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I had such an odd experience yesterday when I powered up my Kindle in church to read my Bible. Earlier, I had downloaded the new 2010 version of the NIV translation (only 9.99 on Amazon) and after spending a little time figuring out how to maneuver through the book, I was able to read along with the pastor. Okay, that sounded weird. He’s my husband and I really don’t like calling him the pastor. Hey, I live with the guy.

I felt really strange pulling the slim eReader out of its cute little case and clicking through the pages. It almost felt fake. Maybe fake is not the right word. It just felt plain weird…and I was self-conscious. But I’ve decided I need to get over my feelings, because you know what?

We live in a digital world.

We live in an age where we can check email in the car, read books by flipping our fingers across a screen, and pay our bills on our phones. We are connected to the world by those little WIFI waves in the air.

I stumbled upon a site called Netgalley. You can sign up and request galley books to review for free…if you have an eReader. There are many publishers listed and there are hundreds of books to choose from. True, I can’t do giveaways with those digital books, but it is a nice option to have.

Are you ready for this techno age? Are you connected? Are you prepared for the changes to come? I’m sure you’ve heard all the turmoil and fear regarding the publishing world and its future. What will ebooks do to traditional publishing? Do you care? Does it matter?

12 responses to “Digital World”

  1. No! I am not ready! I love books! If they take away books I don't know how I will cope. Hope that you enjoy the Kindle. Maybe someday I will peep it out and see that perhaps it is not so bad. :o)


  2. While I love the feel of a printed book, I recently added Kindle for Mac to my trusty computer and downloaded some free e-books. It was easy peasy and fun. I think I'm hooked. =)


  3. I love all the new gadgets:) My Kindle travels with me everywhere, you never know when you'll have a free moment.

    Now I have my new Blackberry to tinker with! So. Much.Fun.


  4. I'm embracing it. The publishing world will shift, but it will survive. People want to read and they don't care about how. Funny about your hubsy – that would be weird calling him pastor. 🙂


  5. I am not that digital yet, but I try. And I am opened to change. 🙂


  6. I resisted getting an eReader for the longest time, but when I realized it meant I could read MORE books rather than replace them, I jumped on board. There are so many small presses that only sell in digital, plus NetGalley (which I love), that having an eReader just makes sense. I'm reading/buying digital alongside paper books, not replacing to any extent.


  7. LOL, I can just picture the faces watching the pastor's wife whip out her Kindle. “Oh my, is she reading a book during the sermon? Tsk, tsk.”

    My husband pulled out his phone during the sermon last week, and I thought he was just checking it to make sure it was muted. Next thing I knew, he had the Bible verses pulled up on his screen. Guess it's time to embrace the revolution.


  8. Handwritten illuminated Bibles and Books of Hours gave way to being printed on the printing press. Communication by wire gave way to the telegraph. Radio broadcast of news and plays gave way to television. handwritten communication gave way to FAX and email. Digital media is just the next step. There will always be those who love the old formats, and embrace them, but the way of the world is always progress. I have the Nook Color and love the fact I can carry my library with me and am not limited to one book during the long waits.


  9. Girl, I love the smell of books, which my Kindle definitely does NOT have! I still go to the library just to breath in the fragrance of the printed page.

    Keli, reading ebooks aren't so bad! Now, I have to say that being able to hold the eReader in my hand, or prop it up on the pillow when I'm reading in bed is a HUGE benefit, as opposed to reading it on my laptop. My kindle is so lightweight and easy to “turn” the pages.

    Tamika, ooooo, a blackberry! I'm just a teeny bit jealous!

    Tabitha, I resisted for awhile, but once I gave in…well, it opened up a whole new world!

    Katie, I'm with you. You have to embrace it, I believe, because it is coming, whether we like it or not. Isn't it funny to think about your pastor being a “real” person who leaves the lid up on the commode or his dirty socks on the floor?

    Faith, me too! I haven't given up on paper books, but am adding the digital to what I already have. It's all good!

    Sarah, I sit on the very front row since I since on the praise team, and had an older lady sitting behind me comment of my FB status that she watched me work my Kindle yesterday. She thought it was cool. 🙂

    CJ, I heard the Nook was incredible. Maybe some day I'll get one of those. 😉 And your history lesson of the journey of communication was brilliant! Ever changing! Ever new!


  10. Embracing the tech is a good description of me. I don't have an e-Reader at this point, but wouldn't mind one. I've enjoyed having my iTouch for the mere purpose of having a Bible, Chinese-English Dictionary, Goodreads, and some other useful apps and not have to carry around the heavy books. LOL


  11. I just can't do it yet. Maybe one day. :0)


  12. I'd never thought of putting the Bible on my e-reader. Of course I haven't put anything on it yet. I'm a bit timid.What am I waiting on?
    I promised I'd finish this book I'm writing before I read another book.
    So, that's where I am. Plunking away at my book one word at a time.
    May be done by this summer, I hope!
    Blessings and enjoy.
    I will pursue putting the Bible on here as that would be an easy way to keep up at church with the readings.


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