Reflecting on 2009

So long. Farewell. Adieu.

It was a long year that flew by. Strange, isn’t it, how time works like that. So much has happened this year–some good, some not so good. So let’s start with the bad.


  1. We closed the doors to our church plant in March. That was a very hard thing to do, and I miss my Connection family so much.
  2. We put our house on the market half a year ago and it hasn’t sold.
  3. Work is crazy busy this year = less energy for writing.


  1. My husband got a job preaching at a wonderful church in Irving, which is close enough that my kids can finish high school where they are!
  2. I finished my book this summer! HUGE accomplishment for me. My first novel…sigh.
  3. I joined a critique group that will help me develop my writing skills.
  4. My 2nd son got accepted at the Dallas Institute of Art and is doing FABULOUS and making good grades! Yay!!!!!
  5. My daughter is happier now, after quitting basketball and getting a boyfriend. (Yes, I miss going to bb games, but I like the guy!
  6. I’m having a blast with my blog and have met so many wonderful and generous writers, who encourage and inspire me!

I’m sure there is more to add, but those are what stood out to me. It is strange to look back over the year and see what happened. So often I think of what could have been. I could have done things differently. I could have prepared better. I could have…. okay, so I don’t really need to go there, do I? What’s done is done and I move on.

I’m going to set goals this new year. (Not like the funny ones I did Monday, although there was some true to those.)I don’t usually write my goals down, but this year I am setting some specific goals that I really want to reach. I think if maybe I post them for all to see, I will strive to accomplish them. You know, kind of like having an accountability partner. I’ll post them Friday, New Year’s Day.

Do you ever look back and wondered what you could have done differently to make your year better? Or are you happy with your year and the way it unfolded?

22 responses to “Reflecting on 2009”

  1. After having two REALLY rough years previously I think 2009 turned out wonderful! I can only think of one or two goals that didn't get met, but that was out of a LOT of goals.

    Still, YAY for 2010. No longer will I be working so hard to pick up the pieces of two broken years, but now I will be moving forward in a new life. 🙂


  2. I definitely look back, but only so that I can make this one better and hopefully improve where I failed (failed is such a strong word…) last year.

    It sounds like you've had a full year. I hope, all-in-all, it was more good than bad for you!


  3. I can't imagine how scary it will be when my kids start dating. I'm glad to hear you like your daughter's boyfriend! 🙂

    As far as your question, 2009 came with its celebrations and disappointments. As a result of the disappointments, God hit me over the head and told me to write. That was definitely worth celebrating since I feel like I've finally rediscovered who He made me to be.


  4. There are too many things I would have done differently, but is given the chance I would probably have made the same mistakes. Sigh.

    The good things outweighed the bad- thankfully!

    Have a wonderful New Year!


  5. This past year was emotional, stretching, draining, exhilerating…I've never lived through a year quite like it.

    I'm looking forward to an exciting 2010!


  6. Hey, Sherrinda! I think I'm happy with the past year. There's really nothing I could have done differently. I've been “out of control” in it for a while. It's been cool to see where God led me!


  7. Is there a saying like We make plans and God laughs? There is always that nagging question of looking back and coulda, shoulda, woulda. Not much you can do except look forward and try to enjoy the adventure.


  8. This past year wasn't too bad for me. The good outweighed the bad. God is so good, patient, graceful and merciful with me, oh how I need that on a daily basis.
    I am looking forward to 2010 and digging in with my writing.


  9. This year has been really good, but I wish I had started writing way before September. *Sighs* But I'm glad I got the courage to start working on my book because without that I would have never started my blog or found my crit group.

    Hope 2010 is even better:)


  10. Great lists! Praying your house sells soon. Things will pick up after the New Year. God will provide! :O)


  11. My year had it's ups and downs for sure. I learned to trust God more and to wait for His timing and provision. I grew in faith and character – so the bad stuff wasn't wasted at all.

    However, I'm looking forward with great anticipation to the new year. I wonder what God has in store for me in the days ahead?


  12. Great post, Sherrinda. I'm posting a similar one on Friday. A brief look back, and then a longer look forward.

    I think you've accomplished a lot! Too bad about the house. That's a major pain. Awesome that your crit group is turning out so well. 🙂

    I have high hopes for 2010.

    And yes – we will pray for one another. I'm glad I'm not alone in my fear of revisions. 🙂


  13. I'll look forward to seeing your goals on Friday, and reading all of the others scattered about the blogosphere (I'm posting mine then too). I love resolutions, and the start of a new year… 🙂

    2009 was both incredibly stressful and productive for me. I'm hoping that in 2010, I can leave out most of the “stress” part, and just focus on the “productive”.


  14. 2009 was a great year for me. I don't think I have any regrets. (I have had years full of regrets, but not for a while).

    Sounds like it was good for you too! Congrats on finishing your 1st novel! That is an AWESOME accomplishment. You should be proud.


  15. Hi Sherrinda –

    Even though my temp job ended in July and I'm still out of work, 2009 beat out 2007 and 2008 by a mile.

    I'm glad there were more positive items on your list than negative. 🙂

    Blessings for 2010,


  16. WAY TO GO, Sherrinda.
    I'm so thankful for your husband's new job, your son's school, and even the…um…boyfriend 😉

    Supercongrats on finishing your novel. I hope the new year is filled with other firsts for you too…published? 😉

    I'm going to bite the bullet and post my 2009 recap tonight AND my writing goals for the New Year…sigh…ACFW is that the top of my list 🙂



  17. Sherrinda,
    Thanks for such a frank and poignant post.

    God has led me in such remarkable ways, and I am ever so grateful.

    My big prayer for 2010 is that I have MORE of Christ's LOVE for certain situations and certain folks.

    The black hole of selfishness tries to sneak into my universe and cloud His glory!

    Blessings, dear one!!



  18. Refelecting is good to do. Sounds like you've had quite a few significant changes this year.

    As for me, I met some of my goals and learned some good lessons. That was good enough for me.


  19. Happy New Year Sherrinda,

    Many thanks for visiting my blog and making such a kind comment about my Poem.

    Looking forward to following your blog this year coming!

    All the best for now,



  20. Sorry to hear about the difficulty with the church plant. We've been at a plant for three years–still not self-supporting (and having to meet at a weird time), but it's growing. I'm praying that a buyer for your house comes along soon. And what a blessing your husband found work nearby.

    Yay for you completing your book! It is a huge, huge, huge accomplishment, something many people dream of and few ever pour themselves in to. Wishing you all the best for 2010!


  21. I can make this one better and hopefully improve where I failed (failed is such a strong word…) last year.

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  22. I be working so hard to pick up the pieces of two broken years, but now I will be moving forward in a new life

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