Renewal and Just Being

My family comes home today. My husband taught at a youth summer camp this week and my two teens still at home went to attend that same camp. So it’s been me and Titus. All alone. In a really big house.

I have to say I loved my time alone. It is so rare to have extended time all alone and I relished the time to relax– not cook, not clean…except for the pee and poop that my puppy kept leaving all over my floor. Seriously, how can a puppy do his business outside and then 5 minutes after we come in, he does it again inside? I mean, really. It’s just soooo not nice.

I know you will be shocked to hear that I didn’t edit the whole time. I did some, but not like I should have. I took the time to read and to watch some movies. I spent time with a friend. I took walks with my puppy. I started a Beth Moore Bible study.

I just enjoyed the quiet. I just reveled in the solitude. I got to think. I got to daydream. I got to renew.

So as my family drives in today, I plan on enjoy the roar that is my family. I will listen to the chatter and be filled with the joy that my family brings to me. I will…hopefully…be a mom and wife who is rested and ready to serve her family.

May you have a blessed weekend filled with the joy of the Lord as you spend time with your family and with HIM at your worship gatherings.

11 responses to “Renewal and Just Being”

  1. Sometimes, it's good to just relax and take a breather 🙂


  2. Just love the pic of your puppy! So cute!

    Isn't it wonderful to be in “time out”! Enjoy the renewal of family and be blessed always!


  3. I love that pic. Relaxing time is a necessity. Glad you enjoyed yours.


  4. You have to recharge. If your batteries are low, how can you have energy to give to others? Your week sounds perfect. And the puppy gifts? Maybe to remind you, that shift happens and needs to be cleaned up. (-;


  5. What a lovely way to spend your week! Renewing is just as important as writing. Our pastor took a four-week sabbatical and came back refreshed and on fire with terrific new sermons.

    The Bible tells us to be still.

    I admit to being a tiny bit jealous… 🙂


  6. Ahh. I bet the peace and quiet was nice, but having the family back will be just as rewarding. Enjoy!


  7. Sherrinda, I can TOTALLY relate to this post!
    I CHERISH my time alone!!!
    Thoughts hammer my mind, unfettered by worrying about this chore or that.

    But homecoming tis so sweet as well…

    Amazing place, girl. You go!


  8. Even though writing is so much fun, it can become a lot like a job. You need time to relax and renew even from that. Watching movies and reading are great for that. They entertain and spark creativity–how great you took some time for yourself 🙂

    Have a blessed weekend!


  9. Mia, I think breathers a very much needed…on a continual basis! 🙂

    Donna, lol, that is not my puppy! I have a miniature dachshund. I don't think my husband would have allow a dog THAT big into the house!

    Thanks Tabitha! I like that pic too!

    Lisa, normally I would be jealous of me! This is very rare!!! But it has been so nice and very much needed.

    Linda, I plan on enjoying everyone as soon as they walk in the door!!!

    CJ, great analogy with the batteries. We can help anyone if we can't help ourselves.

    Patti! Unfettered…I love that word! It was been a blessed time!

    Cindy, you are right! Editing has turned out to NOT be my favorite part of writing and so it really has been a chore. But I am ready to dig in and get it done.


  10. I hope you're enjoying the roar since they've returned! Glad you were able to rejuvinate. 🙂


  11. I think I've only been in my house one time with no kids home…it was bliss. 🙂
    I hope your reunion was joyful!


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