A Writer’s Snow Days

We’ve had this strange weather in Texas, closing down schools for four straight days! My area has been covered in white ice…not snow…but ice. People, Texans do NOT know how to drive or even function properly with any white covering the ground. Seriously, it is like the world has shut down.

So what have I done? I haven’t written anything, except for blog posts. I have, however, been researching for my next story. I have read some Regency books and historical books, and I have watched some luscious Regency movies. Jane Austen, anyone? Yes, indeed. All in the name of research.

It has been heaven to be a slug on the couch, with either a book or Kindle in hand. I have the remote nearby to watch movies when my eyes tire of the printed page. What a great week it has been, despite my little world  coming to a stop around me.

So tell me, how do YOU spend your snow days?

I leave you with a cartoon page of how my teens are faring this week:

12 responses to “A Writer’s Snow Days”

  1. Crazy weather!! Hope you get some time to write in there, which is what I try to do on a snow day. Or read. Both work great. 🙂


  2. Snow days in Texas? Wow! I'm glad you've been enjoying yours.


  3. The cartoon is so funny. That's just how you feel after too much snow. Love any excuse to watch Regency movies though. Sounds fun!


  4. Sometimes those days are the best. Just doing a whole lot of nothing! :O)


  5. We're in southern OK, and I got a kick out of your cartoon. That is me! I haven't spent much of my snow days writing, that's for sure. Kids at home are a little distracting. I have, however, been cooking a little more than usual. I hope my jeans fit next week!


  6. I get cabin fever after so much bad weather. Our area missed out on this snow storm :o) Hope you get to get out soon.


  7. LOL I love the cartoon. Even Northerners feel that way, especially the last one with all the snow we've had and more predicted for Sat. Is it July yet?


  8. Great cartoon! We are on Chinese New Year holiday for a week and it has been raining…we were feeling the cabin fever yesterday. So thankful that the sun came out today…


  9. Four snow days in Texas!? That's crazy talk! We just had two, but it's back to work today. It's weird having an unexpected weekend in the middle of the week. Very awesome. I got some writing done….a great day on Wednesday, but then I couldn't for the life of me get anything to come out right on Thursday.


  10. It snows four months out of the year in my part of the country. When Hubby was stationed in SC, they had a dusting of snow on Christmas Eve and shut everything down. We cracked up at some of the calls that were made to the radio station, but this one was my favorite:

    “Northern military people know how to drive in snow, but we have to drive fast to keep up with them.”

    No joke.

    Sigh, I wish this writer had a snow day, but my work still goes on as long as parents are willing to travel to their jobs.


  11. My goodness…it is still snowing here in Fort Worth, Texas. The sun is just now peeking out and tomorrow it is going to be in the 40's. It will all melt away and life will return. I have thoroughly enjoyed this time OFF! 🙂


  12. Love it, Sherrinda!

    Last summer when we were wilting in ridiculous heat, I vowed not to complain about winter. So, despite the mounds of snow that look like they'll still be here in August, I'm not complaining.
    Funny thing is, it's my ten year old students who have had enough of the snow! They were applauding the groundhog's predictions of early spring.


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