When Plans Change

I expected to have such glorious news to share with you about all the editing I got done on my book, but alas…I have no such news.

I took the day off yesterday and was expecting to settle in a chair with my candles lit, coffee by my side, and my laptop in my…lap. Well, I had to leave the house by 9 a.m., because we were going to have a two hour showing of our house. A second look, which is pretty good news in itself. I was going to go to the library with my laptop and edit in the quiet, surrounded by books and the smell of paper.
I grabbed my cell phone on my way out and saw that I had missed a call. From work. Now, one of my best friends works with me, so I immediately called her back, thinking she needed something job related. Well, as it turns out, the other office worker could not come in due to her daughter having complications from her knee surgery. My friend told me not to come in, but in a school office as busy as ours is, I knew I could not leave her all alone.
So I went to work. I DID keep my jeans on though. And I stopped by Starbucks and got me a Skinny Caramel Macchiato. And then I stopped by Sonic and got me and my friend a Route 44 drink. Hey, if I was going to have to work, then I was going in comfy and caffeined up.
I had hoped to share something funny I’d found in my editing. Or at least something I was learning. Or maybe how many times I used the word thus or ’tis. (medieval “speak”) But alas, ’twas not to be.
On a happier note, my son shot two 3-point shots in his game yesterday. Those always make me so incredibly nervous. I find myself willing him NOT to shoot, because I think there is no way it is going in the hoop, but my goodness, my little six foot 8th grader swooshed it two times!
I will be editing this weekend, just so you know. I do hope to have some great progress to share with you Monday. I’m just glad I can be flexible and not be too stressed out about it.
Do you find when your plans change at the last minute, you get mad and/or frustrated? Or do you go with the flow? Do you pull out your cranky pants when you planned on writing, but life gets in the way?

24 responses to “When Plans Change”

  1. Unmet expectations….those are never fun to deal with.

    I wish I could say I just go with the flow, but I tend to get a little cranky about unexpected changes to plans, especially if they put a cramp in my writing.

    Congrats to your son!!


  2. I do try and go with the flow, but it depends on how hammered I've felt to that point. Sometimes I think it's okay to just break down occasionally and then go with the flow. Those expectation sure can get us into trouble!

    Two three pointers? Awesome! Ah, I haven't seen a good basketball game in so long. How fun!


  3. Life is unexpected. I just try to dance as fast as I can to keep up


  4. That stinks that you didn't get your day off! You ARE going to take the real day soon right?

    Yes, plans changing stinked. I moped a bit about my kids snow day on MY day off this week (3 kids under tow instead of one made for less done…) but now I'm totally feeling guilty because at least I HAD a day off!

    WOOHOO for your son! FUN stuff!


  5. I tend to not be near as calm and cool as you are if I am unable to complete what I wanted for the day. At times I beat myself up about it, but I should be a little more light hearted!!!

    At least you were a sweetheart and brought your friend a drink! Yay for wearing jeans!

    Awesome job for your son!!!


  6. Praying your weekend goes “as planned!” God bless!


  7. Oh, I have some cranky pants and they fit real well… o_O

    It's the worst when there are a few days in a row that life interferes, then I get really frustrated and it takes a lot to come back from it.

    Ah well. I hope you get a real day off soon!


  8. Busy, busy. Sounds like you had quite a day.

    Congrats to the 8th grader. WOW. Great job.

    And it depends on how much I have my heart set on doing something whether or not I get cranky about changed plans. Usually, I can go with the flow though.


  9. Oh bummer, Sherrinda! But it sounds like you handled the change in plans with much more grace than I would have! I'm pretty jealous of my writing time, so I get a little selfish when anyone tries to interfere with it!

    And I have the feeling your son is going to be a great b-ball player if he's already swishing 3 pointers in 8th grade! That's awesome!


  10. Good luck with revisions this weekend!

    I do get kind of cranky when people try to distract me from writing or revising when I'm already in process– or if my husband tries to get me to go to the mall on a frivolous trip that doesn't need to be made when I have a ton of work to do. But otherwise I'm pretty chill about it, I think.


  11. A curve ball here and there is almost a part of my daily routine! With kids nothing is certain.

    Glad to hear you met your challenges with grace.


  12. I definitely do! I'm unfortunately not a very easy-going person. I like to have everything scheduled and be more or less in control of things. Not always the best way to deal with life! 🙂



  13. Oh, I know how those days go. I usually adjust my goals and figure out a future day where I have extra time to do some catch-up.

    My Starbucks drink of choice is a skinny caramel macchiato too! Yum!


  14. Hey, Sherrinda! I try to go with the flow. But that can be hard sometimes! I hope this weekend is very productive for you writing-wise!


  15. Sorry you didn't get the day you wanted! I hope you get lots done this weekend =)


  16. I'm such a free spirit that changes don't usually affect me. However, when I went to Bible study two weeks ago and the projector didn't work for our Beth Moore DVD, my insides boiled. Had to think about calling a pastor, messing with technology (which I despise) tracking down the “old” TV/DVD. Have to just pray, pray, pray.

    Oh, LOVE those basketball players!!!


  17. Oh yeah, I can get cranky but I try really hard to control my bad mood. LOL Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Heh.

    You did such a nice thing by going in. 🙂 Who cares about editing? You did something much more important at the moment. 🙂 I h ope you get lots done this weekend!


  18. I've had to stop making plans, something almost always comes up. It's a joke in our house. I'll start talking about scheduling and kids or hubby will laugh at me because I jinx myself. You're such a sweetheart for thinking of your co-worker!


  19. As Scarlett would say, “Tomorrow is another day.” 🙂


  20. Hi Sherrinda –

    Your son must have been so excited!

    My whole week has been a series of interruptions. Since I feel worse when I get cranky, I try to stop it before it gets a hold on me. After all, why ruin the whole day?

    Susan 🙂


  21. I just go with the flow. Good luck with your editing and let us know how many times you used thus or tis.


  22. My life is full of interruptions! I am learning to have plans but most of all I'm learning to be FLEXIBLE!


  23. Great news about the three pointers. :] I'm getting better at having unexpected change, but I think that relates to my decision not to plan anything.


  24. Two three pointers? Awesome! Ah, I haven't seen a good basketball game in so long. How fun!

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