What Is Your WPH? (words per hour)

I’ve been reading From The Inside…Out – discover…create…and publish the novel in you! by Susan May Warren & Rachel Hauck, hoping that I will grasp the whole writing thing before NaNoWriMo next week. May I just say that this workbook is FABULOUS! I think what I like about it is that she takes you through a journey of questions to help you discover what you need to know your characters and plot your book. The questions get you thinking and spur the imagination. Perfect for a beginner writer like me.

Now, she wrote something that kinda floored me, and I wanted to know what your experience is. Here it is:

Let’s assume you have 12 weeks to write a 30-chapter book, with approximately 3000 words per chapter. That’s 1500 words per scene. That’s thirty minutes a page.

Granted, she said not everyone will write at that pace. Some may be faster, some may be slower. I know there are people on Twitter who do the 1000 words per hour challenge and are successful at it (search #1k1hr on Twitter to see who’s doing it). But I want to know what YOU do. What is your usual verbiage per hour? What is your WPM?

6 responses to “What Is Your WPH? (words per hour)”

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love the look of yours too. I'm still tweaking mine a big – some of the links do not work yet.
    To answer your question I have no idea what my WPH is! People that chat with me online tell me I type too fast. My kids like to make me close my eyes and type. They time me. Then they check my spelling. It's funny. I had to help them on a game once because you had to type this sentence over and over in 40 seconds and they couldn't type fast enough.
    What is your WPH? How do you figure out the answer to that?
    Good luck with Nano! It is going to be great!!!


  2. When I'm writing the rough draft, my goal is 1000 per day. But when this falls in the summertime, I crank that up to 2000 a day. I usually do 2 of those 1k1hr sessions on NaNo. So I guess my rough draft pace is 1000 words an hour (but I have to be diligent and stay focused and not let myself edit while I write)


  3. You may want to chuck my answer, since I write nf, but my wph count tops out at 500-800, depending on how my brain is flowing, and if I'm alone in the house. I have prayed to write faster, so I can accomplish more in less time.

    Blessings on your nano experiece!


  4. I have too many interruptions to ever find out that answer. But I would love to know what I could do. Someday, if I get the chance, I'll definitely try it.


  5. When I have time without distractions, then I aim for 1100-1200 words per hour. My scenes are usually just like you listed above, around 1500 words. So if I can make that, which I sometimes do, I'm happy. But…usually it's just a little less and that works for me 🙂


  6. I love the #1k1hr on Twitter. 🙂

    It fits with my usual pace on a rough draft. I've recently tried to up my wordcount to around 3K per day. Fortunately, I'm a SAHM with only one teen at home and the world's most amazingly supportive husband. 🙂


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