Update on Me.

Well, I’m tired, but things are going better than I expected. I worked 56 hours last week and amazingly, I have gotten quite a bit done. I wonder if it could be due to the fact that I asked God for supernatural ability to get my work accomplished. I knew trying to move next week, along with the long hours at work, would be impossible for me to accomplish. At least on my own. I love it when God shows Himself faithful and answers my wimpy pleas for help.

This week is a repeat of last week, working long hours and packing every night, but I hope to have the same great success that I did last week. Go God!!!!

I’m talking about the scary business of ghostwriting over at The Writer’s Alley today. Stop back and tell me what your think about it.

12 responses to “Update on Me.”

  1. You poor thing, you. Do I need to send a virtual footrub your way? I remember packing and moving. Makes me tired just thinking about it.


  2. Oh, Sherrinda, you must be in shock. I will be praying that God will hold you up in all things!

    Will check out the other post.


  3. BUSY!!! Praying God's strength for you. :O)


  4. Wishing you an easy work week and a smooth move.


  5. Hello all! I just got home a bit ago after a 12 hour work day. I think I'm going to skip packing and go to bed early. My brain is fuzzy and I heard my cranky pants calling my name this afternoon. šŸ™‚


  6. I will pray along with you, my dear. Many blessings,


  7. coffee coffee coffee!!!


  8. God is faithful!

    Heading over to The Writer's Alley:)


  9. Its good to hear about YOU!



  10. Hi Sherrinda –

    You went to the right place for help. šŸ™‚

    Praying for continued strength and wisdom.



  11. Been thinking about you. Hope next week goes easier on you. šŸ™‚


  12. What a week. God did hear your prayer! Moving and working long hours is tough. Hope this week is just as good!


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