Graduation #2

My second child graduated from high school this Sunday. It was only a two hour event and then we had a reception afterward with many friends and family in attendance. It was so nice to see friends we hadn’t seen in awhile!
The highlight of the evening was his two grandfather’s speaking blessings and prayers over him. That a treasure to

have two godly men speak those encouraging words and send him forth covered by prayer.

I am so blessed and my heart is full. Two down and two to go!

13 responses to “Graduation #2”

  1. Oh, Sherrinda! What a blessing! And he is so handsome and tall! I’m sure you must have so many mixed emotions! What a joy to see our children mature and grow, but also bittersweet that they’re getting ready to leave home.

    Thanks for sharing! Hope you are enjoying your first days of summer break!


  2. How fun and exciting!! Looks like a fun bunch of kids!


  3. Jody, yes, it was a blessed day. My heart is just so full! (You know how that is!) And yes, yesterday felt like summer. Even though I have to work until 5 pm this week (through Thursday), not having students and parents around is just so nice! My kids all had plans with friends last night so my husband and I sat on the front porch swing and sipped leftover punch. It was delightful!

    Katie, I have the silliest kids ever! They are always laughing and clowing around (like their father!!) and they bring me so much joy!


  4. Congrats to your son! Aren’t those moments so memorable and happy and sad all rolled into one?


  5. Your family is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing your feelings about this special day. I know I’m going to need a boatload of Kleenex when the time comes for my kids to graduate.


  6. That’s so wonderful! Congratulations to your son!


  7. What a milestone! And that is so wonderful that both grandfather’s blessed him with prayer. Awesome!

    Wow, you look way too young to have two highshool graduates. You had them as a babe yourself, right? 😉


  8. Hi Sherrinda –

    Congratulations to your family! These significant markers in our lives are treasured forever.

    Susan 🙂


  9. Awwww, great pics! Yay for all of you, and yeah, it’s awesome when older people give a blessing. I have a great-uncle who gave me his blessing over the phone and I was very touched by that. It definitely means something.


  10. Oh, that is SO awesome! It makes me all teary-eyed. 🙂
    Congrats to him!


  11. Terry, yes, it is a strange thing to have all those emotions rolled into one!

    Jill, strange enough, I did not cry during the ceremony itself. I cried at the blessings instead! 🙂

    Thanks, Cindy! I think he is going to an Art school in Dallas and he is excited!

    Eileen, I knew you would key in on the blessings! 🙂 It was a sweet time.

    Susan, I hadn’t thought of it as a marker, but you are so right. A significant one, at that.

    Jessica! Awww, a blessing over the phone! How wonderful! You are lucky to have such people in your life.

    Jennifer, you got all teary-eyed? Seriously? How sweet you are! I didn’t cry until the blessings at the reception. I’m not sure why…maybe I was just too happy. I don’t know!


  12. Congrats to you and your son! I'm only 3 years away from having my first graduate. Yikes! I'm not sure I'm ready, but I guess I'll have to be.

    Seems like just yesterday he was wrapping his arms around my neck and telling me he 'wuved' me for the first time. And now he is going to be a sophmore next year. 🙂


  13. Lynnette, you don't look old enough to have a high schooler! I've always said that young children take so much physical energy, but high schoolers take alot of mental energy. My mother-in-law, a godly lady, says that God prepares you for them to leave by allowing you to endure the teens. You become ready for them to fly the nest. That is not necessary true with this child…he has been extrememely easy, but I can see it happening.


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