A Tale of Titus

I’m a new momma of the cutest little mini dachshund that we call Titus. Big T. We been thinking about getting a puppy for a year and when some friends said they were going to have a litter, we decided to claim one. My daughter had one picked out since they were born and that is the one we brought home.

Did I mention that I am sleepy this morning? Poor little thing misses his family and cried off and on all night. He did better than I thought he would and only cried every two hours, but goodness, I’m not used to that. It’s been 14 years since I had that going on!

He is adorable and playful and loves to chase his tail. He pounces and runs into things and shake toys. Did I mention he chews on everything? Yes, he does. And I find it adorable. At least right now.

Hopefully he will adjust and I keep my sanity as we house train him. Any tips on that? Please? Anyone?

18 responses to “A Tale of Titus”

  1. My tip is that it really does get easier! I remember when we first brought Bubba home….the little bugger would play tug-a-war with my ponytail any time I tried to do situps and he chewed apart our brand new recliner. Ah…memories.

    They become such a part of the family, though! And Titus is 100% adorable!!


  2. How sweet!!! I have zero tips… i was horrible at housetraining our dog! lol!

    BUt… YOU can do it!!! And give that sweet little puppy a hug for me!


  3. Ooooohhh! What a cutie!!! I want one. 🙂

    I have a chihuhua and we let her sleep in the bed with us. She is just so little. I can't let her sleep alone now can I!


  4. Oh, he's so cute! Looks like a stuffed toy.


  5. Titus is SOOOOO adorable. Makes me want a puppy.


  6. He is the cutest little thing!!! Aw! 🙂



  7. Oh, I LOVE Titus! Jealousy strikes.

    I LOVE the Monks of Skete books on training dogs and think they totally work.

    We always use a crate…

    Blessings and ENJOY!!!!



  8. There's nothing like a new baby in the house! Time is all you need, and a nap. Sweet puppy.


  9. My husband is a cat person, and I've been completely converted. However, when I was growing up we had dogs. My dog was a regular doxie, and I loved him like crazy. Alex was my pal and met me every day when I got home from school, his tail wagging and his too-big belly dragging. I don't remember his puppy days since we got him some, um, 40 years ago, so I'm no help on puppy tips though.


  10. What a cutie! Post regular pictures so we can watch him grow up. 🙂


  11. Oh, wow! We're looking at golden retrievers, and I'm so nervous to bring a puppy into the home.


  12. What an adorable little guy!! So sweet…

    Congratulations! 🙂


  13. He's so cute, and you picked a great name!

    Sorry, no tips. When I had animals, they were of the feline variety. 🙂



  14. Good luck with your adorable puppy.
    Something warm and soft in his cage might help.
    A hot water bottle?
    Not sure.
    Our dog loved his cage and got into it every night at bed time with his fave toys and pillow.
    Currently we don't have a dog and I'm thinking we'll not get one.
    We like to travel as we're retired and puppies as you know require lots of TLC.
    Blessings to you and Titus.


  15. OMGoodness! He looks like a tiny stuffed animal! He's adorable!! And good luck. That's all I can say about having a puppy. They're cute and all. But boy am I glad ours is out of the puppy stage! Have Fu-un! (Mwa-ha-ha!) 😉


  16. Adorable! I recommend Pee Pee Pads, and a schedule. He is so cute!!!


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