Back From Turkey

I am back from Turkey, Texas. Population 500. There was dry heat, enough dust to collect between my flip flop free toes, and lots of two-named people to meet and love. (Two-named as in Mary Kate, Billy Bob, etc.) My husband’s sister’s husband preaches there and they were having a Youth Rally, so we packed up our two youngest teens and made our way west.

Isn’t it funny how being a place so unlike your own spurs your imagination and gets the creativity flowing? Everything I saw, felt, smelled, made me wonder if I could use it in a book. There were so many unique sights and experiences that I stored up for future reference.

I’m glad to be back home and I plan on doing absolutely nothing this week. It is my last week home before I start back to work and I want to take advantage of it! I hope to write blog posts to get me through much of August since I will be working 60-70 hours a week and won’t have much time for blogging…or writing.


I’m tired just thinking about it! But I won’t complain, because it is a job that allows me to supply insurance for my family. Yay! for insurance that you pay through the nose for and don’t ever use! (grrrr) But Yay! that we are that healthy!!!!

What are your plans for the week? Writing? Plotting? Playing? Napping?

15 responses to “Back From Turkey”

  1. I wish I could nap! Probably some writing (yay!), cleaning the house (boo) and I have to find outfits & gifts for a few weddings we have to attend on the weekend (stress!). Oh well.

    Enjoy your week of nothingness! Sounds like you're going to be very, very tired in August, so relax all you can now 🙂


  2. Glad you had a nice trip! It looks like a whole latta nothing there, but there is always a story to find. :O)


  3. For a minute there, I thought you'd been to Asia Minor!

    Turkey, Texas. How fun!

    I'm hoping to get to The End of my WIP this week. That's the goal, anyway.


  4. I love the sign!

    This week, cleaning, making art, napping, watching movies, hanging out in the sun room. Not necessarily in that order.


  5. Believe it or not…Turkey Texas is one of my most favorite places on earth! Allen and I would live there if we could support ourselves. You are right….it has so many sights, smells, words, slangs, twangs, hats, boots, names….dust….stickers….etc etc. I'm so thankful you were able to go and support Stu and Viv. Hope your week is wonderful. I'll try and call you when I get in….maybe lunch?? something fun??? Love you…my bestest sister in law……Alice


  6. Sounds like a fun place to go. I love the whole two name thing 🙂

    This weeks plans are cleaning and editing. Strange combo, but necessary!


  7. Faith, I say BOO to the house cleaning too! No fun…ever!

    Diane, I hope a great story finds YOU! 😉

    Erica, YAY to finishing your WIP this week! I know that will be a HUGE accomplishment!

    CJ, I just got back from seeing Salt with my daughter. I hope to see a couple more movies this week before I head back to work. 🙂

    Alice!!!! YES! Let's do lunch or something fun. I'm all for it! Call me!

    Cindy, ugh…cleaning and editing, two of my least favorite things. You go, girl!

    Linda, I don't like to edit. It is way harder than writing, at least to me. 😦


  8. Plot, plot, plot. Definitley plotting. It's a good plotting. Not a bad plotting.


  9. Nikole, I love plotting and thinking of all the conflict to put in my story! Bring on the disasters! lol


  10. Hi Sherrinda –

    Our country has so many fascinating places to visit. Glad you found one of them.

    I hope you never need to use that insurance, but hubby and I were grateful we had it when he got sick. His bills were over $1 million.

    Susan 🙂


  11. How cool! I would love to visit a small town like that!
    This week I hope to plot, to play, and plan (for teaching VBS bext week)


  12. Yippee! Missed you! Hope you can stop by today and wave at my first author guest!

    Turkey, Texas, huh. Not a place I would've pictured you!!

    Hmm. This week. Serious edits. Serious prayer. Contemplating a contract…


  13. You should write a “Love Finds You in Turkey … Texas” book! 🙂 LOL Love it Sherrinda. Hey!! Coffee will totally aid in your existence come August. And on a side note (but more importantly 🙂 I'll keep you in my prayers for supernatural grace and energy. 🙂 hugs.


  14. Susan, I cannot imagine a one million dollar bill. Thank goodness for insurance when you need it!

    Jennifer, kuddos to you for teaching VBS! May it be a blessed week!

    Patti! I loved your author interview! You are good at asking great questions. And may God give you wisdom as you decide on the contract.

    Jaime, thank you for the prayers…I'm definitely going to need them. And YES….why didn't I think of that? Love “Finds You in Turkey, Texas! lolol Perfect.


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