Wildflower Bride by Mary Connealy

Mary’s done it again with Wildflower Bride. Ever funny, she continues the story of Wade Sawyer, who used to be a mean, obsessive villain in book one of the Montana Marriages book and transformed into a decent God-fearing man in book two.

This story is about Wade and the woman he loves, Glowing Sun (who he met in book 2). Mary goes deep into the emotional feelings of Wade and Glowing Sun. Wade must return to his home and face his abusive father. He must come to terms with that abuse and his relationship with his father. Though white herself, Glowing Sun must deal with feelings of betrayal by white men because of the slaughter of her adoptive people.

Of course, there was the fun that Mary brings, but I thought this one had a lot of depth to it. Some was heart wrenching to read, but Mary brings Wade and Glowing Sun’s journey to a satisfying conclusion.

You will love this addition to Mary’s long line of fabulous books!

About the book:

Glowing Sun, a white woman raised by the Flathead tribe, has never met a man she didn’t want to pull a knife on, including the man who’s determined to marry her.
Glowing Sun has vague memories of her former life, including a name—Abby Lind. When she’s forced to sever all links with her adopted Indian family, Abby wonders if she’ll ever find a home again.
Tenderhearted Wade Sawyer, responsible for Abby’s survival during the village massacre, convinces the knife-wielding woman to return with him to the Sawyer Ranch, never realizing danger lurks behind every corner. Can they survive long enough to fall in love?

8 responses to “Wildflower Bride by Mary Connealy”

  1. I read Wildflower Bride last week. I loved the other books in the series, but I wasn't sure about this one at first. Wade was kind of awful in Montana Rose. I wasn't sure if Mary Connealy could make him likeable or not. But what am I saying? Mary has enough talent to make even the worst villain likeable 😉

    I really connected with both Wade and Abby. I understood Wade's need to be strong and to escape his past. I also understood Abby's struggle to forgive and find a place in her new, confusing world.

    I thought Wildflower Bride was a bit more deep than the others, too. Maybe because it dealt with some heavier issues. I don't know. But I loved the book, either way 😉


  2. I'm glad she transformed Wade! I thought she did a great job in the first story of showing that Wade wasn't completely awful (his moments of doubt, etc). He'd be an interesting hero and I'm not surprised she pulled this off. 🙂 Thanks for the review!


  3. Thanks for spotlighting a WONDERFUL writer and fellow writer of Natasha's “stable.”

    (Hope N. doesn't find this. She HATES that term.)



  4. Thanks for the review. I haven't read this and will need to check it out.


  5. I can't wait to read this book! Mary and I are supposed to be doing a book signing later this summer together, and I'm holding off getting my copy until then so I can get it signed. 🙂


  6. The book sounds good. I think I'm going to have to check out this series. Thanks for the review!


  7. I haven't read either book, but I think I will need to pick them up.


  8. If you haven't read this book, you will really enjoy this one. All of Mary's books are wonderful and one's you want to keep on your shelves. 🙂


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