Dead End Endings?

I’ve heard people talk about how hard writing the middle of your book is. I’ve heard how difficult it is to get a good beginning to your story. But I haven’t really heard people have trouble with their endings.

Am I the only one? Surely not! Please tell me it is not so!

I am close to ending the next to last scene and then I will have completed my first novel. Yes, it is thrilling to think about, but that’s just it. I keep thinking about finishing and NOT doing it! I was almost to the end of this current scene and realized I had wrote my hero into a place that would make the ending difficult. It would drag it out and I think it has gone on long enough. So today I spent some time fixing the problem and hoping……HOPING… works.

I am stating my goal out loud so I will be accountable to someone…anyone. I plan on finishing this book by next Friday. One week. Yes, indeed. I really hope to finish it before then, but I tend to dream too big sometimes. So, a week it is.

I am determined to be successful! I am determined to fulfill a dream and say I did it!

26 responses to “Dead End Endings?”

  1. Beginnings are always the biggest challenge for me. I honestly don't know how my family stands me during those first 50 pages! Endings are tough too, but the confidence that's completely lacking in the beginning is there by the time I've hammered out 100,000-plus words. It's just a matter of finding the puzzle piece that fits.


  2. I'll be your accountability partner for this, Sherrinda. There's nothing like finishing a first draft!

    Okay, you finish your draft and I'll add 5000 words to my ms. Now we can check in on each other next Friday.

    May God guide the both of us!


  3. Oh Sherrinda, how exciting to see the end in sight!! I will hold you accountable too! In fact, I think it would be great if you did a post next Friday to let us all know how you did!! And remember, this is your first draft. If you don't particularly like the ending, you can always hone it as you go back and edit!

    Have a happy Fourth!


  4. Way to go!!! I had not trouble ending mine–it just seemed to know when to wrap up. Now I'm in the hard part and that is the editing which is taking months.
    Your book BTW is awesome!


  5. You can do it!!! Become the little engine that could, “I think I can! I think I can!”

    I'm revising my wip right now and I already know I do not like my ending. It needs a lot more spice!


  6. Whaaa… people not having difficulty with endings? I procrastinated for almost 8 months before I wrote the ending of my first novel… TODAY!!! I got to write 'THE END' at 4:46pm today, and it was immensely, immensely satisfying… all the best to you in getting your ending down… it's tough, but sometimes you just have to slog through it!


  7. Woohoo! The end is in sight! I hope to see a big smiley face or a fun exclamation or something for one of your posts next week 😀

    I don't know about endings…I think by then I am so excited by then and so enamored with my characters I really want to see their happy ending. I struggle in the beginning sometimes. And there are times when there's a big lull in the middle.


  8. You said it, now you gotta do it! LOL

    I usually have my ending scene somewhat in my head, but it can still be tough getting there. Good luck. 🙂


  9. I definitely know the feeling of having something in mind but just thinking about it and not actually writing it! Like K.M. mentioned, for me sometimes it's a confidence thing, but sometimes it's just a lazy thing. If I already have it in my mind, do I really have to put it down right now? 🙂

    Good luck getting it all done!


  10. K.M., what an interesting concept of confidence building as you write. I think for me, it was the opposite! The more I learned to write, the harder it got…so many rules that it has become too scary. I keep forgeting to write with my heart, then rewrite with my head. 🙂

    Eileen!!! Yeaaa! I love it! 5000 words for you? Wow! That is alot!! But doable, for sure! Friday we shall both be smiling!

    Jody!!! I decided I needed the accountability, so thank you for taking me up on that! I am really excited to be so close!

    Terri, my heart just dropped to the floor! Months to edit??? Really??? Say it is not so! 😉 And thanks, BTW, for thinking it is good! I like the story, but I know the execution needs alot of work. lol

    Katie! If anyone can do spice, I am sure you can! I am hoping to really spice up my own as I get to the editing part.

    Faith! You finished yours today!!!! Congratulations! I hope you were able to celebrate in some way! I know I am for sure! So you procrastinated 8 months?? Did you have other projects you were working on? I feel like I have been slogging through lately and know I will have to do alot of tweeking at the end! lol

    Cindy, there will for sure be a huge smiley face on my Friday post! (if not before!) I can't wait!

    Jessica, I know…what was I thinking saying it out loud!?!?! But I really needed a kick in the ol' bum. lol


  11. Megan Rebekah, I know EXACTLY what you mean! Sometimes it is right there in my head, but I can't seem to make myself get it into my laptop! lol…this is why I am making myself accountable! 😉


  12. before i even got to your post, i noticed your 96% status bar…and was going to say congrats! you're almost there. *sigh* endings…i'm ambivalent about them. the story is over, but then the revisions start, so it's not like you're saying good-bye. and never underestimate how much a crit partner can help. 🙂 good luck to you!


  13. Yay! I love nearing the end. No, actually I love writing “the end” more. LOL!

    Thanks so much for your kind comment about my book. (Hope you like MY ending) 🙂


  14. Jeannie, thanks! I need to really tackle the revisions this month, if at all possible, because I will not be able to write at all in August. (last August I worked 120 hours overtime…crazy, but I hope to be quicker now that I have a year under my belt)

    Jennifer!!! I sooo loved your book…especially the ending! It was perfect. I loved how Ben totally “got” it and his timing in coming back was beautiful (in support of Hannah!) Ahhh, very nice, indeed!


  15. Endings are difficult! I suggest you watch this video if you have a few minutes.


    Congrats on getting so far, and for having the courage to go back and do the real structure work before charging to the finish line. I know how hard that is!


  16. Lady Glamis, thanks for the link! It was a great little video…profound, really.


  17. How exciting Sherrinda! I find endings very intimidating, but you are so brave to set that goal and go for it! I'll be so excited to hear when you reach your goal. Keep us informed.

    So strange by the way. I thought I commented on your post earlier today. I must have gotten distracted and not actually posted it. Either way, I'm pulling for you!


  18. Heather, yea…someone who thinks endings are intimidating! It is so much harder than I thought it would be! Way harder than a beginning. 🙂 I will definitely be blogging about this next Friday, for sure!


  19. You can do it. Just keep writing. That might mean you'll have to rewrite the ending several times, but maybe you'll find the perfect end that way. Whatever you do, don't get caught up in the stress of finishing. Enjoy it.

    Lynnette Labelle


  20. Thanks Lynnette, I have to keep reminding myself that it is okay if it needs to be changed later. I tend to want it to be perfect the first time. Duh…that will never happen! lol I am definitely excited about being so close!


  21. Sherrinda: I believe in you, girl. And so does God. He gave you the gift; He will enable you to finish this book.
    Audience of ONE


  22. Thanks 🙂 I procrastinated because… well, I decided to “take a break on it” (I wrote the first half during NaNoWriMo like a crazy person) and simply never came back to it… and started working on something else in the meantime. Finally, I realized that it would be such a waste to never finish the thing, especially since I knew where it was going. So, I came to my senses, kicked my bum into gear, and got it done (though it draaaaaagged at some points, hah).

    I was going to celebrate by having an eclair, but Zehrs was all out when I got there… so my husband has promised to hit a “real bakery” and bring me one sometime this week. LOL.

    I know you can finish yours by next Friday… you can do it! Motivate yourself with baked goods, it'll do wonders! 😀


  23. Faith, last summer I did the JulNoWriMo. That is how I started this WIP. I got alot done, obviously, and then took time off in the fall (work is crazy busy for me in the fall since I work at a school, plus my son got married in Dec) Life gets in the way and then I just procrastinated. I seem to need accountability (like the NaWriMo) Baked goods sound heavenly!!! I will have to get me something good!


  24. I am not a writter but I am helping you all I can by reading everyone's books. I wish I could write.



  25. Edna, readers are a writer's favorite people! Just the thought of someone opening up the pages of something I've written and finding joy in it gives me shivers! Thank you for the encouragement!


  26. Go, Sherrinda! It's all tough. Some pages just more than others. That said, the ending can be brutal because you're making sure everything wraps up — no unraveled threads, completed character arcs, and yep, that you actually provided the reader the pay-off you were headed for in the beginning.

    But yeah for being so close. You'll finish. Can't wait to see the post that starts with THE END!

    Happy writing.


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