The Big Edit Race

I’m now officially in a race. Yes! I know what you are thinking…at least those of you who have heard me complain about all forms of physical exertion. No, it is not what you are thinking.

I’m in a race with Krista…or should that be against Krista?

I read a tweet last last night from Krista, who was at McDonald’s beginning the edits on her newly finished WIP. Editing at McD’s? Seriously? Who among you could manage such a feat? (And Jody, you can’t answer because you have mastered the art of writing amid chaos!)

Amazed at such dedication and focus, I threw out a challenge to Krista. (Not that I think I can win, because anyone who can write with squeals and crying in their ears has a huge advantage over me.)
Here’s the challenge: Race each other to see who can get their WIP edited by the start of the New Year. That’s not too hard right? Well…it might be a bit difficult since it IS December! In order to accomplish this feat, it means a chapter a day, which is going to be extremely difficult. (Krista, quit with the smirking!)

So why the need for a race? Well, I happen to need the motivation. I need a challenge. I need accountability!

Yep. I find that I am a VERY competitive person. Put me up against someone else and I’m all over it! I rise to the challenge and I want to WIN!

So Krista…bring it on, girl!
Should there be a prize of some kind? Other than the reward of getting the WIP whipped into shape? What do you think?

27 responses to “The Big Edit Race”

  1. LOL, I'm all about a prize. Let's let the blog readers think up some ideas shall we?

    Anyone have any thoughts?

    I have to warn you girl. When it comes to the word “competitive” my name is next to it in the dictionary. You are so TOTALLY on!


  2. AWESOME! I'm so glad the two of you are doing this! (And SO thankful I'm already done! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!) Sorry, couldn't help that deep, gut-wrenching, evil cackle! Have fu-u-u-n!!! πŸ™‚ Mwa-ha-ha-ha. Oops. Slipped out again.


  3. Yes, there must be a prize!!! Chocolate of some sort. Or flowers.

    Jody is laughing from maniacal tendencies; this is what editing has done to her brain!!!


  4. Chocolate is the prize, of course! LOL I need to get in a competition with someone to finish my wip by New Years too. LOL
    This is awesome!


  5. Jen's comment about Jody just cracked me up.

    Jody, you do sound a little evil there… *snicker*


  6. You girls definitely need a prize. For me the satisfaction of winning would be more than enough. I'm kinda competitive like that. But I still think there should be a prize…OR… something embarrassing the loser has to do. Sometimes that is way more fun!!!


  7. Definitely there should be a prize. Of course I'm Mrs. Competition, so perhaps you should discard my vote.


  8. Sounds like great motivation! I hope you both cruise across that finish line! You can do it!


  9. That's awesome! You go girls!


  10. Oooh, I LOVE a challenge! And yes, accountabilty really helps.
    I'm all for prizes. How about a writing book of the winner's choice?


  11. Oooh, good for you! A little competition is always a good thing for productivity.


  12. Ooh, fun! Good luck to you both.

    And I'm thinking a little McDonald's (an admitted weakness of mine) is in order for me today. Since I'm not editing yet, I'll brainstorm my ending. πŸ™‚


  13. You can do it! So can Krista. Yes, a prize, please! So those of us in the audience can squeal with delight! Too bad I finished last week. 😦


  14. Good luck, gals. What a great way to motivate each other.

    Sherrinda, I hope I answered your question with today's post on my blog.

    Lynnette Labelle


  15. Oh yeah, a prize would be great…how about the 'loser' (though neither of you will be a loser since you'll both get lots of editing done!) has to post a guest blog about their editing process on the winner's blog?

    I love a little healthy competition! As long as it doesn't involve running!


  16. There should always be a prize! I'll send the winner a mystery box πŸ™‚ Email me at kvbwrites(at)gmail(dot)com to tell me who won, and I'll send something FUN!!


  17. Jody… I never realized you were so… evil:-)

    GREAT suggests for prizes!!! Sherrinda… u have any favorites yet??? We could do them ALL! LOL!


  18. Oh my goodness! I check my blog during my lunch break and I find all these AWESOME comments! Krista, I'm with you….do them all!!!! lol

    And Jody, I think all your rewrites have sent you over the edge, girl! lol Buwahahaha, indeed! lol

    And Karen, seriously? A real mystery box prize? How cool!!! Amazing!


  19. Hi Sherrinda –

    LOL! Get on your mark. Get set. Go!

    I won't jump in on this race. I'm on R&R from the 9-week manuscript marathon.

    Susan πŸ™‚


  20. What wonderful motivation! I'd say the winner deserves a prize… maybe the loser can take her to McD's for dinner? Good luck! Don't give up! Work hard.


  21. I love it! The best part is you both can win. I like the idea of flowers for the prize–especially in the winter. Have fun, and good luck to both.


  22. I don't know who to root for – so I say, “Go ladies! Go!” You can do it!


  23. Prizes are good. Extra motivation. I have edited a manuscript in a month and it is a really big thing to do, so good luck. The thing is that same manuscript now needs another edit *sigh*


  24. Oh, what a great motivator, Sherrinda! I'm so glad that you found someone who's willing to put in the (extra) effort.

    I should find someone who
    s just starting to rewrite and can manage 76k by April – that's pretty impossible.

    Good luck, and definitely keep us updated. I look forward to hearing all about it!


  25. Ya know, a couple writer-ly friends of mine and myself recently participated in a 'Who could out-word' one another contest. The prize for the most words down on paper (or computer screen) was dinner at a restaurant of the winner's choosing.

    The bad news is I got skunked (by something like 30,000 words–didn't know anyone could really write 40,000+ words in two weeks, I learned the hard way….). The good news is that I got dinner too.


  26. Wow, Jenny! That is a great idea! The problem with this race is Krista and I don't live in the same STATE! lol We will have to think of something creative. πŸ™‚


  27. there must be a prize!!! Chocolate of some sort. Or flowers.

    Work from home India


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