The Substitute Bride by Janet Dean

I love mail-order bride stories and Janet’s book, The Substitute Bride, doesn’t disappoint! Take a priviledged woman on the run,a mail-order bride with cold feet, and a husband who wants a farm wife with some affection, and you get a story full of conflict!

Fleeing an arranged marriage, debutante Elizabeth Manning exchanges places with a mail-order bride bound for New Harmony, Iowa. Life on the frontier can’t be worse than forced wedlock to pay her father’s gambling debts. But Ted Logan’s rustic lifestyle and rambunctious children proved to be more of a challenge than Elizabeth expects. She doesn’t know how to be a mother or a wife. She doesn’t even know how to tell Ted the truth about her past–especially as her feelings for him gorw. Little does she know, Ted’s hiding secrets of his own, and when their pasts collide, there’s more than one heart at stake.

I really liked this book and the way Janet weaved in conflict through Elizabeth and Ted’s building relationship. Ted is a strong and likeable hero and really drew me in. His care over Elizabeth and his obvious interest in her kept me turning the page! And I must say, the romantic kitchen scene was yummy! 😉

If you like sweet historical love stories, you will love this one! Janet has provided a GREAT read, full of romance and heartfelt love!

To learn more about Janet Dean and her books, go HERE.
To purchase The Substitute Bride, go HERE.

10 responses to “The Substitute Bride by Janet Dean”

  1. Sounds like an good book! Thanks for the recommendation Sherrinda.


  2. OHHHH, a romantic kitchen scene… my interest is caught:-)


  3. LOL. I love those stories too. What is it in us that loves a conflicted marriage pairing?


  4. My copy of this book is winging its way toward me from Amazon right now. 🙂 I can't wait to read it.


  5. Janet is a great writer. And you are a great blogger.



  6. Hi ladies! Thanks for stopping by! I've gotten to read so many good books lately…Spring Break, you know…I've been wanting to share how good they are. 🙂


  7. Thanks for the heads up this looks like a good book!


  8. Thanks for the review. This sounds like an interesting book.

    Susan 🙂


  9. Hi Sherrinda,

    Thanks for your lovely praise for The Substitute Bride! I enjoy mail-order bride and fish-out-of-water stories so this was a fun book to write!

    Blessings, Janet


  10. I agree with everyone else. Sounds good.


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