A Blessed Fat Friday!

First, an update on my weight loss. I confess I skipped my WW meeting last week, but I had a good reason. Our High School football team made the playoffs and they got to play in the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium! Knowing it would probably be the only time I could ever afford to go, (tickets are $100’s of dollars!) I skipped the meeting and went to the game! AWESOME FUN, even though we lost. 🙂

So this week I went to my meeting, knowing I had failed in my eating plan, and was pleasantly surprised to only have gained 1.4 pounds! AAAAaannnndddd, I was wearing jeans! So, here’s to a new week.

And Thanksgiving! Oh Lord, give me strength!

Now to the blessing of the day! My mom found out this past weekend that she had a blocked artery and needed a stint put in the back valve of her heart. So I traveled the hour drive early yesterday morning to be with her. She was wheeled back into surgery and in no time, the doctor came out and said when they went in, the heart looked great!


The doctor said that the nuclear stress test they do has a 15% false positive result and my mom was just part of that statistic. I, on the other hand, choose to believe that God had his hand upon my Mom. Isn’t that wonderful? I think so!

So here’s an update on my writing….or lack of. I had set aside my first finished MS and began fleshing out a new project, but God has been speaking loud and clear this week, with several confirmations on what I am to do. I am to take up my MS and edit it into the ground. My editor dad has been swamped with work of his own (and helping take care of Mom), so I am going to take what he has done so far and try to incorporate what he has found into the rest of the manuscript. Hopefully, when he does get back to it, he will have less to correct! lol (wishful thinking!)

So here’s to editing. And deleting. And adding. And murdering my adverbs, though I truly think some are beautiful.

Have a great weekend!

18 responses to “A Blessed Fat Friday!”

  1. Murder the adverbs! Even the beautiful ones. 😉

    Have a great weekend Sherrinda.


  2. Glad to hear your mom is fine, Sherrinda!! What a blessing! And sounds like a great writing plan! Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. I am so happy that your mom is okay! And I love the “murder the adverbs” plan! I've been murdering some passive verbs myself.


  4. YAy for no blockage! And yay for only a pound with jeans!

    You can do it with the editing Sherrinda! I know you can!

    I'm eager to finish this crappy rough draft I'm writing so I can get to revising it already. I feel so unfortable with it now. It's just not good as it is. So I'm eager to inish it so I can improve it!


  5. Sherrinda, so glad to hear your mother is doing well!
    You wore jeans to weigh in? Are you nuts girl? On second thought, you're very brave!!

    I'll pray that your edits go well, Sherrinda. It's no fun, but well worth the effort.


  6. Wow, lots of great news. 🙂 Have fun with those edits. It can be grueling but I also think it's really rewarding. 🙂


  7. That is a great week! Glad to hear your mom is well! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and are able to enjoy it! Have a great weekend!


  8. Sounds like things are going well for you! Good luck with the edit! I agree with the above–murder those adverbs! 🙂


  9. Wow I hope you knew someone playing in that game 😉 You're way nicer than me. Yay for your mom! Have a blessed weekend. I'll catch you on twitter.


  10. Thanks for blessing me with your good news!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  11. Hi Sherrinda,

    I'm so glad your Mom is okay. What a special Thanksgiving present for all of you!

    Your writing plan sounds spot on.



  12. So glad to hear your mom is doing well. Seems like you have a great plan for your manuscript and are going to attack it with enthusiasm. Have fun!


  13. I'm so glad your mom is okay. How scary! And revising isn't as horrible as you think. I used to hate it, but that's because I was very judgmental about my writing. Now, I just try to keep an open mind and remind myself I'm not perfect.

    Have fun!


  14. What wonderful news regarding your mom.

    I'm glad you've come up with a writing plan you're happy with. I learn so much about my writing style, my story and craft when I edit. It's rewarding work because I know I'll have a better story when I'm finished.


  15. Thanks so much for all the encouraging words! I am eager to go going on my edits! 🙂


  16. Hey, Sherrinda,
    Have seen your name around the blogs and would love to have you drop by my new blog, http://www.pattilacy.com/blog.

    We used to live on Manderly Place in Fort Worth LONG before I published my first novel–back in my court reporter days! Isn't that cool? Hubby Alan taught at TCU.

    Just this year I went back for book signings and a speaking engagement. Wow, has the area BOOOMED!!!

    Anyway, would love to learn more about you and your writing when you have time!!!



  17. Oh, I am so happy about your mom– I believe God took over, too. He is so sweet.
    Blessings on your revising, dear. Don't take out all the adverbs, please! I like a few here and there. Why would God give us adverbs if we weren't to use them? LOL!
    Love you,
    Audience of ONE
    P.S. Jeans weigh over 1.4 lbs you know! So you probably lost weight!


  18. Glad to hear the good news about your mom, it's a shame she had to go through that to find out, though. I just finished editing my MG manuscript and sent it out, have fun and murder your adverbs.


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