Top 20 Fiction On

I saw a list for the top 20 fiction titles at and here they are, as of August 1:

  1. The Missing, Seasons of Grace Series #2, Beverly Lewis
  2. The Shack, William P. Young
  3. A Cousin’s Prayer, Indiana Cousins Series #2, Wanda E. Brunstetter
  4. Fields of Grace, Kim Vogel Sawyer
  5. Forgiven, Sisters of the Heart Series #3, Shelley Shepard Gray
  6. Dawn’s Prelude, Song of Alaska Series #1, Tracie Peterson
  7. That Certain Spark, Only in Gooding! Series #4, Cathy Marie Hake
  8. A Surrendered Heart, Broadmoor Legacy Series #3, Tracie Peterson, Judith Miller
  9. A Man of His Word, Hearts of Middlefield Series #1, Kathleen Fuller
  10. Intervention, Terri Blackstock
  11. Take Two, Above The Line Series #2, Karen Kingsbury
  12. The Believer, Shaker Series #2, Ann H. Gabhart
  13. Green,The Beginning & the End, Circle Series #0, Ted Dekker
  14. Where Grace Abides, Riverhaven Years Series #2, B.J. Hoff
  15. A Dream to Call My Own, Brides of Gallatin County Series #3, Tracie Peterson
  16. The Carousel Painter, Judith Miller
  17. Lonestar Secrets, Lonestar Series #2, Colleen Coble
  18. Outlaw’s Bride, Lori Copeland
  19. Angel Train, Wagon Wheel Series #4, Gilbert Morris
  20. Montana Rose, Montana Marriages Series #1, Mary Connealy

What I find interesting about this list is that 8 out of the 20 is Amish fiction. I confess this is not my favorite type of read, but evidently it is for alot of people. What is so compelling about this type of fiction? Is it the simple life? A simple faith? A cloistered life? I don’t know…you tell me.

18 responses to “Top 20 Fiction On”

  1. I haven't read any of them!! How crazy is that?? Thanks for the list Sherrinda. šŸ™‚


  2. I don't know what's compelling about it. I don't care too much for it myself. *shrug*

    As for the list, I'm familiar with those authors names but haven't read any of those books! Interesting.


  3. It would be interesting to compare this top twenty list by to the CBA best seller list. I think that just came out too.

    It sounds like the list of books my MIL would read! These are the kinds of books she loves! And it gives us as writers the hope that we can maybe one day make a list like that, right?


  4. Just the words “Amish Fiction” kinda turn me off in general. It does not sound to intriguing, but apparently it's popular!


  5. Um… Amish fiction? This is a genre? I had no idea. Gee, the things we Aussies miss out on…


  6. Okay this list has shown just how far I've gotten from the Christian fiction world. I used to love it! It was always my first (sometimes only) stop in the bookstore. I still re-read my books by Francis Rivers, Lori Wick and LL Chaikin. But since I've been focused on my YA book I've immersed myself in all things YA. I love the YA, don't get me wrong, but I miss the Christian fiction too. I need more balance.

    And when did Amish fiction become so big? I haven't been away that long!


  7. Cool list! Growing up, my dad teased me about marrying his buddy's Amish son. I still smile when I think of it! There was no way I was giving up electricity, but looking back, I can't imagine the Amish son would have wanted this modern gal either!


  8. I've always been intrigued by the Amish way of life and it does seem like something I'd read, just out of curiosity. Of course, I still haven't, so what does that say about it?


  9. Sherrinda, I read a few Amish stories years ago, but they aren't something I read today. Editors and agents were looking for it at the last conference I attended, so I know it's popular.

    Perhaps the fascination with the Amish way of life lies in the fact that with instant communication through email, texting, blogging, etc. our lives have become so full that people crave a return to simpler times. Reading Amish fiction could be a way to artificially embrace that ideal.


  10. Hi Sherrinda –

    Perhaps Amish fiction is so popular because people long for a slower, simpler pace. I don't think they realize how hard these folks work. They face a whole different set of problems.

    The grass is greener…

    Susan šŸ™‚


  11. Sad but I haven't read ANY on that list.


  12. well, i've read #20. but that's it. weird.


  13. It IS weird that I've read very little of the list. A few of them are on my “to read” list though… but wow.


  14. Hey everyone! Sorry, but I am tired and am going not going to respond to each one individually. Isn't it interesting how few of those books you guys have actually read? I do wonder how it compares with CBA top sellers. I haven't looked at that list, but I wouldn't be surprised to find an Amish book on it!

    Thanks for your great comments!


  15. Am I seeing this right? No one here has read any of those Amish fiction stories? To be honest, I've only read one of the books on that list. I've always meant to read one of Beverly Lewis's books, but just haven't. There's only so many hours in the day.


  16. Heather, I've only read The Shack. I have read a couple of Amish fiction, but it doesn't ever really capture my attention. I suppose the longing for a simpler life contributes to the escapism facter. Maybe?


  17. I buy a lot of books from but I don't ever pay any attention to their top list as no one knows what books I want to buy and read. I know the authors I really like and look for them and also always look at the clearance list, but have to be careful with them as, the piblishers have started putting new covers on them and they look like differet books and when I get it home it is one I already have then I have to send them back or usually just give it to someone else, but it makes me so mad, to waste my money that way.

    May God take care of us all



  18. I've read one of them.

    I guess since none of us are on the list we should all get to reading! ~grin~


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