Fatless Friday

I was dreading getting on the scale this week. I’d eaten out 4 times this week, which is a difficult thing to do when you are trying to lose weight. I tried to make good choices and really cut back the rest of the day, but I was nervous. I thought I had totally blown it. I guess it evened out though, because I ended up losing another 1.8 pounds! That gives me a total of 13.8 pounds! Yep. Feels good, too.
Real good.

It is really rather amazing at how successful you can be when you really put your mind to it. When you focus and expend a little energy in something, it is awesome what you can accomplish. It just takes a little effort every day. Sure you might, mess up, get distracted, lose your focus and fail to stick to your goal for the day, but you know what? You get another day to start over.
Isn’t this like writing? All it takes is a little bit every day. An hour a day. A page a day. 500 words a day. How about 1000 words a day? Steady progress is better than no progress, right? We may have days where we slip and get distracted. Sure, we may have bad days that make it impossible to put pen to paper, but hey…there’s another day coming!
Now, if I could just take my own advice! lol No, really, I’m not laughing.
I need your prayers. My work has been unusually stressful this year. It is very taxing and draining, and I find that all I want to do when I get home is NOTHING! Please pray that God lifts me out of this slump. Please pray that things can change someway, somehow, so that the work load eases. Please pray that God’s spirit would fill me with His energy, His joy, and His peace.
Have an awesome weekend!

20 responses to “Fatless Friday”

  1. Congrats on the weight! You make an excellent point about doing at least a little every day, and being focused about it.

    Will pray for you. 🙂


  2. Good for you, Sherrinda, on the weight loss! I know that must feel good to you. I have a friend at work that teams up with me every tax season to make sure we don't eat all the junk that is brought into the office during our busy time. We count WW points almost for sport. Instead of gaining weight that time of year like I used to do, I now lose that time of year.

    And I agree about the writing. We should try to slowly progress toward our writing goals each day. I haven't been very good lately. But that's about to change. My blogging buddies are definitely inspiring me this morning. Thanks!


  3. It's a great analogy! So true.

    Congrats on your loss. Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. Congratulations Sherrinda! You go girl!

    I can relate to the slump you are in, it is draining sometime pushing to touch your dream. Just keep praying and God will manifest His presence in your situation.

    Happy writing!


  5. Oh, Sherrinda: I am so proud of you. This is no little task, and you're sticking with it wonderfully–there's another ly verb for you!

    I will pray for your situation to change or your mindset to turn a corner, so that you can make progress without feeling pressure. That is my goal for myself as well…

    Love, Jen
    Audience of ONE


  6. Woohhhoooo!!! Congrats!

    Thanks for the reminder to take writing a little bit at a time. Most often I look for chunks of time to write instead and miss the little windows.


  7. you got the prayers. everything in his time.

    and CONGRATS on the lost lbs! awesome.

    The Character Therapist


  8. Pat yourself on the back! You're awesome!!!!


  9. Great job! Eating out is very hard to maintain weight. You're doing it girl with God's help! :O)


  10. WOO HOO! I'm sure I GAINED 1.8 lbs this week! 🙂 Keep at – you're doing amazing!


  11. Congratulations! This is a time of year when it is so easy to gain weight. I walk less and eat more, my weakness is sweets. Like you, I need to just do it and stop thinking about it. Dieting is like writing, sometimes you want to just give up, but we need to slow down and take a deep breath sometimes and then just start over.


  12. Congratulations on the weight loss. And prayers are heading your way for your writing and your work. Have a great weekend.


  13. Sherrinda,
    You are an inspiration to me. You have come so far in your weight loss battle. So please don't beat yourself up over the lack of energy and motivation right now. When you have families like we do, all going in different directions, someone needs to be the anchor and we feel guilty if we are not playing that role. But then we feel guilty because we are not writing. It is a fine balancing act. But think about this, if you were spending all your after-work time totally absorbed in writing, would you feel guilty about not being there for your family?

    You will definitely be in my prayers this week. I hope you can find that perfect balance.


  14. Awesome!! You're going to be doing the skinny-pants dance!

    Have a great weekend!


  15. That's so awesome, Sherrinda. Congratulations!

    I need to get disciplined and forget about the lurking halloween candy and cook healthier for myself. Salmon's on the menu for tomorrow night for sure!


  16. Jessica, thanks! I think a little every day is a good goal. 🙂

    Heather, how wonderful that you have someone you can buddy up with to watch those calories. WW has been great for me!

    Janna, thanks! I hope you have a great weekend too!

    Tamika, I pray that God WILL show Himself to me so in this work situation. I am weary. Thanks for the prays! 🙂

    Jeanette, I love your prayer warrior spirit! I'll be praying for you too, friend.

    Kristen, me too!!! I always think I need a large chunk of time to write and that definitely NEVER comes! I need to train myself to write in snatches of time.

    Jeanne, I love that thought. Everything in HIS time. So true.

    T.Anne, it's hard to reach around to my own back! lol But I must confess, I am rather surprised of what I've been able to do thus far.

    Diane, YES! It is only with God's help I am able to do anything. I hope HE enables me and frees me for more!

    Jaime, girl, you are SUPPOSED to gain weight when you are the insulator for new life! 🙂 Lucky you!!!!

    Janet, sweets are my downfall! I LOVE SUGAR! Especially when I am stressed. But I am trying to keep things around the house that I can have that will satisfy this sweet tooth of mine!

    Tara, thanks for the prayers! I so need them right now. Seriously!

    Ava, you are right. I would feel guilty for ignoring my family after a long day at work. The thing is, I am so dead when I come home, I really am not engaged with anyone. I don't want to talk or interact…it's sad. John tells me I'm too hard on myself and maybe I am, but life is just weird right now.

    Jill, ooooooooohhhh, the skinny-pants dance! I can't wait to get some skinny pants for my “Pants Collection”! 🙂


  17. I just want to thank everyone for their comments, encouragement and prayers. Today was not a good day and coming home to my cyber friends what just what I needed. (I even broke down at a meeting today….sad, huh?) I will be glad when…oh, I don't know. I need to be content, don't I? Consider it all joy…. 🙂


  18. Hey Eileen, you slipped in while I was commenting. lol I wish I liked fish because I know it would be so good for me. Alas, the only seafood I eat are hush puppies. 🙂


  19. Hi Sherrinda –

    Yay! Good for you!

    Great analogy with the writing. I'm happy to say I made my word count every day this week.

    Susan 🙂


  20. Congrats, Sherrinda!!

    “It is really rather amazing at how successful you can be when you really put your mind to it. When you focus and expend a little energy in something, it is awesome what you can accomplish. It just takes a little effort every day.” This really hit home for me…so TRUE! Now I need to take this advice. I've been slacking this week. Majorly slacking. No discipline…no routines…no word count. I'm determined to get back on track!


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