Happy Dance Days

I am reading The Life You’ve Always Wanted by John Ortberg as a devotional reading during my quiet time. It has been such a blessing and a perfect addition to my Bible reading.

I was struck by the chapter on The Discipline of Celebration. How often do we go through each day, struggling to get things done, hurrying to complete the next task on the list, going through the motions of life? Too often, if you are like me.

God calls us to be like Him and He is a God of joy. He is a Rejoicer. He is a Happy Dancer! And I bet He can bust a move, don’t you think?

It’s hard to find the joy sometimes in seasons of trial and pain, but we can become joyful people. “True joy…comes only to those who have devoted their lives to something greater than personal happiness.” It is in His strength that we learn how to be joyful. We can discipline ourselves and learn to see the joy.

A few weeks ago, there were certain things that really drained all joy out of me. It was affecting my attitude. It was even affecting my writing! How could I write romantic, loving scenes when I was so sad, so mad, and so frustrated?

It was around that time I quit getting on the computer in the mornings before work and devoted more time with God. (Now don’t think you have to do this, because it was what God was calling me to do to get my attention.) It was then I began reading this book. And it was then I started to learn how to do the steps of the Happy Dance.

Now I try to have a Happy Dance Day every day. Why don’t you give it a try? For those of you who write, it just might make your writing sing! Or maybe to even dance!

11 responses to “Happy Dance Days”

  1. Oh thank you, I so need a happy dance. I’m going to check this out o Amazon!


  2. Hi T. Anne! I think we all need a happy dance, but maybe some days more than others. I pray you can dance fast and free!

    Oh, I linked the book to Amazon. I meant to do that earlier…thanks for the reminder!


  3. Hi Sherrinda,
    What a great post! I totally get going through my days, checking off my lists, plowing forward with what I need to do, but somedays having very little joy in it all!

    I love the concept of the Discipline of Celebration. My husband has most of the Ortberg books and loves them. Now I’m going to have to look up this discipline and read more about it!

    I would love to have a Happy Dance every day! Joy is truly something God wants his children to have, but is also a discipline, right?

    Have a great week, Sherrinda!


  4. sounds awesome! What a great reminder Sherinda! Thanks! And I’ll do a happy dance for you for winning Donald Maas’ book!!!


  5. I like the idea of a happy dance each day. I do one far too infrequently. Things much change!


  6. Happy Dance! I love it! Thanks for the recommendation on the book, too. I’ll have to check it out.


  7. That sounds like a great book. I love the quote about joy needing more than our personal happiness (or something like that) 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  8. i bet god is an awesome dancer! 🙂 loved it.


  9. Sherrinda: Thank you, dear sis. This is just what i needed today. Even my husband noticed the lack of joy in me lately. I am so stressed over this conference i’m going to, then my dad is in the hospital in CA and i’m thinking alot of him.
    But, you are right. God isn’t worried about my proposal or my pitch or my dad. He is doing His happy dance on the throne, cuz He knows He’s got us in HIs great big hands.
    Thanks again!


  10. Jody, you have Ortberg at your fingertips? How nice! He is easy to read, and has some profound truths that really touch me. I’ve really tried to be conscious of doing the dancing thing lately!

    Katie, you should have seen me doing my Happy Dance over the Donald Maass book. I could have won some award I’m sure!

    Eileen, isn’t it easy to forget the joy? I am the same way. It really is a discipline, I am thinking.

    Jill, I’ve not finished the book, but so far it has been so good for me. Just what I’ve needed! The library probably has it. It is a good selling book, I think.

    Jessica, I would think you are a Happy Dancer all the time! You seem to be the joyful sort. 😉

    Jeannie, I would absolutely LOVE to see God do a happy dance. I think Aslan playing with Lucy and Susan after he came back to life (Chronicles of Narnia) as a great picture of God happy dancing.

    Jeanette, there are such stressful times that it is so hard to breathe and know that God has it in control. You will have such a great time at the conference and learn so much! I will certainly be praying for your dad. It’s hard when they are far away and you feel helpless. May God bring peace and joy into your heart, that you may smile and really know He is the lover of your soul and wants the very best for you!


  11. Thanks for your encouragement and your prayers. You’re a sweetie!


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