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I’ve been thinking alot about my blog. I keep reading other’s blogs and am so impressed with the knowledge and insight they show. I hear about how important it is to create a brand. To create a following. To promote yourself “before” you get publish. You write about writing to get more people to follow you and glean from your wisdom.
So how does a beginner writer write about writing with confidence? I can review and share what I read in writing books, but most writers know everything already. I am not sharing anything new.

I can share personal stuff on the blog, but then people don’t really want to know about my kids all the time and my kids probably wouldn’t appreciate it anyway.

So all you people who read blogs, why do you read them? What brings you back? What are you looking for in reading blogs? Is it really necessary to write about writing?

Curious minds want to know.

29 responses to “Writers On Writing”

  1. Good question. Not all the blogs I read are about writing. Many I read because I feel like I've formed an online relationship with the blogger so I'm interested in their life and I also want to support them by leaving comments.

    I personally like reading about the writer's experience. It doesn't have to be craft tips all the time. 🙂


  2. Sherrinda, I think you've done a great job with your blog content! (And the new design is pretty too!) I've enjoyed the times that you've shared from the writing craft books your reading. Some of the books I haven't read and so it's nice to get info. on different books. And even if I have read them or know the info., I love the reminders. I'm constantly trying to review to keep myself in shape. So, all that to say, I love reading your blog! You have a wonderful variety!


  3. I read the blogs to get to know the authors of the blogs. Like Jessica, not all are about writing, some are just great fun to read, or help me on my spiritual journey.

    But don't underestimate what you can offer in terms of writing, Sherrinda. The more I read self-help books, the more I realize that it's through varied ways of showing and telling that I finally grasp a concept. And it's always helpful to be reminded of those pesky rules or a new concept to help me apply it “again” in my writing.

    P.S. I love your blog content!


  4. I find myself asking the same thing from time to time. My blog was originally supposed to be about thinking (strange, I know :-)), then it was really focused on writing for awhile, and just lately it's been more personal.

    It bothered me a bit, but then I realized that, when it all comes down to it, I use my blog to WRITE. That's my bottom line goal, to write every day, and my blog holds me accountable to that. I like reading blogs that are a bit of mishmash like that … it makes people more real to me, if that makes any sense.

    Love your blog … keep doing what you're doing : )


  5. I read blogs because at the heart of who I am, I'm a social person. Okay, so I withdraw just a teensy bit in person until I get to know someone, but other than that, I love being around people and let's face it, writing is a kinda insane task because we are alone… just us and our characters. We have permission to have conversations with multiple people in our head!!

    So blogging, to me, is having conversations with others besides myself. I visit mostly other writer's blogs because writers KNOW writers, ya know? (lol!) There's this kindred spirit and its just fun to share others journeys with them and to see what they are learning.

    That said, I don't focus solely on writing on my blog, in fact really don't do a lot of “here is how you write” blog posts, but always try to incorporate my journey in them somehow. I do this because I want to attract not only other writers, but readers too. So MOST posts I try to make writer AND reader friendly, because someday… maybe… a READER of my books will venture to my blog and I want them to feel welcomed too!

    That said, Lovin your blog SHerrinda. Don't beat yourself up, cause you do a great job!


  6. Sherrinda,
    When I started writing my blog, I had very little writing experience. I found when others started following me, it was when I started writing about my writing journey and my ups and downs-that is where we can learn from each other. Share what you are learning and how you learned it and the process. We all want to know we aren't alone in this journey no matter what step we are in.
    And then just continue to be you:)


  7. I'm not always looking for wonderful advice…but I do like to hear what other writers are going through. It's good to know I'm not alone in my struggles or in my triumphs. The good advice just happens to be an enormous perk!


  8. Love your new layout–pretty, pretty! I agree with you. There are so many terrific blogs about writing it's hard to come up with something unique.

    But there are tons of blogs in general, millions to be exact. So how do we stand out?

    I think it takes time and experimentation to find our niche. Look at your life and your experiences. How can you use them to write something fresh and interesting?

    And I'll read the same old show-don't-tell posts every day of the week if someone presents it in a way I hadn't thought of.

    I've been following you for a long time and I haven't gotten bored yet, so don't worry about it!

    You're definitely not alone on this, Sherrinda! Thanks!


  9. Oh, wow, this is an excellent question. I often don't really know what to write about either. I try to keep my blog focused on writing or God, but that's not always the case. I usually share what I've been reading in a craft book. Great question. Hey, when you figure it out, could you let me know? 🙂

    Anyway, I've really enjoyed your blog! And I love the new design! Way cute!


  10. I've been asking myself these same questions since I started my blog last week, and even for the months that I prayed and second guessed starting a blog before that.

    I kept wondering what on earth I could offer. I actually found your blog, and several others before I started mine, and I was excited to see that there was a community of writers out there that seemed to be having online conversations about the trials and tribulations of writing. And so many of the same people pop up on the same blogs day to day (you guys have noticed this right?) It's like our very own open house/brainstorming party. If you can come, great! If not, maybe we'll see you tomorrow.

    Bottom line is I think we writers learn from each other. Especially when we are in different stages of the journey.

    I'm so happy to have found your blog. Keep up the awesome writing! I'm excited to know that we all go through some of the same issues in life while we're trying to fit in writing.

    Also, I love the new design. Very pretty.


  11. The two things that will mostly bring me back to a blog are: something a bit different, and honesty. I think this blog has them. My best wishes for its future.


  12. Oh my goodness, look at all the early birds this morning!

    Jessica, I love the rapport of other writers too and love to hear about their lives, not just the writing tips! You always make me laugh, and I love to laugh!

    Jody, thanks for the encouragment. I think you have one of the best blogs out there for content!

    Eileen, I love the spiritual side of your blog. Your faith oozes through yours and is so uplifting!

    KLo, I hadn't really thought of my blog as a writing exercise in itself! How true though! What a wise gal you are!

    Krista, girl, you just crack me up all the time! But when you wrote “kindred spirit”, I thought “Aaaahhh”. That is sooo right! We writers are kindred spirits and are connected! I love that!

    Terri, I totally get that I should share my journey, but I sometimes feel my journey is just the same road everyone else has traveled on. But then I don't want my blog to be about getting blog followers. I want to be real. It is a strange thing to me to think about this blogging thing!

    Okay, Jill, your blog today was soooo unique! lol…still bringing a smile to my face! Thanks for the encouragement, you are a great example!

    Katie, I love your blog and you always have fun posts! I don't want the blog to be hard, but sometimes it is just plain difficult to think of something to blog about! Hey, I think your tweets are fun too!

    Heather, I think your new blog is great! You have some thought provoking stuff on there, for sure! Like you, the whole community thing was such a blessing to me because no one really understands the whole writing process like a writer. And I know no writers personally (other than my dad)so blogging is a great way to feel connected and encouraged.

    Dave! Thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement! This blogging community is the best!


  13. I think you offer a lot in your blog. Even though I've been writing for years, I've still learned a ton from other writer's blogs. Something about how the way they interpret the rules and apply them is very different from how I do, so there is much to learn.

    I've been struggling with content on my blog lately as well. I love talking about writing, but I wonder if that will appeal to anyone other than writers. Will that appeal to readers when my book comes out? Will that appeal to those looking for inspiration or encouragement? It's a hard balance. But in my opinion, YOU ARE DOING GREAT!


  14. That's where I was about a year and a half ago. I have since learned so much about the industry and craft that I have the confidence needed to blog about writing.

    Maybe you can write some posts about writing, but don't make it all about that topic?? When I first started, I didn't write much about writing. I focused on current events instead. I still like to go there sometimes, but lately, I've been stuck on writing related topics only. LOL

    Your confidence will come.

    By the way, I happen to like your blog (or I wouldn't be following you). Keep up the good work.

    Lynnette Labelle


  15. Hi, Sherrinda,

    We like a lot of the same blogs. 🙂

    I read blogs to get to know the people more than any other reason. Getting to learn cool 'writer stuff' is a great side benefit. I don't post writer stuff all the time on my blog. A lot of it is ordinary stuff. And in a recent deeply unscientific poll I took on my blog, the number one favorite type of post was…My Friday Five. I post a list of Five things about me every Friday. Favorite movies, favorite vacations, favorite candy, biggest phobias, etc. Those lists help people get to know me and how the blog reader and I are alike and how we're different.

    Lighthearted fun sprinkled in with writing observations and updates on industry information/WIP progress…it all works. 🙂

    I'll be sure to stop back again. Sorry for posting such a TOME the first time.


  16. Excellent question! I think I read specific blogs because I build relationships and friendships. I like to see different spins on things. I like blogs that ask me to participate in fun things.

    I love to network and feel like I'm making a difference. I put a lot of thought into my blog posts, and I like to read other blogs that do the same. Those are usually the ones I comment most on.

    I think you're doing a great job!


  17. Sherrida:

    I follow blogs that are entertaining, teach me something, and make me laugh.

    You needn't worry about repeating info. we've already learned: we only retain 5% of what we read or hear, so it helps to go over the basics. How many times have you said, “I knew that, but needed to be reminded!”?

    I agree with Jessica; I post on blogs that I have developed a relationship with the blogger, and want to encourage them. It's about people, not just info.

    Your blog is one of my favs!


  18. I really enjoy your blog.

    I'm in the same boat, being a newbie writer. I think it is just nice to hear other people's journey and what they are thinking about.


  19. Cindy, I hadn't even thought of blog content changing when you get published! Having to think about readers instead of writers reading you blog! Wow, good thing I am years away from that!

    Lynnette, I'm sure confidence will come in time, but I don't know that I could write on current events! Oh my! I can't even make myself watch the news anymore except for the occasional weather. lol

    Erica, I've been seeing your name around the blogs lately! Your blog looks great with alot of variety. The Friday Five sounds like fun too! I think variety is a good thing…a good balance. Thanks for stopping by!

    Lady Glamis, your posts are always thought provoking and rich in wisdom! You can tell you put alot into it. With such a large following on your blog how do you create the friendships that are so valuable? How in the world would you have the time? I stand amazed!!!

    Awww, Jeanette, you are such a sweetheart! I also like blogs that make me laugh, as well as give me tips for this writing thing! I must say the encouragement and the prayers are soooo wonderful!

    Joyce, as a newbie I am all about finding out other writer's journeys! Are they similar to mine? How can I follow their path, etc… It is a great way to learn and be encouraged.


  20. Great question, Sherrinda!

    All of the comments already made, combined, would explain why I follow a particular blog. I fall in love with the content or a post or I'm curious about the author; perhaps I have established a friendship.

    You mustn't worry, though–Keep at it! I love the blog (and the new layout)!


  21. Weronika, thanks for the input! As for the design…I get tired of the same thing and felt like a bit of a face lift! 🙂


  22. You know, you may already have your platform for your blog. You're always very open with your insecurities and questions on writing. Sometimes confidence isn't as “honest” as true depth of questioning. Keep up what you're doing, I say!! Love it! 🙂


  23. LOL…Jaimie, maybe I should rename my blog “The Insecure Writer”. Ha! It's hard to be open about insecurities, but I figured every has been there and done that, so why not share, right? 😉


  24. Isn't writing a journey? Would we really be drawn to the blogger who has it all figured out and has the gumption to say so?

    While writing can be a solitary endeavor, blogging gives us the ability to connect with others on the journey, which sometimes revolves around events in our lives or random thoughts.

    Even though I'm new to blogging, I like your blog, and I'm glad its here. :]


  25. Tara, you are so right! I think I'd like to learn from someone who has been on the journey a long time, but someone who thinks they have it all figured out is probably not someone I would like to read from all the time! All about the attitude, I suppose. 🙂


  26. Hi Sherrinda –

    Great blog design!

    Hmm, I enjoy blogs that have a variety of tips, personal news, interviews, reviews, and links.
    The best parts of blogging are the friendships and comments.

    Your blog is always an enjoyable stop on my rounds. 🙂



  27. Susan, I like a variety as well, when I visit blogs and the friendships I've made have been priceless! 🙂 I like YOUR blog design…it is happy!


  28. ketchup girl…you are unique in your outlook on writing! no one thinks quite like you do, making your posts different. i read blogs to get to know people in this writing community. and that's been so wonderful. i've read blogs where people focused on spiritual issues, or writing issues or book reviews, or conferences…and of course my own blog tries to incorporate my therapy background. just do what comes naturally…you've got a great following and tons of comments all the time…whatever you're doing works. 🙂 don't feel the need to label it…at least not yet. 🙂


  29. Hey! I was just browsing blogs and found yours! I think this is such a good question! And I have already been reading people's answers since I have been wondering about the exact same thing! Thanks for posting this! 🙂


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