Kindle Time!

I am now the extremely proud owner of a Kindle! I know I’ve shared about my Kindle fund, a collection of dollar bills from my birthday and the Amazon gift cards I’ve earned while searching the internet through Swagbucks. But I ended up not using my Kindle fund, and here’s why:

Tuesday I got to work at 7:15 a.m. and got a migraine at 7:45 a.m. I thought I could take a migraine pill and muddle through the day, but by 8 a.m. I knew there was no way I could stay upright for long. I went home, took some migraine and nausea medicine, and slept until 2:30 p.m. I would have slept longer, but the doorbell rang. I tried to clear my head and went to answer the door, only to find a small Amazon box on my door.

I knew I had not ordered any books, because I was saving my Amazon money for my Kindle. I opened the box and my jaw fell slack. Yes! It was a Kindle! What in the world? Who would have sent me a Kindle? I pulled out the packing slip and in the small print at the bottom was a note from my sweet niece. She sent me a  belated birthday present! Now she is a law student at Pepperdine, so I know she can’t have much money, yet she gave anyway.

She is a giver. A generous soul who gives out of love. I am so incredibly humbled and so incredibly blessed!


I have been perusing the free books on Amazon and to my delight have found many classics such as Jane Austen’s novels. Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Sense & Sensibility…sigh. Plus, Amazon does free promotional books ever now and then. I was able to download Homespun Bride by Jillian Hart. Even Cami Tang had a free download several months ago that I downloaded for my PC in anticipation of my Kindle.

The Kindle is lightweight and easy to hold. The page looks just like the page of a book…no glare, no back light to hurt the eyes. It is marvelous!

The thought of holding what amounts to a library in my hands is just awesome. It’s mind boggling!

And I’m going to be hard pressed to make myself sit in my chair to write instead of pulling out this little doo-dad and read to my heart’s content.

So who has an eReader? Who loves it? Who hates it? Who wants one? Who doesn’t?

20 responses to “Kindle Time!”

  1. Enjoying your excitement vicariously.


  2. That's so cool! Wow, what a present! I got a Nook this summer, and I love having all my books in one place, but Barnes and Noble isn't the greatest about putting books up on their site, so I kinda wish I'd gotten a Kindle. But I had a ton of books I'd bought on my iPhone that I couldn't read on a Kindle, so that made my decision for me.


  3. I'm trying to decide between a Kindle and a Nook. I've been reading books on my iPod Touch, but the battery life is pathetic. I have about 50 Kindle books on my Mac, so I'm leaning toward a Kindle.

    Your niece sounds incredibly sweet!


  4. Wow, congrats on your Kindle! My sweet hubby bought me one for Christmas. I love it, although to be honest I don't read on it as much as I should. Mostly because I'm always reading review books for websites. I love the notetaking and underlining features and the dictionary!


  5. What an awesome, generous neice. Enjoy!


  6. Oh, that is SO super sweet of her!!! I have a SONY ereader that I got free because of credit card points. I love it!
    Enjoy your new toy!!!


  7. Sooo cool! A Kindle is on my Christmas list…Here's hoping my husband got the message. 🙂


  8. I haven't had the inclination (yet) to buy this, mostly because I worry about my eyes. I wear glasses and I do computer work all day long, so I really don't want my eyes to get worse. But I do have to admit, the techno-geek in me wants to check one out just for grins 🙂 Congrats on getting yours.


  9. Love my nook. Keeps me busy reading, even when I'm supposed to be doing something else.

    I read ebooks way faster than regular books now, too.

    Congratulations! That was so sweet of your niece


  10. How cool! Now you can use your Amazon gift cards for books! What a sweet gift from your niece!

    I don't have an e-reader. I just got my first cell phone two months ago, so I'm always late to the party. 🙂


  11. Don't you look proud! My aunt has a Kindle and loves it. Sounds like your niece is a darling person. 😀


  12. CJ!!!! I hope you enjoy! 😉

    MJ, I heard that Kindle didn't read certain book uploads. I think there is a software Mobi-something that will convert it to something Kindle can read. I haven't gotten that far into researching it all. 🙂

    Lisa, I've heard good things about the Nook, but I absolutely love the Kindle. Amazon has so many free books and CHEAP books! Sigh…I'm still dreaming about it!

    Julia, I know what you mean! I quit trying to get free books, because they kept stacking up! I still have some books that I won that I haven't gotten to yet!

    Linda, yes, she is incredibly generous! Beautiful inside and out!

    Jennifer, I haven't heard much about the Sony eReader, but I bet any eReader is awesome!

    Sarah, do you need me to email your hubby for a BIG hint???? I will!!!!

    Eric, it is so easy on the eyes. You can make the font really big and the non-glare, paper like screen makes it like reading a regular book page. You should try it!!!!

    Tere, I wondered if I would be faster or slower on the Kindle. We shall see….

    Casey, um, yesssss! I am a proud Kindle Owner!


  13. This just made my day! How incredible!!

    By the way, I love Jillian Hart's books. They are always good. And I'm still dying to read Camy Tang's latest. If only I had more time!!


  14. Oh Jill, if only time would stay still for us readers and writers. We could be so productive and so happy!


  15. That's wonderful, Sherrinda! Congrats on the gift, and happy belated birthday!

    I've got a Kindle and I love it. But you know what made me love it even more? This last week I learned how to transfer Word docs (and PDFs) to it, and it's made the beta reading I'm doing SO much easier. Yes!


  16. I've heard that you can transfer word docs, but haven't tried that yet. I can upload my books for a run through….AND make notes. Kinda amazing, if you think about it. I am loving it, for sure!


  17. Praise GOD! I am so excited for you! Saw a woman using one last night at dinner (yes, at a restaurant with friends) and got a demo, then exchanged bookmarks!
    It was VERY cool.

    yes, I'm a bit green…and not as in greenhorn!


  18. What a magnificent surprise, Sherrinda. Something tells me your niece did such a loving thing because she's had good examples set.

    I got a Nook for my birthday this summer. I really like it. I agree with Sherrinda, Eric. It's so easy on the eyes – really.

    My only problem so far is that it's SO easy to buy books. My husband was a bit shocked at the credit card bill. Oops.

    B&N does have a ton of free books too – I think they offer different ones at different times.

    I also use the e-reader apps on my iPod Touch – I have Kindle, B&N eReader and the new ereader app from Borders. That way I can get any book I want. Uh oh.

    I hope you continue to enjoy it, Sherrinda. I wish you many happy hours of reading.


  19. Mary, you are right about my niece. Her parents are some of the most generous people I know. She comes by it honestly.

    And it IS so easy to download books! I have learned in the short time that I have gotten it, that will need to pace myself. I check Amazon's free ones every other day or so, because they offer new free books every so often. I absolutely LOVE it. It is such a brilliant gadget!

    Patti!!! Isn't it so cool to find new toys? You would love it, I am sure of it.


  20. Hi Sherrinda –

    Wow! That's a wonderful surprise!

    I look the feel of a “real” book. Maybe someday I'll get an ereader, but for now I'm happy with the printed page.

    Susan 🙂


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