Highland Blessings by Jennifer Hudson Taylor

I absolutely loved Highland Blessings! Jennifer Hudson Taylor swept me away in a time period I love and a setting I adore! Medieval Scotland. Lush, untamed land, coupled with courageous, braw lairds of the clan…well, I practically swooned in several of the scenes.

Scotland in the 1400’s was a time of feuds between clans. Jennifer takes us on a journey of two clans attempting to make peace at the expense of a young womans freedom. I loved that the heroine was a feisty woman, strong and secure in her beliefs. I loved the hero, who was all that a medieval warrior should be, yet with a gentle heart that could treasure a woman as strong of will as the heroine was. Their story has twists and turns, and is a great, compelling read.

This is the kind of book I would love to write! I love the setting, the time period, the characters, the plot twists…everything! Jennifer has a great handle on the era and the details of setting. She transports you to a breathtaking place of love and danger. You will love this book!

Scotland, 1473. Highland warrior Bryce MacPhearson kidnaps Akira MacKenzie on her wedding day to honor a promise he made to his dying father. When he forces Akira to wed him, hoping to end a half-century-old feud between their clans, she struggles to overcome her anger and resentment. Her strength in the Lord becomes a witness to Bryce. She learns to forgive, and he begins to trust. How will God turn a simple promise into bountiful Highland Blessings, when there is a traitor in their midst and murder is the ultimate weapon?

You can find out more about Highland Blessings and purchase it HERE.

9 responses to “Highland Blessings by Jennifer Hudson Taylor”

  1. Eeek! Sounds amazing!!! So many good books, so little time…


  2. You almost swooned?! Oh, now I've got to read this book. I love those stories that make me all pea green with jealousy because they're written so masterfully. Thanks for the recommendation!


  3. Hi Sherrinda –

    Ooo, this sounds like a great book. I'm adding it to my Wish List.

    Thanks for a thorough and interesting review.

    Susan 🙂


  4. Sounds great and your review. :O)


  5. Sherrinda, Thank you for reading and reviewing Highland Blessings!

    I hope you all get a chance to read it and enjoy it!


  6. What a great review. Thanks, Sherrinda!!!


  7. Medieval Scotland – I'm *so* there! You had me from the word “Highland.” 😉


  8. I'm sorry I am just now commenting, but I was on vacation!!! I hope you all get a chance to read Highland Blessings. It is a great read!


  9. Hope you vacation was great! Missin' you!!!


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