The Great Edit Race

Okay, so it’s not really a race, but it sounded like a catchy title. Editing is going to be one of my passions for this month…and the next, I’m afraid. Passionate is My One Word for the new year (see my post on it HERE) and I am jumping in with both feet, or maybe head first, tackling the thing I have feared and procrastinated about in 2010.

It’s rather embarrassing to admit that I let a whole year go by without finishing editing my novel, my first book, the book that won first place in a contest. Completely embarrassing. So why am I sharing this shameful tidbit? Because I am conquering my fear and passionately moving forward into what God has allowed me love. (No, NOT editing, but writing!)

I am writing a new story and keeping the creative juices flowing there, but am now going to edit my heart out on my first story. In order to do this, I have signed up for the Critique Pool at ACFW. Hopefully, I can gain some help and get my story whipped into shape. I have a wonderful friend who is critiquing it now, but we are both so busy, it is too much to ask her to do more. (She is the best at crits, taking my story deeper and adding such texture to it!) I pray that the help I receive from others will be as beneficial.

This is my main goal for the year: to edit my novel and get it into shape by the time ACFW Conference rolls around. Yes, I am planning on attending this year, Lord willing.

What are your goals for your writing this year?


20 responses to “The Great Edit Race”

  1. I'm still editing too Sherrinda! For some reason being pregnant and having a baby was terrible for my motivation:)


  2. Sounds like you have a busy year ahead of you, but I am in a similar boat. Finding critique partners is very hard. I will have to check into the ACFW pool. 🙂


  3. Sherrinda, I love the new look on your blog! Did you do this a while ago? I've been on a blogging break the last few weeks, so I must have missed it. 🙂

    Anyway, back to your question…My writing goals are to seek God's guidance in finding balance. I've been pushing very hard, and I'm sensing it's time to slow down for a season. Not sure if it will be a short or long season, but I'm taking it one day at a time.


  4. I love your word: Passionate! I'm working on manuscript #2 and will probably go back to #1 and do a few more tweaks to it. Best of luck to you, Sherrinda!


  5. I wish you all the best on your editing, Sherrinda. May you find the passion you seek.

    I'm thrilled to hear that you're planning to attend the ACFW conference this year. I'm sooo eager to meet you in person.


  6. Good luck, Sherrinda – I did that last year with editing, and while frankly, it kind of sucked, it was exactly what I needed. Hang in there! 🙂


  7. Kick some editing butt, Sherrinda!! My goal for this month is to add 20K words to my newest WIP.


  8. Praying for you that the words keep flowing. Your “word” is awesome and something to really keep burning bright in your mind. Mine wanes at times… :O)


  9. That's a great goal! You can do it!

    I want to submit again this year. That's my goal.


  10. Tamika, I can't imagine writing while having a young baby. I'd say write during nap time, but I'd be sleeping instead of writing.

    Gia, I know you will find just the right crit partner at just the right time. Good luck!

    Sarah, the new look is a few weeks old. I like the artsy feel, but think it might be a little too busy. As for slowing down, I totally understand! There are times I have to step back and just breathe. Life is a series of ebb and flow.

    Beth, thanks! Good luck to you with BOTH your wips! Edit and polish!

    Keli! I so want to give you a great big hug at the ACFW conference! May God allow me to go!

    Jamie, what? It sucked? lol Well, editing is not my favorite thing and neither is getting my little novel all bloodied by the red pen, but I know it's for the best!

    Katie, you go, girl! You are so dedicated, I wouldn't be surprised if you surpassed your goal!

    Diane, I'll pray that your passion doesn't wane either!

    Kristen, good luck with the submission! That's a great goal!


  11. I saw on Jeanette's blog that you chose one word to guide your new year. That's GREAT! Have a great New Year!


  12. Nice! Goals? Me? Uh … just to write something worth editing, you know. Ha ha. -H


  13. Parsley, I absolutely love your name! I have a friend named Pepper too! Isn't Jeanette wonderful! Such an encourager!

    Heather, you are too funny! I'm sure EVERYTHING you write is worth editing!


  14. Hi, Sherrinda! I'm so glad you're thinking about going to the conference this year. I hope I am able to be there and hope to meet you!

    Good luck editing!!


  15. Great goal, Sherrinda! My goal is to finally FINISH my first novel…and begin better writing habits (i.e. write daily rather than in spurts).


  16. Hi Sherrinda –

    One year isn't so bad! I've come to believe that editing is a permanent condition. No matter how much we change a manuscript, someone will want to tinker with it.

    Susan 🙂


  17. Editing is tough for me too. But you can do it! I have the goal to finish writing and then edit my novel this year too. I think we can do it. 🙂


  18. To get Reclaiming Lily turned in by the March deadline.
    Capture Below Normal in a proposal.
    Girl, I am proud of you whatever your time frame.



    I'm proud of you for sinking your teeth into the editing steak and not quitting 'til you've swallowed every last bite. Gulp! Sigh.

    One of my writing goals is to win a contest; another is to attend the Write His Answer conference in Philly in August.

    Blessings on your week,


  20. Congrats on the contest win! How exciting is that? Best of luck with your editing this year. I'm approaching the finish of my WIP's first draft, which means I have lots of editing in my future as well. Here's to both us emerging with shiny manuscripts!


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