eReaders Galore!

 I have green envy running through my veins and it is causing a craving like never before. I want an eReader. Which one, you say? Well, I don’t know. I’m having trouble deciding. I was going to do a side by side comparison between several, but found some comparison charts that were simple to read. If you want more information you can go HERE.

If you have an iPhone, you can get apps to download books, but to me the screen might be to small for my aging eyes. Plus, I don’t have an iPhone. (Another green monster item!)

So who all has an eReader? Do you love it? Do you want one? Do you have plans for getting one? If so, which one and why?

25 responses to “eReaders Galore!”

  1. I read on my iPhone and love it. I adjust the font so it's big, so I do have to turn pages a lot, but it becomes a rhythm. I can hold it in one hand and I always have books–lots of books, too many books–on hand.

    We actually got refurbished iPhones, so the device wasn't so expensive, but the service plan is.


  2. Don't have an eReader or iPhone. Like you, I think it would be cool to have these devices. I covet electronics. Was looking at Barnes and Noble's Nook. The price tag is keeping things at bay. Will wait a year or two and hopefully, they will come down in price.


  3. SQUEE!! After doing research, I'm getting a Kindle 2!! I'm so excited. The think I don't like about iPad is that it has backlighting and since I'm just using this mainly for reading, that would hurt my eyes. Plus, it's UBER expensive and too fancy for what I'm looking for….a simple ereader.


  4. I really don't. I think I would have to hold one in my hands and use it before I changed my mind.


  5. I don't have one, but everyone I know who does, loves it.

    Do they have a model that smells like a book? That's the one I'll buy!


  6. I havent' been ready to buy one of these yet but I really like your chart! I think I like the IPad better just because it looks cooler to me than the Kindle! But that's not set in stone since I have never held one yet. Can't judge a book by it's cover!


  7. Sigh. I just can't migrate to digital when I love the feel of a solid book in my hands. 🙂


  8. I too love the feel of the book in my hands and the turn of the page. That said, part of me is in love with the Apple Ipad. You can 'turn' pages on it and it is a larger screen. It would be easier for travel as well.


  9. My biggest reason for not getting an ereader is the fact that I do a lot of my reading in the bathtub. Sounds crazy, but right now, it wouldn't work for me.


  10. If I were in the market for a reader, I'd go for the iPad because it's so much more than just a reader. Since I prefer a traditional book, I don't see myself getting an iPad anytime soon though. My biggest concern is the small screen. Since I've reached the age where life seems to consist of fine print everywhere, I fear my aging eyes would tire easily.


  11. I have a Kindle! Love it! I can emphasize my love enough!

    My husband wants one to because you can use it to download Word documents- like his sermons.

    We bought our Pastor one and he never leaves home without it, even uses it while he's preaching!


  12. Oops- we have the Kindle 2. Go it it Sherrinda. You won't be sorry.


  13. Hi Sherrinda –

    I'm curious about the ereaders, but the last thing I want is another electronic nightmare. What happens if you drop this wonder? Do all your books go, “poof,” into cyberspace?

    I love real books. I don't need to carry 1500 books wherever I go.

    Susan 🙂


  14. I have a nook and love it. When you have over 500 books in your room, you've got to save some room so I buy most of my books with my ereader and then the books I really love or excited for, I buy in hardback. I like how the nook integrates the touchscreen and grayscale screen so I get the nifty color screen but don't have to hurt my eyes as I read. The screen does really look like an actual paper page.


  15. I don't have one yet, but the more I hear about them, the more green I get!


  16. I plan on buying an Entourage Edge e-reader as soon as my tax refund gets in!!! 🙂

    I've tried reading books on my iPhone, and it's really hard. It's also made me sure that I'm one of those people who need e-ink, not a backlit screen for reading. I am only 28 and have pretty good vision, but the backlit screen really hurts even my eyes.


  17. I don't have an ereader, and at the moment don't have any plans to get one. There's the cost, and there's the fact that I just don't know how much I would use it.

    And I'd like to give it a little more time, so that they aren't coming out with new and improved models every few weeks that will make whatever I buy obsolete too quickly.


  18. I read ebooks on my PDA (Palm) – it's a small screen, but I'm okay with that. I like backlighting because I often find myself in less than ideal light for reading.

    I'll get an ereader eventually – but none of them meet my needs just yet. I want backlighting, a size that is smaller than kindle or nook, but slightly larger than my PDA (purse size), an SD card slot, and requires no proprietary software to read with. I'll hold out until all that is available. My PDA works for now. 🙂

    Good luck – new tech toys are so fun!


  19. No, I don't have an eReader. Not sure if I'll get one anytime soon. I just love the feel of an actual book.


  20. One of the things I love is that I can adjust the font, which is wonderful. And most of the places I buy books keep your books on a digital bookshelf. I presume if anything happened to my phone, I could download the books again to another device.


  21. How FUNNNN!!!
    Love Jeanette's comment about them needing to smell like a book.

    Sigh. Not in the budget when a China trip calls…

    One day…maybe.
    Until then, I am pretty happy with the books the way they are!!!


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  23. MJ, I've heard the plan was expensive for the iphone, but I've never researched it. I think it would be GREAT though!

    CJ, I know what you mean. The price is…gulp…steep! I wonder how low the price will go in the next year or so.

    Katie!!! Yay!!! My niece has the Kindle2 and LOVES it! When are you getting yours?

    Nisa, I was like you until I held a Kindle2. It was then I realized how cool and how handy it could be.

    Jeanette! You are too funny! I bet if they could incorporate the book smell, they would have sales skyrocketing! You are hilarious!

    Lynn, I know! The iPad can do soooo much! It's bigger than the Kindle, but I don't really know if it really matters. I wonder if you can rent them somewhere to “test” them out!?

    Jaime, it is coming, girl! I love the feel and smell of books, but digital coming and coming strong.

    Charity, so do you have an iPad??? Did you stand in line a long time? 😉

    Julie, lololol, you crack me up! No eReader because of a bathtub! Ha! You could take a quick shower then have time to read in bed. 🙂

    Keli, I like the feel books too…and the smell! Like you, the iPad would be great because of all you can do with it. As for the print, you can adjust the font to make it really, really large. Of course you have to flip the pages more often, but you wouldn't have to squint.

    Tamika!!! You bought your pastor one?!? Wow! I cannot imagine! God bless you, girl! It seems like everyone who has one LOVES them. Some day I will LOVE mine. 🙂

    Susan, I would think that you could access all the books you bought through any Kindle app…whether on your PC, Kindle, iPhone, etc. It “stores” it.

    Nicole, I have leaned toward the Nook for some reason. It looks cooler to me. 😉

    Jody, I know what you mean! I'm watching a commercial on TV right for an iPad. It looks soooo cool.

    Beth, I'm like you, the backlight would hurt my eyes. I've never heard of the Entourage…but I'm gonna google it!

    Erica, yep, you are spot one, I think. I wonder how long it will take to get these gadgets down pat? They will always be changing though…just like Windows always upgrades every year or so. 😦

    Jaime, your Palm, huh? I haven't heard that one yet. Your list of requirements will probably happen sooner than you think!

    Melissa, no eReader? I bet some day…somehow…you will. 🙂 Change is coming.

    MJ!!! Yes! I think that is one of the best features on an eReader! With my aging eyes, I might not have to use reading glasses with an eReader!!!! 🙂

    Patti! hhhhmmm, China or eReader…okay, I'd go with China! 🙂 You will be selling enough books to get you an eReader soon, I'm sure!

    Julie…I emailed you! Thanks for stopping by.


  24. For 2 iPhones and my teenager's phone, we pay about $180, which is about $50 more than we were paying pre-iPhone.


  25. I always have books–lots of books, too many books–on hand.
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