Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Writers

How about these for some New Year’s Resolutions?

  1. Plan menus for the week so that my family doesn’t starve while I am WRITING.
  2. Get a heavy duty shop vac to clear a path from the computer to the bathroom and kitchen. (we all have needs…)
  3. Get a pair of those heated computer gloves so that my warm fingers can fly across the keyboard and churn out another MS this year.
  4. Quit tweeting and updating my FB status as a form of procrastination in writing (or editing) my WIP.
  5. Cancel Cable so that there is nothing to watch on TV and I have time to WRITE. Oh wait…I don’t have cable and STILL watch TV….hmmmm.
  6. Block all invites and applications on FB that has anything to do with Farming, Fish, Cooking, etc.
  7. Invest in some serious chocolate and candles to stimulate my day dream processes.
  8. Find some kind of physical activity to do at the strike of each hour in order to redistribute the dreaded writer’s spread. (I wonder if standing on one’s head would do the trick?)
  9. Quit spending so much money on great fiction books to read so that I have more time to actually WRITE!
  10. Tether the laptop to a desk so that I don’t fall asleep in bed or on the couch anymore.

These are some New Year’s Resolutions that have been swirling around in my brain the past few days. Can you think of any fun goals for writers?

34 responses to “Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Writers”

  1. Great resolutions! I love that “buy chocolate” is in there. I'm writing my resolutions now and they're all stop procrastinating, write more, blah blah blah.


  2. I'm right there with you on numbers 3, 8, and 9. Those gloves sound awesome!


  3. I had to click over and check out those gloves. My fingers are freezing right now!

    I gave myself an Alphasmart NEO for Christmas with the resolution to use it to write in all sorts of other places. Like waiting at the kid's school to pickup the carpool. At basketball (and baseball and football) practices. Durable, long battery life and instant “on” (unlike my laptop).

    I also resolve not to buy another writing craft book until I've read all the ones already on my shelf.


  4. I love that I'm not the only one who doesn't get my housecleaning done because I'm in another world.



  5. Oooo! I might steal the standing on your head one. That's a great idea. My bum falls asleep a lot when I write. Can't be good for the shape. 😉


  6. lol, these are awesome! Although, I can't give up the reading great books part. That's an integral part of keeping my brain in creative mode. 🙂


  7. Hi Sherrinda –

    These are the best New Year's Resolutions I've read in a long time!

    My mother bought me those fingerless gloves to use when I'm typing. My hands get cold in the winter. The rest of the glove can be attached with a button, which enables them to be used outside.

    Susan 🙂


  8. Haha, I don't have cable either, and somehow the TV still distracts me. Glad to know I'm not the only one! And I fall asleep on the couch with my laptop ALL the time…my husband hates it. Great resolutions! Mine are still being written and are much more boring and conventional (you know…write 1,000 words a day, etc.)


  9. I love #7, especially the chocolate part. And isn't #9 a necessary part of market research? 🙂


  10. Amen to the Facebook invites. Those things get me into so much trouble. When we used to be able to bring our laptops into work, I'd sit there and play Sorority Life and send out flair all day like it was nobody's business. Lol. I'm actually doing a blog entry on my New Year's resolutions this week. You'll have to stop by and check them out! Good luck writing. I know how it is. I'm working on a writing project right now, too, and its very easy to get distracted. Only, I was steady working on a chapter today at work and time just flew away from me, so maybe I'm getting better!

    Visiting from SITS,



  11. hahahahahahaha! love your list. Hmm. How do I measure up?
    Cancel Cable: Check
    Serious Chocolate: Check
    Daily walk: Check
    Clear path with side-ways kick: Check
    Quit Buying Books: Fatal Fail


  12. Excllent resolutions. Thanks for the reminder. I need to get cracking on my own!

    Happy New Year!


  13. Rhiannon, I am soooo bad at procrastination and I really, really need to stop that!

    Amalia, I would LOVE to have a pair of those gloves! I recently heard about them and thought it was a great idea!

    Candee, I've heard the Alphasmart is such a great tool! No internet, right???? The internet is my enemy! lol

    Ann, I am a terrible housekeeper! Really….if only I could afford a maid!

    Katie! lol…you should put your cell on vibrate and put it in your back pocket! Alternate sides to keep your bum from going to sleep! lolol….*wiping tears from my eyes*

    Roni, I didn't say I was giving up books completely! I read every night in bed. At least an hours worth! I just won't buy anymore until I've read all that I have bought/won already!

    Susan!!! I wondered if they really worked! I am going to put that on my Christmas list for next year! Woohoo!

    Heather, I had to laugh when you said your husband hates you falling asleep with your laptop! I know my husband would prefer me sleeping with him rather than the laptop! lol

    Sarah, ohhhhh, yes, I guess you could say that buying books is really research! I hadn't thought of it like that! lol Perfect!

    Lauren, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one wasting away time on FB. It really is one of my New Year Resolutions (the real resolutions…not these funny ones)

    Tricia!!! Hilarious, girl! Clear path with a sideways kick! What a visual of ME! I do that!!!! And yes, I understand the fatal fail on buying books! My love affair with the written word….sigh. 🙂

    Erica, thanks! They were fun to think up.

    Carolina, I'm not always good at keeping New Years resolutions, but I thought these were kinda funny…in a real sort of way!


  14. Hahahahaha I can relate to all of those on some level or another! Too funny!


  15. These are great resolutions, I love them all!


  16. Ha! These are awesome! I'd add something about Coca-Cola for me personally. :0)


  17. I try to avoid resolutions – since I've been married I've yet to have a year that didn't involve something major (like cancer or buying a house) that screwed it all up 🙂

    But I wanted to tell you that there's a lady out there (I'll get her info if you'd like) who will actually plan your weekly menu for you! There's a small fee, but you tell her what your family likes (and doesn't like or is allergic to) and she does it all! My sister uses the service…I'll find her info 🙂


  18. You should do a contest and give away some of those gloves! (Says the woman with freezing fingers!)

    LOVE this post 🙂


  19. These are great. And just the right balance between “getting serious” and “rewarding yourself.”


  20. New Year's Resolution: go back through my 2009 goals and figure out what I didn't get done this year so that I can try to get it done next year!


  21. Ooh, those are great! Especially the Facebook procrastination. I'd love to find some tool that would administer electric shock every time I try to open Spider Solitaire before hitting a writing goal for the day.


  22. Sounds like a great list to me. I love the shop vac idea. I'll have to add that one to my resolutions.


  23. they're all stop procrastinating, write more,

    How to make a website


  24. Frankie, I think we ALL can relate to them!

    CR, thanks! I had fun trying to think them up!

    Kristen! Coca-Cola is GREAT! I should have added my Diet Dr. Pepper to the list!

    Karin, resolutions are hard to keep, but I figure if I don't set a goal, I will never meet a goal! lol Thanks for the tip!!!

    Marybeth, that's a great idea! I think the gloves would be an AWESOME prize!

    Sarah, I always like a little humor in the seriousness of life!

    Kaye, I think that is a great idea! I need to go back over my year and see where I went wrong! lol

    Laurel!!! That's hilarious! I definitely need one of those electric shock things for FB! lol

    Susan, some days a shop vac would hardly touch my house! Sigh…I am a terrible housekeeper. I'm not a big deep cleaner, much to my mom's dismay!


  25. I love all of these! Especially the quite buying great fiction books to read instead of spinning out our own masterpieces- that really hit home. I need to hurry and finish “The House at Riverton” so I can get back to my own baby.

    Have you ever read it? My first historical fiction piece, and I love it!


  26. My new years resolution is to get my focus back! YIKES


  27. Great resolutions! Especially the chocolate part.


  28. You are so funny! I would like to have a machine that you could hook up to your desk chair that exercises every muscle in your body and burns oodles of calories, so you don't have to think about working out when you are zonked from a day at work in an office.

    A year's pass to a fine resataurant would work, too…

    Happy New Year,
    Audience of ONE


  29. I fully support #7. Head out now – all the holiday candy is on sale.

    I would know. I just bought a 1 lb. 2.5 oz. bag of holiday Hershey Kisses for $3.

    Jackpot. *nomnomnom*


  30. Sherrinda,
    You are a woman after my own heart.
    Chocolate…procrastination…path to the desk (sigh)
    We MUST be kindred spirits 🙂



  31. Kanishk, I wonder if not procrastinating and writing more is on everyone's list for this new year? lol

    Tamika, maybe we should look at reading as research? 🙂 I haven't read The House of Riverton…haven't even heard of it, but I will definitely check it out. I love historical fiction!

    Rejection Queen, Focus, Focus, Focus!!!! I'm with ya on that one!

    Angie, the chocolate part is probably my favorite one, though it doesn't do will with my resolution to lose 20 more pounds this year! lol

    Jeanette, YOU are funny! I need one of those exercise chairs!lol…to work off the pounds from the one year pass to a great restaurant!

    Nicole, you hit the jackpot, indeed! Kisses made of chocolate! mmmmm.

    Pepper, I think we MUST be kindred spirits. We have so much in common!


  32. Great list, Sherrinda. Hey, my husband has a shopvac. That might come in handy.


  33. Great resolutions! Especially the chocolate part.

    Work from home India


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