Writing Woes & NaNo Foes

My 2 sisters, being silly carving the turkey a few years ago!

I really shouldn’t have used such a downer title, because there are good things going on in my writing life. But…I am woefully behind on my NaNo goal. We are talking 10,000 words behind. It will be near to impossible for me to accomplish the 50,000 word goal by December 1, but I’m okay with that.

For me, NaNo was about jumping in and getting back into the habit of writing every day. To find a good schedule for me as a full time working mother. I’ve missed two days all month and have written about 25,000 words so far. That’s not too shabby.

I like my WIP, but am seeing that I have skimped on the story. I’ve been writing fast and leaving out good details, good character development, and good setting description. And I totally left out a minor character that was going to introduce some good conflict later on. Yikes! Yeah, I can go back and fix it all, but I sure wish it wasn’t going to be so difficult to do so.

All in all, I am okay with everything. I’m doing Thanksgiving at my house for the first time this week. We are talking just my family. My oldest son and his wife, plus her mother, are coming. Also my second son who lives part time in a neighboring town. I get to do the cooking. I get to be….SHERRINDA IN CHARGE!  Squeee…I’m excited.

But that means more work for me and less writing time. But again, that’s okay. I tend to be a rule follower and really want to win NaNo, but I’m ignoring the Pharisaical-rule loving-tendency and am just going with the flow. I’m writing every day and that is AWESOME!

Will any of you be writing during the holidays? If so, how are you going to manage it?

Happy Thanksgiving! May you have as much fun with your family as I have with mine! (Pay no attention to my goofy sisters from a couple of Thanksgivings ago in the picture above. They are such fun, even after all these years!)

11 responses to “Writing Woes & NaNo Foes”

  1. Sherrinda, At least you're 25,000 words ahead of where you were a month ago! Good for you! 🙂


  2. Love the photo of your sisters!!! I never had a sis, and have always wished for one.

    I agree with Sarah–at least you are ahead. I'm proud of you for having such a mature attitude.

    I will write during the holidays, but probably not as much as usual. I'm working on a new wip about prayer.



  3. Congratulations for the discipline of putting your butt in the chair and writing. Making the time is easy, sticking with it is another. Have fun being in charge and have a wonderful holiday with your family.


  4. Way to go on that word count, Sherrinda! I think adding 25K to your story in three weeks while working full-time outside the home and plenty inside of it is impressive. I'm glad you cut yourself some slack and are able to enjoy the progress you've made,


  5. Twenty-five thousand words in a month is HUGE! Don't downplay that success.

    I've got about 30k to write by December 1, as I promised my agent/editor I'd have THE ART OF ROMANCE finished by then. I just finished a read-through/edit of the first 70k words, and I'd written up summaries of the next three chapters (about 10k words) before I left the library on that oh-so-fateful night, so I'm ready to dig in and start writing and see if I can figure out what the black moment/climax/denoument of this novel are.

    Of course, I have the added advantage that all I can do right now is sit with my foot propped up and let my parents take care of me . . . why didn't I figure out this method of getting a book finished before???


  6. I'm so behind on NaNo. 16k words is so baaaaadddd. Oh well, at least I've gotten SOME writing done. Happy Thanksgiving!


  7. I'm proud of you!!! I'm looking forward to the hoidays but we'll be moving, so I'm afraid my writing will be squeezed between packing and taking care of my 10 mo old and working full time. UGH! 🙂


  8. That picture is great! I am so glad to see a happy loving family like yours. Hugs! :O)


  9. Great job on the writing! It must be hard to keep up, especially with working, kids and Thanksgiving smack in the month!! I probably won't be doing much this week. Going to my sister's and we don't see each other much, so when I'm there, it's all family time. Oh, and shopping of course!! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  10. Thanks, Sarah! 25,000 words in three weeks is GREAT for me, working full time! Any progress is good.

    Jeanette! A new WIP on prayer!!! I bet it's wonderful and I bet God has His hands all over it!

    Kaye!!! You wrote a 10,000 word summary of 3 chapters BEFORE you starting writing them? Wow…that's alot of words just for summaries! I am so in awe… I have to say that I really wouldn't want to go through what you have just to be able sit on couch and write!!! I'm praying for you! I know you will get your ms written!

    Keli, I found I have to cut some slack, because I would go crazy and fail if I didn't!

    CJ, I know what you mean! Just getting started is the hardest for me, but once I get into it a little bit, I can usually get going and spit some words out.

    Britt, any words written is a success, in my opinion! I was in a rut and did NaNo to get back into a regular writing routine. Now..to make it stick!

    Jamie, I would think any writing for you the next month would be a miracle! Christmas and moving??? Wow! You go, girl!

    Diane, thanks! I love my family!

    Catherine, have fun with the family!!! The writing will be there when you get back! Enjoy!


  11. God is whispering to write quite often these days.
    I did sneak to the study and plunk down several lines that the last scene needed. It's so fun to write “on call.”

    Your blog wouldn't “come up” on my Google reader today, so I beat the system by hooking into Writer's Alley.

    I'm on your team, girl. You can do it.


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