damien Hathaway is the perfect godly man to teach her and lead her in her spiritual journey.

When circumstances throw them together, both try to sacrifice their love and happiness to set the other free. Each must learn to see God’s plan for them instead of trying to figure it out their own way. I enjoyed seeing both their journeys of self-discovery.

The romance was engaging, with enough tension to keep me turning pages to see their love finally realized. I love a good “sigh” moment!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who loves a light hearted, romantic tale.

You can purchase this book here at Amazon You can also read an excerpt of the book there too.

13 responses to “Review: A Bride of Honor by Ruth Axtell Morren”

  1. Thanks for the review, Sherrinda! Believe it or not, I’ve never read a regency romance before. But the way you and Jeannie talk about them – I’m thinking maybe I should. 🙂


  2. Regencies are delightful. I first started reading them years ago, because I found they were usually a “clean” read, but gave the romantic tension I so love. You should definitely give ’em a try.


  3. i hear ya, sherrinda. the “clean” factor became my favorite thing. i would get all giddy with a hand holding or an almost-kiss. 🙂 i might have to check this one out…sounds like she’s an austen fan. i’m on the influencer list for linore rose burkard’s new book…i’m SO ready to get it to see how Arriana’s story unwinds!


  4. I usually like Morren’s books. She does a good job with attraction, I think.


  5. I’m with Katie, I don’t ever recall reading a regency romance, either. I might just have to try one out soon.


  6. I’ve never read a regency romance before. But I am interest. I think I’ll keep this book in mind. Thanks for the review!


  7. Hi Sherrinda,
    I envy your ability to set aside writing and just enjoy reading!! I wish I could give myself the freedom to enjoy a good book once in a while. But alas, woe is me. I’m waiting until my WIP is complete. Then I’ll go on a reading binge!!


  8. Sherrinda:
    Sounds like me and my hus.: a lady of rank and an impoverished preacher— LOL!
    That was a lie; we were both impoverished when we got married. God is good to us, and we are no longer poor, but this story sounds so romantic! Thanks for the review!


  9. Jeannie, I soooo love an “almost kiss”! And there are some good kissing scenes in Ruth’s book. 😉
    I read Linore’s first book and loved it, but haven’t gotten to the second one yet. You’ll have to fill me in!


  10. Eileen and Cindy: You should give this one a try. It was a very sweet romance with strong attraction, yet sacrifical love.


  11. Jessica, I thought this book was good and I really, really loved the cover! You’d would probably like it!


  12. Jody, I have found that I cannot go to sleep at night unless I read at least a chapter or two before I close my eyes. My mind won’t shut down and I think about all the stuff that went on during the day or all that needs to be done. I tell myself I am reading for me health!!! 😉


  13. You made me laugh, Jeanette! Very funny, and I’m glad you aren’t so impoverished anymore!


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