To Giggle Or Not To Giggle

I like to laugh. Alot. And I am lucky that I have married a really funny guy. One that can put up with my goofiness. I’ve always been a shy, quiet kind of girl, but once you get to know me, I come out of my shell and can be “real”, at least the real me, the silly me.

So here I am, writing a medieval novel, and I keep wanting to put funny stuff in it. The thing is, it just doesn’t seem to fit at times. I keep writing things that crack me up, but later think it would be better served in a contemporary setting. So I am filing those away for future works, while trying to find a balance of fun and with the flavor of the medieval times. Surely, though, they had funny people back then, right? People are people, no matter the era. There had to be some Jerry Lewis or Jim Carey types back then!

All that to say, I hope some of my humor…my fun side…comes through my writing. I want a light hearted read, entertaining and engaging. Nothing deep for me, just a happy romp back in time.

So, does anyone out there write funny stuff? If not, what do you write?

21 responses to “To Giggle Or Not To Giggle”

  1. I can’t imagine writing something in the medieval times, unless it’s a YA book! I love writing humor into my stories and get the opportunity to quite a bit, which I am grateful for. I am tossing around a fun, contemporary novel with humor as a main ingredient and I really want to write it but just have too much on my plate right now. One day maybe!


  2. Sherrinda, you crack me up!! You’re so cute! I can see a new romance genre: historical comedies! Or maybe that could be your platform: historical romances that bring laughter to the heart.

    I guess you already know what I write! Pretty heavy stuff, eh? A few specks of humor here and there, but not much! Hope you’re having a good week!


  3. I love your pics!!!!!!!!!! I write romantic comedy’s and to prep for them I read lots of Sophie Kineslla. šŸ˜‰


  4. Cindy: A young adult books sounds like it would be so much fun! My daughter went on her first date not too long ago and boy, does it feed my imagination for teen/YA stories. šŸ˜‰ You’ll get to your story! The stuff on the plate gets eaten little by little!

    JODY!!! A new genre just for little ol’ me! And I LOVE, LOVE your story! It is perfect and I am going to be so proud when you get contracted. After I started reading yours, I thought mine was just fluff compared to yours. (I know, I know, we aren’t supposed to compare!) But yours has such depth and character, besides being well written! And…you sell yourself short. There is definitely some humor on your pages. I know I have chuckled a time or two! šŸ˜‰


  5. T.Anne: I am going to totally embarrass myself here, but when you wrote who you read to prepare for your writing, I had to google the author!!! Ha! How embarrassing to not know the author of the Shopaholic book. lol

    I wonder how many other authors read books to prepare for their writing.


  6. I’ve tried light-hearted, funny…. but for whatever reason, it’s the tear-jerker stuff I write the best. Which is very weird… because I’m not a dramatic person in my day to day life.


  7. Katie: Now that is interesting. I wonder if the deepest parts of who we are…the parts that don’t always surface day to day…come to light in our writing. Not to say that you are weeping deep inside! I don’t mean that at all. It was just an intersting thought… Maybe I just want to cover up my tears and keep it all buried! Don’t they say laughter is a great masker of pain?


  8. Cute pics Sherrinda. šŸ™‚

    I wouldn’t say I write funny, though sometimes I like quirky characters.

    You know, Julie Garwood did humor in her medievals. I don’t see why you can’t. šŸ™‚


  9. Oh, I love reading humor, but I’m not so good at writing it…yet. I’m still studying how to.

    And, yes, I totally agree, there must have been humor in medieval times. There just must have been! How sad if there weren’t.


  10. Sherrinda: Humor is hot right now! It will sell your book.

    And yes, there have been comedians since time began. How else can we survive in this unfunny world?

    My first book had some humor in it, just to hook people to read, but i am trying to focus more on humor in this new one. Two of my chapters are “I’ve Fallen off the Pedestal and I Refuse to Climb Back up” and “Can Preachers Have Sex on Sundays?”

    You go, girl! Love the photos!


  11. Jessica: I love quirky! And would you believe I have NOT read any of Julie Garwood’s books? Did you just gasp?

    Eileen: How are you studying writing humor? Are you reading humorous books? Or is it a certain book? Blog?

    Jeanette: I laughed when I read the titles of your chapters! As a preacher’s wife, I did giggle and blush at the second one. šŸ˜‰ Isn’t laughter great? Such a good way to connect with the reader, I think.


  12. I’m a laugher too! Love your pictures! My books always have funny moments, probably because I tend to embarrass myself on a regular basis.


  13. Oooh, i made you blush?
    Then maybe it’ll sell books!
    It’s really not lurid AT ALL, just a fun hook to get them reading!


  14. Jeanette: It is a PERFECT hook! I know it piques my interest!


  15. Have you ever thought of writing Chick Lit?

    Personally, I couldn’t pull off a comedy. I’m writing a suspense novel.



  16. Susan, yes, I have been thinking about doing some Chick LIt. It is funny, but all the ideas I’ve been getting lately are contemporary. Not sure what that means. šŸ˜‰


  17. Fun pictures, Sherrinda.

    I like Jody’s idea of a new genre. How about hysterical historicals?


  18. Certainly they laughed in mid-evil times. I bet you can figure out how to keep, at least some of the humor.
    Love your blog, and thanks for stopping by If you give a girl a pen. If you’re ever interested in guest blogging, let us know.


  19. Keli!! Hysterical Historicals…I love it! Now wouldn’t that be fun to write!

    Susan, I just loved your site…the layout is sooo cute, and I love cute! As for guest blogging? Hhmmmm…never done that before, but am willing to try. (even though it would scare me silly!)lol


  20. That was the best birthday party EVER! Thanks for all you did to make it special.


  21. It was a great party and allowed for people to let loose and be silly! LOVE IT!


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