Mary Rocks The Roots Of The Husband Tree!

Mary Connealy does it again. She takes humor, wit, hardship, a calloused female rancher, and a good looking cowboy, mixes them all together and whips out a fantastic read. Yep, she’s done it again.
Belle Tanner is in a pickle. Just having buried her third “worthless” husband, she needs to get her cattle to market before the snows hit or she will lose it all. She hires Silas Harden, a drifter running from his own problems, and the two, along with her passel of 4 children, go on an adventurous cattle drive. The hardest part for Belle is not the work, but the attraction she feels for her new hired hand. There’s no way she is going to get trapped in another marriage. Not this time. But God has other plans…
I love how Mary takes the hardened Belle and slowly brings her heart to a place she can trust Him for a worthy husband. I love how she uses Silas, a man not afraid to stand up to Belle, to show her that there are men who are not worthless and are man enough for her strong spirit.

There is fun and witty banter and the sparks fly as Belle and Silas have a hard time not kissing each other on the trail. Oooo-la-la, Mary can write romance!

I am definitely eager for the next installment of the Montana Series…Wildflower Bride. These are all keepers on my overflowing bookshelf!

Standing over her third no-account husband’s grave, Belle Tanner makes a vow–no more men. Now all she needs to do is get her cattle to market before winter sets in. But there’s no one around except the drifter Silas Harden, and Belle is such a poor judge of men that she can’t decide if he is worth hiring on.

Silas just escaped a shotgun wedding–only to lose his money, his ranch, and his pride. Although he’s determined never to get tangled up with womenfolk again, Belle and her four daughters seem to bring out the protector in him. And he can’t seem to stop kissing Belle senseless.
When a group of cowpokes, along with a white woman raised by the Shoshone, show up along the drive, Belle has her hands full. Can she keep her oldest daughter and Glowing Sun away from no-good cowhands–and herself out of Silas’s arms?

Will anyone get through this treachersous cattle drive unscated and unhitched?

You can purchase The Husband Tree HERE
You can read more about Mary Connealy and her books HERE.

12 responses to “Mary Rocks The Roots Of The Husband Tree!”

  1. Aw, that sounds so good! I'd like to read that. Maybe some day I will.



  2. This sounds like a good one. :O)


  3. Great review. And what a catchy title. Thanks!


  4. I love this book. I just finished it this week, and I think it's Mary's best yet. 🙂


  5. Hi Sherrinda –

    Thanks for the review. I haven't read Mary's books yet, but they're on my Wish List. I've heard lots of good things about them.

    Susan 🙂


  6. LOVED this book!! After Montana rose, I was so excited to read Belle's story. It was funny, I showed the book to hubby, and said, “Yeah, the husband tree is where she buries all her dead, worthless husbands.”

    Not sure HE appreciated Mary's book as much as me. LOL


  7. Love reading humor. Thanks for the review.


  8. GREAT book! Hilarious author. Anything you pick up by her ends in a wonderful adventure.
    I'm definitely a Connealy fan.
    Wildflower Bride is out soon.


  9. This is one I want to read. Sounds like a good take your mind off of life book.


  10. Sherrinda, I LOVE the new title of your blog! Good for you! Thanks for showcasing Mary's latest, too!


  11. Sherrinda, so good to “chat!”
    Boy, Mary's books are popular!
    I LOVED the way you posted this.



  12. I wonder what made the husbands so worthless. Now I guess I'll have to read it to find out. Thanks for the post.


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