Plot In Your Face

As I made the decision to do NaNoWriMo and began plotting, I have been bombarded with great posts on plotting. So I thought I would share these great posts for you to peruse and glean from.

Kaye Dacus: Look What @Sherrinda Made Me Do
A look into Kaye’s storyboarding/plotting while she is furiously trying to meet a deadline.

Erica Vetsch: Plotting and Pages
A look into Erica’s plotting techniques.

Julia Reffner: Storyboarding for “Plodders” & “Mist Flyers”, Storyboarding Part I
Great look into the benefits of storyboarding.

Cindy Wilson: Writing With A Formula (even if you are not a plotter)
A great tool for figuring out your story’s main plot.

There are the fun posts I found this week on plotting. I also purchased My Book Therapy’s book, From the Inside Out…discover, create, & publish the novel in you. It is a great tool and very simplistic, and has worksheets to help you think through your story in the development stages. So far, I love this book! I’m hoping it helps this next week as I get this plotting finished for NaNo.

Have a Happy Weekend!

6 responses to “Plot In Your Face”

  1. Wishing you luck and lots of fun for your NaNo writing goals


  2. TGIF! Sounds like you're getting all set up and ready to write.


  3. Enjoy that NaNo Insanity! It's the best!


  4. I've been having fun with them, too. I loved peeking into Kaye's storyboarding notebook, made me decide to buy a notebook for pictures 🙂


  5. Oooh, what great tools and posts to use for NaNo plotting and preparing. I'll be cheering for you!


  6. Great links! Hope you ROCK the plotting!


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