M & M Monday

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us” Ephesians 3:20

I’m making today an M&M Monday, to shout out praise to God for doing immeasureably more in my life. HE is so good, so worthy, so faithful, and I do not acknowledge that like I should.

I praise God for a healthy family, who loves to be together and laugh with one another.

I praise God for many church homes that have given me such wonderful brothers and sisters in the family of Christ Jesus.

And today I praise him for giving me a creative spark in my soul, so that I may witness beauty even in the mundane. Whether it be color on a canvas or black ink on a page, there are worlds to be lost in and be found in. I revel in the beauty of YOU. Thank you for showering me with M&M’s all through my life.

Anyone have any M&M’s today?

12 responses to “M & M Monday”

  1. Wooohooo! He's pretty amazing. 🙂 I'll give him a shout-out for helping my 23 month old to sleep through the night last night and so obviously feel better today. Yesterday he had canker sores in his mouth so I prayed for him and asked God to make him feel better. So far this morning he and his brothers are happy. 🙂
    And I'll do a thank you for all of the wonderful writers I've met on blogs (like you). I feel so much less alone, and that's God answering my prayers too.

    I hope your creative spark turns into a wildfire today! 🙂


  2. I'll shout out an AMEN! and Praise Jesus! God is good, ALL OF THE TIME.


  3. Great post, Sherrinda!! I'm grateful that my FIL is surviving his brain cancer and responding well to his radiation. We were so worried when we first heard about him and thought for sure that we would lose him. But he's making it and we're thankful!

    I'm thankful for the creative energy God supplies when I most need it. The past week and weekend has been stressful for my writing again with all that's been going on with the publishing house. I'm amazed at how God supplies the ideas and energy when I most need it!


  4. What a GREAT idea! You and Krista have some pretty awesome blog posts today!

    My shout-outs could continue on into eternity, when we'll get to praise him and bow down at His thrown! But for now:

    -The hope and salvation offered through JEsus Christ, that my sins are covered becuase of what HE did on the cross will never cease to amaze me!

    – My husband, for leaving the house and buying me pop last night even though I'm not pregnant. 😉

    -My son, for his smiles and babbles and giggles

    -My writing! Because it's my passion, and there's nothing better than God giving me a gift that also happens to be my passion.

    wHoOT! whOoT! Great post. I love God!

    Wow, I just thought of a blog post for tomorrow!


  5. Thanks for uplifting me Sherrinda!


  6. Yes, yes, yes, I want a chance to shout out to Him! 🙂 God is soooo good to me!

    I, too, thank Him for a healthy family. For my wonderful children. For a husband who loves and supports me in all my “crazy” dreams of becoming a writer. He once told me I could do anything I put my mind to, and I just DON'T deserve a man like that! For healthy parents, freedom of religion, and a warm home to live in. My list could go on and on, for now I will stop.

    Thanks for the reminder to look to Him who gives us immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine! To Him be the praise!


  7. Gratitudes lifted for the whole family home this week (no one's at camp for this one), and for wonderful gardening weather!


  8. Jessica, ahhh, the answered prayer of a baby sleeping through the night! I remember those prayers! lol Hope he feels much better today.

    Heather! I love the shout out! He is good, indeed!

    Jody, oh, I am so thankful about your FIL doing better! That is good news. I am sure your mind has had trouble focusing on your new book with all the publishing happenings in your life right now. I am glad God is helping you along. You have alot of supporter who are praying for you!

    Katie, what I love about you is your incredible passion that comes through, whether it is for God, your family, or your writing. God will use that passion for His glory, I am sure!

    Jill, may He continue to uplift you as you continue to use your writing and blogs for His glory!

    Lynnette, how wonderful to have a husband so encouraging and supportive in your writing. It is a blessing, I know! God knows just what we need!

    Eileen, woohoo for kids at home! I love the hum of life they bring.:) I wish I had some nice gardening weather. Today is nice with a high in the low 90's, but by Wednesday, it will be back up in the 100's. Whew!


  9. What a great idea! Amen!

    I am thankful for a healthy family, a roof over our heads and a wonderful church family. I am grateful for all the unique talents he's given me and others I know. I am also thankful that we're always provided for.


  10. Yes, my Jesus is so kind and good, a friend to the friendless and my wisdom and strength when i feel stupid and weak. He is everything i need.
    Thanks for this opportunity to praise Him,
    Audience of ONE


  11. Amen! I'm thankful for family, friends, and the freedom we have in this country to worship God.

    I'm also grateful the Lord protected me from a near fall on Thursday, which would have been disastrous for my back.

    Most of all, I'm grateful I'm forgiven and I have eternal life through Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord.

    Susan 🙂


  12. Cindy, like you, I think too often we forget even a roof over our heads is something to be thankful for!

    Jeanette, you should never think you are stupid. Anyone who has the type of ministry you have has a wonderful God-given brain. He is proud of you for using it so well! He is soooo good!

    Susan!!! I near fall! Oh my goodness, I am glad you are okay! I definitely give a shout out of praise for that!


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