Someone Is Reading My Blog

My husband and I took off part of Friday, got our kids out of school early, and went to Houston. The church where my husband grew up was having it’s 50th Anniversary. My husband’s dad was the preacher there for 28 years and so the whole family was there…all 6 kids flew in/drove in for the event. Many people showed up at what turned out to be a wonderful reunion of friends and family.
What blew me away was how many people asked me about my book. Was it finished? Was it finally edited? Was it published? Can they read it yet? I was taken aback by the fact that people knew about my book. What I had forgotten was that I now write a blog and this blog feeds into Facebook. And LOTS of people are on Facebook.
Isn’t it interesting the amount of information that is made available for all to see? In some ways it is a bit frightening. In some ways, exciting. It makes you realize the usefulness of the Internet as advertising.
It makes me wonder what publishing and advertising will be like in the future if I get published. What will publishing, advertising, and marketing look like in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years? Do you ever think about that?

20 responses to “Someone Is Reading My Blog”

  1. Of course people read your blog, silly! LOL

    But yes, I DO think about advertising in the future. A friend who owns a TV store just told me last week about technology even changing with that. Soon you'll be actually able to smell the food on the TV. Weird, wild stuff. 🙂


  2. It is surprising how much people can find out about us because of the web and I think it is great for getting a book out there. I can't begin to imagine what the future will be like.


  3. Oh yeah, I do think about that. It'll be different and I think in a way harder, because it'll be the best stuff being seen, since those who have money can't buy something that's free, it's almost an equal playing field where the best and hardest workers will get their stuff out the most. Or something like that. LOL Not really sure.

    But very cool about your family!


  4. Oh gosh, you're so brave. I need to make a facebook but I doubt it will be my personal one. You're my hero.


  5. Wow, that's disconcerting! I don't feed my blog to facebook yet. Maybe I will once I have an agent. Right now I want to keep those lives separate. I'm still not sold on the idea of using facebook as a marketing tool. I want it to be personal, between friends.


  6. Kudos, Sherrinda, on using the tools of “marketing”. My guess is, sooner than later, we'll all be on digital moving billboards that float xcountry nationwide. Ok. Maybe not. But it's fun to think Jetsons when it comes to marketing 🙂


  7. I've been surprised in the past too, when someone will come up and say “I read your blog.”

    Someone I didn't know even had a computer, much less knew what a blog was!



  8. Sherrinda, I was shocked too, a few weeks ago when the same thing happened to me. Like you, I link my blog to Facebook, because that is where most of my relatives keep up with us. While few leave comments or don't know how, several commented and asked questions. My niece's fiance even pulled me off to the side to discuss one of the first posts that I had written about my daughter's marriage. Shock was putting it mildly. Like you I found it exciting and daunting at the same time. “What have I done?” raced through my mind, but at the same time I could see the benefits for our book in the future.


  9. What do you mean IF you get your book published? You are a winner; it's sure to be published!
    Congratulations on your excellent platform building!


  10. It's difficult to grasp how many people we can reach through our blog and other social media. Pretending they're not there makes it easy to step out with our writing.


  11. Sounds like you had a great weekend or the potential for a good one anyway.

    What would we do without the internet?

    If you or anyone you know is looking for a critique group or partner, stop by my blog. I'm matchmaking.

    Lynnette Labelle


  12. Hi Sherrinda –

    That's so cool!

    Do you find the Facebook feed draws folks to your blog? How do you link your blog to Facebook?

    Glad you and your family had a wonderful time.

    Susan 🙂


  13. You're right about the Internet–it's amazing how many people we reach!


  14. The first time I had one of those counters and maps on my blog I was amazed how many people from around the world stopped in and visited!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful family reunion!


  15. I'm always surprised when my dad tells me how he reads my blog every day. It makes me feel nice.

    And your blog rocks, it's no surprise people read it! LOL


  16. Not many of my friends or family read my blog. They say they are too busy.I accept that because I have so many wonderful people who bother to come and read me here in blogging world. 🙂


  17. Jennifer, smelling food on the TV??? How weird! Just think…reading a book that emits smells! lol

    Amy, I think things may change faster than what we think!

    Jessica, why does it always have to be about money? The richest get the most exposure, even though they may not be the best. Interesting!

    T.Anne, I'm not brave! I just am an open book…so to speak! lol

    Kristen, you have a HUGE point! Lately on FB, I've been getting people who want to be my friend and then all they do is fill my inbox with propaganda. Not cool.

    Jaime, I love the Jetsons! 🙂 Now, I am not trying to market myself. I am no where near that point! I just thought I'd let my friends know more about ME. 🙂

    ERica, it's rather fun to surprise people with what we do. I think sometimes I share that I write to keep me accountable…so I don't give up. lol

    Ava, I love that you have jumped right in and have utilized the power of blogs and FB! Now…all you need is TWITTER!!!!! 🙂

    Jeanette, I hope you can get your blog linked to your FB!

    Heather, YES! It is a way to be open with my writing, while not having to verbalize it. When I have to say it out loud, I feel so…fake! Fellow writers seem to validate my dream.

    Lynnette, I am intrigued by your matchmaking! I've been thinking I need to find a critique partner or group, but haven't jumped in. I don't know…is it fear???

    Susan, I don't think people come to my blog through FB…they just read it on FB! I don't know that it makes any difference at all. 🙂
    You just need to go to the Notes Section on FB and there is a link/section where you can feed your blog into your notes. Easy.

    Jill, I love the internet! Way too much!

    Donna, I've always wanted to do one of those counters that showed the different countries! I'll have to research that!

    Marybeth, how awesome that your dad reads your blog! I don't think my family ever reads my blog. If they do, it is not very often. lol

    Tabitha, my family never comments on my blog. I don't think they even read it, but that's okay! It's alot about writing, so it probably bores them silly!


  18. I gave you an award, Sherrinda! 🙂


  19. Sherrinda, I'm so happy you had such a positive experience at the reunion and that so many expressed an interest in your writing. I find that most people are curious about what's involved in getting a book published and enjoy talking to those of us who've been brave enough to embark on that sometimes daunting adventure. How neat that you discovered so many supportive people who are sharing in your journey via the Internet.


  20. Jessica, thank you!!! You are too sweet!

    Keli, I was amazed at those friends I saw who KNEW I had written a book. It was crazy! It was nice to share with those who were interest.


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