Ransome’s Crossing by Kaye Dacus: Review & Giveaway!

Ransome’s Crossing by Kaye Dacus is the second book in The Ransome Trilogy. I took it with me on my vacation to Colorado and loved it! I hadn’t read the first book so I wondered if I would have a hard time jumping into it, but there was no problem. Kaye seemlessly wove in information from the previous book so that you knew what was going on.

Here’s the back cover copy:

In order to get to her secret fiance in jamaica, Charlotte Ransome must disguise herself as Charles Lott, a midshipman who joins the crew of one of the ships in a convoy led by her brother-Commodore William Ransome. Unknown to her, First Lieutenant Ned Cochrane, also in Ransome’s convoy, has set his heart on Charlotte after meeting her briefly in Portsmouth. But because he is about to leave for a year of duty in the Caribbean, he despairs of finding her unmarried when he returns home.

During the transatlantic journey, an attack on the conveoy throws Ned and “Midshipman Lott” together. Through unsure as to whether he should let Charlotte know he sees through her ruse, Ned decides to keep her secret…and hopes to eventually win her love. However, Charlotte soon discovers that losing her heart to the handsome lieutenant is not the only danger she faces on this Atlantic crossing.

My thoughts:

What I loved about this book is the adventurous spirit of Charlotte. She is one tough gal who is courageous enough to risk her reputation (this is the Regency era, you know) and even her life to work among sailors in the midst of war. While a bit misguided in her quest to reunite with her fiance, she does what she does with honor and determination. She is amazing in this book!

I love how Ned secretly longs for Charlotte and she slowly begins to long for him. It is a slow and beautiful dance Kaye orchestrates between the two and I was routing for them from the get-go.

I will warn you though…there is a HUGE cliff hanger at the end of the book that made me jump up from my seat and gasp in….well, I suppose frustration. Frustration in that I will have to wait until next summer to continue the story!!!! Oops, pardon my exclamation points. But Kaye, really?????  I’m on the edge of my seat in anticipation….and I’m sure that was your intention. 🙂

Because I won the first AND second book in a blog contest, I am giving away my reviewer copy from the publisher to a lucky person who comments and leaves their email address. (Remember to leave it in a spam-free way).

If you can’t wait to win a copy, you may go HERE to purchase Ransome’s Crossing.
If you would like to visit Kaye’s site to find out more about her books or to browse through her great Writing Tips and Resources, go HERE.

12 responses to “Ransome’s Crossing by Kaye Dacus: Review & Giveaway!”

  1. I would love to win the book! My email address is biblioprincess15 at yahoo dot com.


  2. Enter me Sherrinda! I'd love a copy. It sounds like a great read!


  3. Hi Sherrinda –

    Thanks for the review. I enjoyed Kaye's other books. Please enter me.

    susanjreinhardt (at) gmail (dot) com

    Susan 🙂


  4. I finished writing Ransome's Crossing while I was at my parents' house for Thanksgiving last year. Once I'd mapped out the storyline of the trilogy, I'd always known how RC would end, and once I got closer to it, I couldn't write fast enough to get to it. And when I did, I actually laughed aloud and rubbed my hands together in excitement, imagining the reaction readers would have when they read it. When I came out of the room, my mom took one look at me and said, “I'm going to hate you when I finish reading this book, aren't I?”

    That's one of the great joys of writing—choosing hooks and cliffhangers that elicit an emotional reaction from readers. I love reading books like that, so it's pure satisfaction to write books like that, too!


  5. Kaye, you needed an evil laugh when you rubbed your hands together in torturous glee! Let me help you….


    My Writer's Alley's friends will love that. I'm either Bu-haing or Mu-haing. 😉

    Yes, it was an excellent conclusion…or rather, non-conclusion to the book, but I hate that I have to wait a whole year. You sure know how to keep your readers wanting. GREAT JOB!!!

    I wish I had thought about the timing of this post. I was going to put it on the ACFW Bookclub loop, but they are doing their discussion right now.


  6. sounds great! elizdown AT vt DOT edu


  7. I would love a copy but have way to much on my plate right now so I'd never have time to read it. *sigh* but thanks for offering up a copy anyways! And I have an award for you over at my blog.


  8. Eeek! I don't know if I want to win it. LOL I hate endings like that, which is why I don't usually read series. Ack.
    Well, please enter me because I've heard she's a fabulous writer. 🙂
    jessica_nelson7590 AT yahoo DOT com


  9. Oh! Thanks for offering this, and please enter my name. It sounds intriguing!



  10. would enjoy reading this novel…thanks for the chance 🙂

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com


  11. Sherrinda, I would love to win this book. This book sounds great, I love it when the writer keeps us wanting more. I just retired about a year ago and I'm loving the time I now have to Read. I would love to read a new author that I have not read before. Blessings to you! keeniam (at) yahoo dot com


  12. Well, I'm intrigued. I like cliffhangers–but not ones where I have to wait an entire year! So, I guess I like cliffhangers at the end of chapters or cliffhangers at the end of TV shows that I've Tivo-ed.



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