Yes, it is Unplug Week in the Blogosphere and I am going to participate. No new blogs, no Twitter, *gasp* and no internet (well, maybe a little). I need to hunker down and edit, edit, edit.

Have a super week, full of productivity and JOY!

12 responses to “Unplugging”

  1. Hi Sherrinda,

    I've been composing an email in my mind to you this past weekend, ever since you wrote your comment on my blog last week in regards to your schedule. But I just haven't sat down to write it out!

    You are one very busy lady!! And I think you're wise to unplug from time to time. I was also wondering if maybe you should take the pressure off yourself during the weekdays to write/edit, and maybe just give yourself a couple of hours over the weekend? If you carve it out, schedule it into the calendar, and your family knows you'll be locking yourself away for those couple of hours, then maybe you can make a little progress.

    Also, I wonder if maybe your summers will be your biggest writing time. Maybe you can block out a few hours a day or set a daily word count then? Just a thought. But not everyone can write everyday. But with a little planning, maybe you can come up with a unique schedule that works for you. (i.e. write one book a summer and edit it during the school year on weekends?).

    Anyway, sorry for that long comment! But just wanted you to know that you were in my thoughts! Hang in there! 🙂


  2. I like Jody's comment, Sherrinda. Good advice.

    I hope you have a wonderful unplug week. 🙂


  3. No unplugging for me! I've been offline too much for the last month. Especially on Twitter!

    Still, I plan to take some time to watch a movie today. And catch up on some cleaning.

    Enjoy your editing!

    PS – I think Jody's idea of doing heavier writing in the summer might be something I'll try too.


  4. Hope you have a productive week. Looks like lots of people are doing this. I will be on my days off work.


  5. Hi Sherrinda –

    Hope you get a lot done.

    Susan 🙂


  6. *Waving*

    Goodbye. See you when you get back.



  7. Have a GREAT productive unplugged week, girlfriend!


  8. Have a great week, Sherrinda! I agree with Jody, by the way. Not everyone can write everyday. I don't. I can't. I haven't figured out my perfect schedule yet, but it seems to be evolving. Yours will too.


  9. Have fun editing! I've yet to be able to convince myself to take an unplugged week (I'm always cringing at the thought of all the piled up correspondence that will be waiting for me when I get back online), but lately it's been sounding pretty tempting!


  10. Unplug week? Isn't that like, sacreligious or something??? Ha. Well you have fun with that, and good luck. I'd be hyperventilating after an hour.


  11. Sherrinda, I'm glad to see you giving yourself a break. It's important to take care of ourselves. You give so much to so many, but there comes a time to relax and recharge. Hope that's what's happening for you this week.


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