Fat-LESS Friday & Odes To ME

I was so into editing my WIP last night that I totally forgot to write my blog for today. Surprising, I know, since I have so much to share!

After weighing in last night at Weight Watchers, I was pleasantly surprised! I didn’t weigh last Thursday since it was Thanksgiving and WW was closed for the day. (and who wants to weigh in after the Thanksgiving meal(s), right?) Get ready for this….I lost 3.8 pounds! DURING THANKSGIVING!!!!! I know, right? I’m even patting myself on the back for that feat! This brings me to a total of 20.2 pounds lost!
Now, onto the editing update. I am so totally into this editing competition with Krista. And you MUST hop over to her blog, because she composed an Ode in honor of me! And if you know Krista, you know it is a hoot!

I’ve been editing every day…just like Krista. I even took the laptop to work and worked during my lunch break. I will say that today I will find a better place to work other than the teacher’s lounge . *grin* It’s hard to concentrate among the cacaphony of women’s voices raised in the discussion of their students. The edits are going well, though not quite as fast as I would like. (don’t tell Krista!)

As I shared with Krista this morning when I commented on her blog, I do have a bit of an edge on her. My last day of work for this year is the 18th. (working in a school and having their holidays is SUCH an advantage!) I will have the rest of the year to work on my editing!!!! And yes, I know that there is Christmas going on and I will need to do some shopping. šŸ™‚

So Krista, my friend, smack talk all you want. I’m so bringing it!

20 responses to “Fat-LESS Friday & Odes To ME”

  1. You are awesome!!! Congrats on the weight loss!!

    My edits are going slow as well, but I am still hopeful I'll accomplish a lot by the end of the year.

    Happy Friday, Sherrinda!!


  2. Great job with the weight loss! You're doing awesome.

    Going to check the ode now.


  3. Yay on the weight loss! That's fantastic! Celebrate hitting that 20 lb mark!

    The editing battle tickles me. You two are hilarious, and it's inspirational too.


  4. Losing 4 pounds over Thanksgiving s just not acceptable. You make the rest of look bad!


  5. Hahaa! You're bringing it… LOL

    Amazing on the weight! Wow. Good for you. šŸ™‚


  6. Okay… so you DO have a WEE bit of an edge since you're off that much… i AM off Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve…

    You also have an advantage because december is my CRAZY CRAZY busy time at work (Payroll, year-end, and a life don't mix…) so I usually take OFF the month from writing… so I'm having to squeeze it in extra hard.

    AND your book was almost 10k words shorter than mine….

    But… I'm still gonna win!

    I thrive when I'm the underdog!


  7. Oh… forgot! Congrats on the weightloss!!!!!! I will not mention my gain here.. you totally are queen of the loss, I'll give you that!


  8. Haha! Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you! GO SHERRINDA! GO KRISTA! Can't wait to see what happens! Have a great weekend!


  9. Haha, I just read Krista's poem. What a great way to keep yourselves motivated. All the best with your editing!


  10. You're weight loss is looking incredible, especially around the holidays.

    I can't wait to join the editing game, at least another month for me.


  11. Congrats on the weight loss and the progress. The ode was funny. Good luck to you both–all though I do agree you might have a bit of an advantage. :]


  12. Yay!! You lost weight AND are editing!! Go, go, go!


  13. You lost weight? You obviously were not eating at my house. Hmm… Maybe Christmas will be better for you šŸ˜‰

    BTW, I'm cruising on chapter five!


  14. Thanks everyone for the congrats and all the encouraging words! Krista and I are so pumped about this editing race! T.Anne voiced an interest to join in and she has edited 5 whole chapters already! Woohooo!!!!!! So anybody else who wants in, just let us know!


  15. You totally don't look like you have 20lbs to lose in your pic!!! But regardless…how exciting! Congrats šŸ™‚ And good luck on the edits. I'm not sure which one of you I want to cheer for.


  16. Marybeth, well, I probably should put a different pic up! That pic was taken 2 years ago after I had lost weight (which I gained back). I guess my pic is what I WANT to look like! lol

    Annnddd, you can cheer for BOTH of us! (we are both going to win, you know!)


  17. WOOO HOOO about the weight loss! That is amazing.

    I finished boxing boot camp two weeks ago and my body needed a break from the training so I have taken these two weeks off and do you know that I lost weight in those weeks off even though I was not in the gym four times a week. Go figure hey!

    Sounds like the edits are going well. Keep it up!


  18. You LOST weight over Thanksgiving!? Teach me how to do THAT! I don't own a scale, but I'm pretty sure my jeans were tighter this week.

    I love your and Krista's little battle. And her ode was hilarious!


  19. Awesome! Great news about the weight loss. Wish I could say the same!!
    Sounds like you are making real progress in your editing competiton. Good for you!!


  20. l I'll accomplish a lot by the end of the year.

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