Goals For Summer

Yesterday was my last full day of work until the beginning of August. I’ve been ready. I’ve been waiting, impatiently. It’s true that I don’t have the full summer off since I am working Summer School in June, but I will only work 4 days a week, and 1/2 days at that. I will have time to write and edit.

And I am so excited!

But first things first…I must…I MUST…get my house under control. You know what happens when life is so crazy busy you can’t see straight. Everything gets out of control. So I’ve got some goals…and here they are:

1. Today I will clean like a maniac, buy groceries, and whittle down my mountain of laundry. (just to get some semblance of order and not get called by the Health Department)
2. I will daily keep my house in order, so that I don’t get buried again.
3. I will pack one…maybe two boxes a day. (I am going to be moving sometime..not sure when, but I hope it is sooner rather than later.)
4. I will edit at least TWO chapters a day.
5. I will begin gathering info on my characters for my new writing project. (I love this part!)

So, there you have it. A balance of housework and writing. Hopefully, I can keep it balanced. Muuwahahaha!

What are your goals for the summer, writing or personal? How do you keep balanced?

For a great post on balancing the writing life, visit The Writer’s Alley, where Krista Phillips gives a hilarious look at the unbalanced writing life. You will love it!

21 responses to “Goals For Summer”

  1. You're gonna be a busy bee! But I love a good house-cleaning day. It's kinda therapuetic. 🙂

    Summer is more hectic–writing wise but I do what I can and try not to beat myself up about it too much until fall. LOL


  2. I'd love to finish my current WIP, but that may be too high of an expectation or goal. My personal goal is to spend some time camping with my granddaughters. My writing goal would be to submit two articles and get at least 500 words a day for 3 days a week.
    Sounds like you are on track. Have a great summer “off”.


  3. Great goals, Sherrinda! Add a husband, graduated high school senior, a cat and 2 dogs and my list looks similar to yours. One of my top goals is to finish 14 devotion entries for my series by July 5th (my husband's b-day)! Have a blessed & balanced weekend!


  4. My first priority will be watching my kids and having summer fun with them. :O)

    Hope you get all your work done!


  5. You're reminding me that I need to do laundry, LOL.

    I'm expecting some crits back soon, so I guess I'll be writing, and then resubmit my revisions to an agent. So I guess I'll spend most of my summer waiting. 😉

    Enjoy your summer!


  6. Sounds like you have the chance to catch your breath for a bit – very cool. 🙂 I'm looking forward to taking a week off sometime this summer to catch up on some household things that need to get done.

    Summers are busy for us, since we have to add yardwork and the more frequent family activities to our already busy schedule. I find it far harder to balance things in the summer – seems like I can either do yard stuff or house stuff around work, but not both. Somehow we muddle through though. 😉

    Enjoy your catch up time!


  7. Wow, you're going to be busy. Those are great, attainable goals, though.

    I am to that point where I need to seriously sit down and figure out my path. So…I don't have my goal list but I know two big things are polishing a manuscript and preparing a pitch for the ACFW conference, and getting the house in order so I can start the school year off organized.


  8. It is a blessing to have time off, even if it is to get laundry done:) My goals this summer are to keep the vegetable garden somewhat weed free, a bit of cleaning, and to do oodles of writing.
    Have a lovely weekend,


  9. Those sound like busy but ATTAINABLE goals. I always set goals that are way too ridiculous, thinking it sounds like a good idea at the time…

    For the summer (and here come the ridiculous ideas), I'd like to finish editing 2 manuscripts, complete writing my novella, and partially finish a second non-fiction ebook. And keep a clean house in the process.

    Or, maybe I'll just crawl under a rock and eat ice cream all day. Hey, at least I'd be happy! LOL


  10. I'm impressed with your editing goal!!! I plan on continuing a light edit for my last WIP and starting a new one. God help me.


  11. Jennifer, I love a clean house and yes, it is very therapeutic! I just wish I had the energy to keep it that way! I know summer is hectic for families with smaller children. My two youngest are going to both be in HS this next year, so they really take care of themselves. 🙂

    Oh Jan!!! How wonderful to camp with your granddaughters! That is a wonderful goal! And your writing goals sound very attainable.

    Maria, oh goodness, you sound as busy as me! Fourteen devotionals sounds doable. One a day with weekends off! 🙂 You can do it!!

    Diane, I love having the kids home for summer. There is something “homey” about having my family around me. Enjoy them!

    Tere, waiting is HARD!! I don't envy you at all! But getting crits back and tackling revisions will keep you plenty busy, I'm sure!

    Jaime, since I have a housefull of boys, I have never done much yardwork. I wish I had a garden, but in reality, I wouldn't have the time or energy to take care of it. I'm sure you can get a good balance in all you need to do. 🙂

    Cindy!!! I'm envious you get to go to ACFW conference! One of these days I will go and get to meet all you wonderful writer friends!!!! Have fun getting ready!

    Karen, I want a garden!!! I am sure I wouldn't be able to keep anything alive, but it sure sounds wonderful! lol Have fun writing!

    Wow, Faith, you ARE ambitious! lol Let me know where your rock is, and I'll bring some ice cream and party with you!

    T.Anne, have fun editing and have even more fun beginning a NEW one! I love the thought of starting a new one. 🙂


  12. You've got a great list of goals. I know that I can't even think about being creative if the house is a disaster. Unfortunately, I've got younger kiddos and they're all actively destroying the house all day. When they're not fighting. Sigh.

    My summer goals are to write one new chapter a week, revise/send one chapter to my crit groups each week, and keep up with my blogs. In addition to summer activities like baseball games and the swimming pool.


  13. I so need to get my house in order! I looked up this morning and noticed I have red berries and greenery left over from Christmas sticking out of my urns on my fireplace. Eegads!


  14. Candee, I LOVE your goal! That's totally doable, right? I wish I could start something new…but alas, I must…I MUST…finish editing. Bleh.

    Heather,lololol….now that is funny! I do things like that all the time! Seriously, I'm soooo…scattered. 🙂


  15. Those sound like excellent goals. A clean house and plenty of time to write sounds wonderful.


  16. Hi Sherrinda –

    Whew! You have a long list.

    I'm working on edits from my Genesis Contest feedback and also on Book 2. I'd like to make progress on Book 3.

    My vegetable garden and house will take a chunk of my time. With rough winters, we need to do projects in spring, summer, and fall.

    Susan 🙂


  17. You are inspirational! Wish I could accomplish that much. I think my husband thinks I'm crazy when I tell him I have to clean the house before I can do work, but sometimes you just have to have a clean house before you can have a clear mind. Here's hoping you accomplish all you've set out to do and more!


  18. My big goal is to finish the rough draft of novel number five. (did I tell you how much I hate referring to it as this?)

    Good luck with the revising and editing!!


  19. Those housecleaning days are so tiring, but it always feels great to sit down and smell the Pine Sol, doesn't it? 🙂

    My main goal for the next two months is to rest and enjoy the new baby that's due to arrive next week. Then I'm going to work on editing my m/s based on the professional critique I'm supposed to get back in July. Then it'll be time for ACFW conference prep.


  20. Hi Sherrinda, sounds like me, gotta get things under control. My laundry is starting to take on a life of its own. Balancing the writing life with family life is a big challenge. I'm going to pop on over to Writer's Alley.

    Blessings in your endeavors,


  21. Girl, you sound SERIOUS!!! So glad to be back with you. Maybe some of your ambition, like a busy bee's pollen, will rub off on me!!!

    Love you, girl!


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