Are You A Giver?

Last week was my birthday and I was not a giver. I was the receiver. We all love receiving gifts, don’t we? I received a pedicure from my oldest son and his wife. See the pretty flowers? I loved having my feet pampered, but cringed with embarrassment when the petite woman took my foot in hand and said, “UGH”. I replied with a hopeful smile, “Big tip!” She nodded happily and I relaxed in the massage chair, hoping I was not the subject of her fast talking and silly laughter with her friend next to her.

What is it about people that makes them want to give a gift, even when they need their money for other things? I found a card by my bedside table and my heart swelled with emotion as I recognized the creativity of my sweet daughter. I’ve put up a blurry picture of it. She crafted a card to look like a Kindle and inside was a pocket with a $20 bill in it. You see, I have a Kindle fund and I am 2/3’s to my goal. Money is hard to come by for my daughter, so after a babysitting job she had extra cash and promptly gave some to me for my birthday. It makes her happy to give.

Are you a giver? Do you give of your money? Your time? Your expertise? I have found many givers in the writing community. I’ve had offers to critique my work, guest post a blog, and even brainstorm a bit. These writers are givers.

I often don’t give like that because I don’t feel qualified to offer my services. But is that really a prerequisite for  giving? Shouldn’t we want to give because we have received so much? There is always someone less experienced who could use some encouragement and guidance. We all were beginners once, weren’t we?

How has someone given to you? How have you given back?

17 responses to “Are You A Giver?”

  1. Ooh! That is sooooo sweet! I think I need a Kindle fund.

    I try to be a giver, but I will admit I get caught up in myself far too often.


  2. Tabitha, I think we all get caught up in putting ourself first and forgeting to serve others. It's our human condition. But isn't it good to know that God totally understands and gives us grace?


  3. Awww, how very sweet of your daugheter! (And your son too!) And I could totally see the same thing happening if I ever went in for a pedicure!! (Actually, it sounds like a terrible job, having to handle people's feet all day!)

    I think there are so many ways we can give, especially in the writing community. We just have to be on the lookout for ways!


  4. Love the toes! And yay for being 2/3 of your way to a Kindle!! You're going to love it. 🙂 Whenever I feel a little down and out, I do some reflecting and usually it's b/c I've done too much taking and not enough giving. Taking centers the universe around me. Giving throws it back out to where it should be.


  5. Jody! was totally embarrassing to have her groan over the condition of my feet! i can't imagine doing that job…it would gross me out completely. You are right in that we can find numerous ways to give back to the writing community. We just have to look and be intentional in our looking.

    Katie! It's all in the balance, isn't it? We need to make sure we are givers and not just takers.


  6. Cute card. I was introduced to calligraphy by an incredibly talented and giving teacher. Now that I'm a teacher, I try to pass along what she taught me. It's necessary to pay it forward in order to keep this art from dying out.


  7. You daughter's sweet heart. Sounds like a wonderful celebration for you!!! :O)


  8. Wow, what great kids you have, Sherrinda!

    Yes, I love to give. The more I can give, the happier I am. God has given me so much, and it delights me to share.

    Patti Lacy, James Watkins, and Terri Tiffany have been the most generous with thier time and talents to help me succeed as a writer. I'm forever grateful to them, and all my blogging buds. I couldn't do this without a ton of help.


  9. What a wonderful gift. I'd say her thoughtfulness was better than the 20 bucks.

    I've had soooo many people help me along in my writing career, and I can't think of one instance where I've helped anyone. I feel so petty. Ugg.


  10. I also get caught up by the “but I'm not qualified…” bug… but a few weeks ago a beginning writer asked me for a critique and she was so grateful & found the advice so helpful that I wondered… why don't I do this more often? I know I need to be more aware of opportunities to give back to others, because Lord knows I've had many people give of their time to me.


  11. We're so glad you liked your birthday present! There's a blog I read a lot, The Frugal Girl (I highly recommend checking it out – and she always says, “It doesn't have to be perfect to bless someone else.” I try to think of that when imperfections might stop me from giving!


  12. Happy belated birthday! Love the toes!

    I could write volumes about the unselfish, generous and often unexpected ways someone has given to me. Sometimes it's been financial, material and other times it's of their time.

    I believe giving is something that happens in your heart and soul. It's an unselfish act and a precious gift. I believe we are all blessed in many ways and have the ability to bless others even if it's with just a kind word and/or a hug.


  13. How adorable is that card????

    You have such a sweet family.


  14. Your daughter is so generous. That card is almost as sweet as the sentiment.

    I tend to give-back mostly with my time, which most of my friends and family know is precious to me. But if they need help, I'm always there!


  15. That's such a generous gesture by your daughter!
    Very cool.

    I love to give! It warms up my insides!
    Also love pedicures!!

    Shall we compare our toes at the conference?!!!



  16. My heart is just tugging at the sweet gift of your daughter.

    Right now, I'm grateful for the fellow moms who have helped me out this week of conflicting sport's schedules–and yes, I always give back in return!


  17. The story about your daughter is so sweet! You have generous and thoughtful children.


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