Sherrinda It Is

Is anyone having trouble seeing the title of my blog? It wasn’t showing up for Katie, so we shall see if it magicically appears today. If you can see it, what do you think?

I thought putting a poll on my blog would clearly show what title to use for my blog. Boy, was I wrong! If anything, I was more confused. All my cyber friends gave me so many things to think about and there were several great ideas.

Kristi, everyone seemed to like your idea and I thought it was very ketchy…er, catchy. But I decided not to use it for two reasons. One, I don’t know that I will use a pen name. I suppose I will wait to decide when I get some professional advice. Who knows…maybe my big ol’ name will be okay to use. And two, to make Ketch plural might be confusing. It would look like my name is Sherrinda Ketches. I’d hate to introduce myself and everyone go…”What? What do you catch?” Funny, huh?
So I decided to just go with Sherrinda with a tag line. I felt “Her Write of Passage” really spoke to my heart and symbolized where I was on this writing journey. Most rite of passages involve some kind of ritual ceremony that marks a person’s passage from one status to another. I feel like I have passed through another phase of my journey, having written a full length novel.

I know there will be other passages I will travel through and each one will mark yet another stage in this writing trek. I’ll celebrate each and every one, and invite everyone to party with me…cyber-style.

What passages have you gone through and how have you celebrated?

21 responses to “Sherrinda It Is”

  1. I like it, Sherrinda! Only your name isn't showing up on your blog for me. All I see at the top is “her write of passage” Hmmmm…is it just my computer, maybe??


  2. Ggrrrr. Not sure why it wasn't showing. I think I fixed it though. HTML is not my forte. 🙂


  3. I love it!! Looks great, too.
    Goodbye “wannabe”! 🙂

    I like “Write of Passage”–it's clever and really lets you know this blog will talk about your writing journey.


  4. I still can't see it… Only her write of passage is showing.

    WOOHOO! That was the one I voted for… LOL Love it, Sherrinda!


  5. I love your new title, Sherrinda! You are so clever. The title shows up fine on my computer.

    This new passage in your life will reap great rewards, I just know it.

    Love you,


  6. Good for you!

    I'm not seeing the header title, either. I missed it the other day, as well, but just assumed it was a one-time glitch. :/


  7. No wait, wait. There it is! 🙂 Looks great.


  8. Shows up just fine for me! And it's absolutely beautiful! I think simple is better so I like your choice!


  9. Weird…I can see your name when I go to Home, but I can't see it when I go to a specific blog post.
    I really like Write of Passage, too…but my favorite part is your name!


  10. I can see it fine – love the name. I think my write of passage came when my husband first called me a writer. What a milestone. I only celebrated in my heart, but knew I was going to make it.


  11. I like it! WOOHOOOO!!! Good for you!


  12. SHERRINDA, I LOVE it!!! OH, MYYYYY!!!!

    Rite of passage? At 55, finally liking the person inside my skin and accept her as God made her.

    Whew. Said it.

    Your blog is phenomenal.



  13. Beautiful new title Sherrinda! This marks a wonderful newness for you- praise Jesus.


  14. I love it! It fits perfectly!


  15. Hi Sherrinda –

    The new title is showing up. I like it!

    Susan 🙂


  16. Looks good and sounds great! You can be the next Oprah or Cher and only need to go by your first name….. :O)


  17. Thanks, friends! I like it too!

    And John!!! Is this the first time you've commented? I'm honored, sweetie. 🙂

    Jan, I love your milestone! There is something special about our loved one believing in what you do!

    Patti, I hear you, girl! What is it about age that gives us the courage to believe God and who He says we are? You are an amazing woman of God…and I thought you were younger than me! You look fabulous!!!


  18. I can see your name and the tag line … I love the tag line! 🙂


  19. I love the blog's new name! Very creative. 🙂

    Anyways, wanted to let you know that you received a Beautiful Blogger Award on my blog.

    God bless,



  20. Wonderful new blog name – love it! 🙂 Says “quiet confidence” to me…


  21. I'm SO glad you didn't go with my idea! :0) I love, love your title. How true it is for us to experience writing as a passage…in many ways.


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