We Have A Winner of A Passion Most Pure!!!!

Can I just say WOW!!! Julie sure draws a crowd wherever she goes! At 10 p.m., my lovely daughter drew a name out of a pretty glass bowl and the winner of A Passion Most Pure is…

Jeanne Campbell

The Character Therapist

Congratulations Jeannie! Shoot me an email (sherrinda[at]gmail[dot]com) with your snail mail and I will get this wonderful book to you!!!!

And Julie, thank you soooo much for stopping by and visiting with everyone! You are a gem! (And may I just say that I have been shaking my head at Charity and her driven obsession!!!! I am loving book 2!! )

3 responses to “We Have A Winner of A Passion Most Pure!!!!”

  1. Yay! Congrats to Jeannie!


  2. Hi there. I noticed one of your favourite authors is 'Ted Dekker'. Please take the time to check out our Christian Fiction Review Blog: Flannelgraph. If you become a follower, you will be into win a free book/books each month. God bless you, Symon.


  3. Congrats, Jean. You're gonna love it!


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