Character Birthdays: Necessary or Not?

I’m discussing character birthdays over at The Writer’s Alley today. So stop by and put your two cents in.

Life is slowing down for me and I’m so excited. August was…well, not fun. And I love fun. This will be my last week off from blogging and writing. Starting next week I will be blogging on Mondays and Fridays here, and on Tuesdays at The Writer’s Alley.

My life has returned.

8 responses to “Character Birthdays: Necessary or Not?”

  1. Yay for return to normalcy (well, as close as one can get) Love your graphic!


  2. BTW Happy Birthday to you! :O)


  3. Yeah!! i'm glad you're returning to life 🙂


  4. Do you mind sending “Normal” my way?:)


  5. Sorry your August was not so fun … here's to a fabulous September!


  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was a difficult day, but got much better when I got home to my sweet family! I am so blessed.


  7. Yay!!! I have MISSED you.
    Will check out your post!!!
    BTW, taught with Julie at GLCWC, and she told me about mapping out her characters' ANNIVERSARIES!!! WOW!!


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