It Just Ain’t Happening!

You know the days…the weeks…where you plan and you have every expectation, but it just doesn’t happen? Well, this is my week. I had planned to post about Secondary Characters from Donald Maass’s book, Fire in Fiction, but couldn’t pull it together.

Yeah, I know I am taking the time to post here, right now, but this doesn’t take any forethought and planning. This was the last week at the elementary school where I work. Can anyone say ChAoTiC? My goodness, between the parties, the awards assemblies, and the parents coming and going, I thouht I would just drop dead at the end of each day. No thinking going on in this head, for sure.

Of course, it doesn’t help that amid all this hustle and bustle, I have a son graduating this weekend! Yep. I’ve been preparing for a reception for him after the graduation Sunday afternoon and have another reception to go to tomorrow. Did I mention I have to go to work tomorrow morning to wrap things up with the teachers? On Saturday? Sigh…

All this to say, next week I will have some good posts to give you. First, my thoughts on Donald Maass’s Secondary Characters chapter, and then I will give away a copy of Julie Lessman’s, A Passion Most Pure!!!! Oh my, what a lovely book, indeed!

p.s. I wanted to pull out the cranky pants this week, but refrained….for the most part! I did whine juuusstt a little bit though!

14 responses to “It Just Ain’t Happening!”

  1. Hi Sherrinda –

    I always enjoy your posts. πŸ™‚

    BTW, thank you for the award. I’ll be posting next Wednesday to pass it on and link to your blog.

    Have a great weekend. I hope you won’t be stuck at work all day tomorrow.



  2. Hi there,

    Just wanted to let you know I’m reading Donald Maass’ book too! So I am looking forward to your thoughts.
    Have a great weekend.
    ~ Wendy


  3. Oooo! I’d LOVE to read a Passion Most Pure! Looking forward to the giveaway. Also can’t wait to hear about Fire in Fiction. I’m just going to start reading Getting into Character. πŸ™‚


  4. I so need to get at least one of Donald’s books. I *ashamed to admit* haven’t read one yet. I AM taking his course at ACFW though, WOOHOO excited about that!!!

    Glad ya didn’t have to break out the cranky pants. *grin*


  5. Oh Sherrinda, sorry you’re having such a busy week! Hopefully once you’re past this weekend you can RELAX and sink into your book! Another huge milestone in your family with your son’s graduation! It must be really exciting, but also nostalgic. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your family.


  6. Hi Susan! I hope I’m not at work too long too! I am hoping maybe by noon….???

    Wendy! I’m taking Maass’s book slow (not by choice, but by default with my busy schedule) I am really getting alot out of it though. I will definitely look forward to hearing your thoughts as well!

    Katie! Passion Most Pure was sooo good! I totally loved it. I did manange to finish it this week by staying up a little later than normal each night.(I shouldn’t have, but…) Hey, I’ve heard about Getting into Character. You should blog about it. πŸ™‚

    Krista!! I am jealous (in a nice Christian sort of way, of course) of you getting to hear Maass at the Conference. Shoot, I’m jealous of you even getting to go!!! lol I promise to leave my cranky pants in the closet that weekend, okay?

    Hi Jody!! Yes, it’s been crazy, but I am trying to just take one day at a time and do what I can. You are up awfully early this Sat. morning! Are you getting in some edits before the family rises? πŸ˜‰


  7. Yay! Graduation!!! πŸ™‚ What a fun time for your family. Hope you have a great weekend and get everything wrapped up at school.


  8. Jessica! I know!!!! Graduation, huh? I am surprising calm about it all, since my family is getting up this morning and CLEANING while I am at work! How cool is that? I’m only doing easy stuff for the reception, so no worries. I hope to enjoy with Peace! πŸ˜‰


  9. I’ll look forward to that post when you get to it! Summer really can switch up our schedules, for some more than others. Especially when you have kids graduating! I’ve got a lot of years before that happens areound here…

    Have a great time with your family!


  10. Hi Lady Glamis! Yes, I like the more relaxed atmosphere of summer, but the teens sure do stay up late and messes with my sleep pattern. I must be getting old. Next week will definitely be a winding down time, for sure.


  11. I think we’re all entitled to whine just a little bit on occasion! I hear ya on the chaos, though. Busy spring is rolling right on into busy summer. Books to edit, new stories to sketch, blogs to write, podcasts to plan, places to go, people to see… But it’s much better than being bored!


  12. I will wait patiently for your DM post. Enjoy your weekend!!!!!


  13. Dear Sherrinda:

    Wow, you are a busy lady!
    Congratulations on your son graduating. Surely not high school? You must have been ten when you married, and twelve when he was born, right?

    I think it’s okay to take a week or a day now and then, giving ourselves permission to do other things than write, such as work and family and dare I say it: housework– eeek!

    You are in a very stress-filled time right now, and need a little R and R. Don’t be so rough on yourself; God isn’t. Now if I could manage to practice what I write…

    Love, Jen

    P.S. Am I going to miss the drawing, since I’ll be in Chicago at the WTP conference? Hey, maybe Julie Lessman will be there, and I can buy a book and have her autograph it!

    I will miss you all…


  14. K.M., you are a busy gal! I checked out your website and you have alot in the works. I must say, I am really looking forward to your release this fall…I love medievals!

    T.Anne, I hope it is a fun day tomorrow and is special for Caleb. Two down…two to go!

    Jeanette, you flatterer, you! I am going to be 44 this summer, so though I started young, I was NOT that young!:) I hope you have a marvelous time at the conference! I will be looking forward to some fine posts on all you’ve learned.


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