I’ve run into a major obstacle in getting my book finished, but I think I may be able to pull it off if I do some late nights…possibly.

I woke up at 7a.m this morning and my husband informs me a realtor is coming at 9 a.m. Yikes. Would anyone have a problem with that short notice? Well, I would. I did, in fact. So I am running around picking up clutter (at least the out of proportional clutter). I had cleaned somewhat over the weekend, so there wasn’t sticky black spots on my kitchen floor, or popcorn in the carpet. This was just the downstairs though.

I’ve had extra kids at my house the past few days, so I haven’t gone upstairs to see how all the teens were faring in the upper chambers. As I took the realtor upstairs, I cringed at the chip bags on the floor, crumbs in the carpet, and bodies spread over the gameroom. There were dirty dishes everywhere and clothes and shoes strewn about.

The sad thing is that I am not a good housekeeper and so the kids rooms are…a mess. My daughter is pretty good, but well, the house is less than to be expected from a woman who should know better. It is embarrassing, but it is my fault. I’m not a slave driver and probably should be.

Sooooooo, all that to say is, the house is going up on the market this weekend. And I have alot to do. When I say alot, I mean A L O T !!!! I was told things needed to be boxed up and stored away, pictures taken down (nothing personal, you know), and basically a straight, clean house.

And here I am thinking I have all week to get this book finished. Riiiggghhht. I am still going to try, but it won’t be easy for me, as I am not a fast writer.

Now, if I DO get this book finished, it will be a bigger celebration than I originally thought and will deserve something pretty fantastic as a reward. I know, I know, a clean, uncluttered house should be reward enough, but nope, I was thinking like a bowl of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. πŸ™‚

15 responses to “Obstacles”

  1. Sherrinda, I'll be praying for your book ending to come swooping down on you.

    And, yes, I'd definitely have a problem if my hubby gave me such short notice. Do men just not get it it? Do they not see!!!!?

    Sadly, I'm a horrible housekeeper and hubby has learned through the years to give me plenty of notice for such occasions. I get so embarrassed some days just answering the door to the delivery man. My girls refuse to put their shoes away and since we don't have a mud roon, in the front foyer they lay strewn all over the place, and I refuse to pick them up after asking so many times.

    I'm thinking I'm going to like the university years when the girls come home for short visits, but leave their messes for their roomies to tolerate.


  2. Oh Dear! Good luck with that. Try to get the kids to do most of the cleaning. That usually helps speed things up!


  3. At least you're still focused on writing despite the obstacles. That should count as a big plus in your book. :]


  4. I so wish I could write at night. I'm horrible after 9:00 pm at doing anything on the computer. It would solve some of my problems though.

    I hope the showing went well. Good luck getting into the writing.


  5. Oh no! I HATE housekeeping! I procrastinate as much as possible! I'll pray the ending grabs a hold of you! Regardless if you finish this week – you are SO close! YAY!


  6. Sherrinda;
    I think it's great to have goals, and they help us, but we can become slaves to them and feel undo pressure to acheive, acheive, acheive.

    Can you push your date back a week, so you don't feel so stressed? It's not like you are being lazy or procrastinating. This is an unforseen event.

    Just a thought. I will pray for wisdom.
    Jen, Audience of ONE


  7. Make that “undue” pressure, not “undo” See what i mean?


  8. Good luck on the sale of the house and completing your book.

    Lynnette Labelle


  9. Oh girl, I feel you. We had our house up for a bit, and my hubby is a realtory, and he'd call me and say someone was coming. SO stressful. I was like you, running around crazy. Though no teens, so your boat stunk more. LOL
    I hope you get a chance to finish. Put those teens to work! πŸ™‚


  10. Eileen, thank you! It makes me feel a wee bit better that someone else struggles with having a perfectly kept house! Not my forte, for sure! Thank you for the prayers! I am going to need them!

    Marybeth, yep! I have already told the kids we are getting up at 9am (I know, it's not early, but it is early for them!)and we are tackling the house. We will work till it's done. I have boxes ready and we will get it done so I have some time the rest of the week. (hopefully…if all goes according to plan!)

    Tara!!! Yes, I need to look on the bright side! It is encouraging to see how my mind was working through, trying to find a possible way to work on BOTH! Does that mean I'm focused?? lol

    Heather, well…I don't know if I CAN write at night. I don't usually, because I usually have to be at work at 7:15am during the school year! But I am going to try and we shall see. πŸ™‚

    Katie, thanks friend. I too am a huge procrastinator, hence the mess I have to clean up. Keep up the prayers! I can soooo feel the end is near!

    Jeanette, you are right, I should push back the date, but the problem is, I want to work on revisions the rest of July and hand it over to my dad (he's a professional editor/author), because come August I will be working huge overtime hours and won't have the energy to write anything!!! So, we shall see what God enables me to do. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for your sweet encouragment. I really love the encouragers I've met through the bloggersphere. ;0

    Lynnette, thanks for the cheer! I have more hope for my book than the house at this point! lol


  11. Jessica, wow, your husband is a realtor. I bet he has seen some messy houses, surely! My teenieboppers are getting up early in the morning and we are getting it DONE, my friend!


  12. I hope all goes well with the selling of the house and the book!!!


  13. Hi Sherrinda!
    Sorry I'm late hitting the blogs today! Had one of those days! But now things have settled down and I can breathe and relax a little!

    I didn't think you had to sell your house? Are you moving closer to your church after all?

    I think selling a home is one of the most stressful things a person has to go through, especially in today's economy. I'll be praying for you!!

    And BTW, I love seeing you on twitter! Some of your tweets have been so fun and just make me laugh!


  14. Oh my goodness! Your house sounds so much like mine (except cleaner…)

    I can so tell that I've been wrapped up in my writing lately, because laundry is behind, my kitchen floor is begging me to sweep it and my carpet… let's just say it has revolted and is no longer cooperating with me.

    Thankfully we aren't selling our house right now. LOL. We'll need new carpet before we EVER do that! LOL


  15. Hi Faith! Thanks for the well wishes! I appreciate it!

    Jody, it's a long story….
    I know it will be stressful, but I know God will make things happen in his timing, so I am trying not to stress too much. As for Twitter, I have had some fun. Little blurps can make the funniest conversations, don't you think?

    Krista, I am sure your house looks much better than mine. Seriously, there is so much wrong with this house, I have given up on it! πŸ˜‰


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