Winter’s End by Ruth Logan Herne

What appropriate timing to read Winter’s End at a time when the pollen count is rising and my nose is itchy! 🙂

Oh my, this was a great book. Ruth Logan Jones has written a beautiful romance with the serious issues of foster care and the ailing health of a loved one. She delves into hospice care and the different stages of feelings that go along with that. Not an easy topic, but Ruth has a way of bringing the reader deep within the heart of the hero, making you ache for him.

I was drawn to Kayla, the hospice nurse who takes care of Marc DeHollander’s dying father. She is strong and has a caring heart that eases the journey of the families whose loved one is dying. And Marc…sigh…I love a tough guy who struggles with his emotions. I love the vulnerability Ruth brings to the hero and his obvious love for his father.

Oh, and don’t forget the EXCELLENT romantic tension! Goodness, the sparks fly between Kayla and Marc and kept me turning the pages! Sigh….I love conflict. 🙂

Here’s the back cover:
After growing up in foster care, nurse Kayla Doherty’s finally found a faith to rely on and a job she loves. But that’s all put to the test when she’s called to care for surly Marc DeHollander’s dying father. Marc’s struggling to keep his cattle farm afloat while dealing with his father’s illness. He doesn’t have time to fall for the beautiful hospice nurse. But as the frigid New York winter turns to spring, can he find a place for Kayla–and the Lord–in his heart?

You’ll love this heartwarming book!

You can learn more about Ruth Logan Herne HERE.
You can purchase Winter’s End HERE.

13 responses to “Winter’s End by Ruth Logan Herne”

  1. Awesome. Thanks for letting us know about the book. I only wish it was winter's end here. We are just starting into that season. Sigh.


  2. Hey, girlfriend, thank you so much for the nice shoutout!!!!

    I'm humbled and honored, but I'll admit to loving this story as well. I really wanted to do justice to my mom's hospice care before she passed away from lung cancer years ago, AND….

    I'm a huge fan of kids who grow up to embrace life despite childhood hardships. I rooted for Kayla and Marc from the beginning, too!!!!


    Sherrinda, thanks for taking the time and blog space to do this. I'm grateful.

    Hugs to you!



  3. Great review, Sherrinda! This sounds like a great book for my vacation coming up.


  4. That cover is amazing for this time of year, huh?

    LOVE romance writers who thread real issues through the manuscript.



  5. I love a good romance! Thanx for telling us about this one. I love the cover!


  6. Sherrinda, this is the book I'm currently reading. Ruthy knows how to tell a great story, doesn't she? I'm close to the end and can't wait to find out how things turn out.


  7. Thanks for the introduction to this story.


  8. FABULOUS book. Easily one of the best Steeple Hill books I've ever read.
    Go, Ruthy.
    Go, Sherrinda.

    Oh Keli,
    I know you're going to LOVE it. Great ending.


  9. It sounds heartwrenching, which I normally love in fiction. Wow!

    I have to admit… I first thought the title was Writer's End. 😉


  10. Tabitha, it got up to 80 here in Texas. 🙂 I'm loving the warmer weather!

    Ruth!!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by! Your book was so heartfelt and as one who has watched hospice care take care of grandparents, you paid them tribute they deserve. Angels on earth, they are. I can't wait to get my hands on your next one!!!

    Heather, you would love this one for a vacation read. Where ya going?

    Patti, you are right, real issues are a great touch in a book. Makes you think, doesn't it?

    T Anne, isn't the cover pretty?! Makes me want to go to Colorado for a week!

    Keli, you will love it! Ruth is a superb storyteller!

    Tara, you are welcome. It was all my pleasure!

    Pepper, thanks, friend! I really, really enjoyed this one!

    Janna, how funny! I don't know about you, but my Writer's End would be a BIG book! 😉 But seriously, WINTER's End is awesome!


  11. Hi Sherrinda –

    Thanks for the review. This sounds like a wonderful book with some situations not usually covered in fiction.

    Susan 🙂


  12. What a great review! Go Ruthy!!!

    Did you realize you called her Jones in your post though? Is that her name or was it a typo? :-p


  13. I loved this book, too! In fact, I sent an email to Ruthy after I read it, telling her what a great job she did. I don't do that with every book I read, but this one was outstanding.


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