Blogging VS Writing

I know I have been vocal in my confusion and wishy-washy writing plans. Well, I’m going to continue to share my struggles. Many of you may have read Jody Hedlund’s post Friday, and I do believe I was the inspiration for the post. I could be wrong about that, but if it wasn’t me, then it might as well have been. I’ve jumped in too soon. I’ve let the internet and writer’s networking take over my time and energy. I’ve given in to the race for publication before I am ready, not being able to let go of my first manuscript, and not developing the skills needed to be successful.

You see, I am a young writer. I have completed one manuscript, and have written half of another. I never finished editing the first, because it was beyond my capabilities at the time. I have carried shame about that, especially since won first place in the TBL contest last year. I mean, what writer doesn’t edit? If I cannot make myself edit, how can I call myself a writer?

I started a new story and got half-way through it, but wasn’t loving the genre as much. Contemporary is easier  in some ways, but was harder for me to keep the tension up. So I decided to go back to historical and try that, all the while trying to keep up a blog, visit other people’s blogs, and read books. I remember how I could devour books in one sitting…for pleasure! I miss that.

I work a full time job and am a pastor’s wife, so my time is limited. I have spent so much time on blogs that it has sucked me dry writing-wise. I am struggling to do it all, and I am failing. I’ve been so bummed about all of it, that writing hasn’t even been fun! Imagine!

So, I am taking the pressure off. I am scaling way back. I will post on Mondays and I will post at The Writer’s Alley on every other Tuesday. I will also be pulling back on my blog reading. I am so sorry to everyone who I can’t get to, but at this time in my life, I need to feed my inner writer.

I need time. Time to be creative. Time to let the words flow. Time to learn to edit without pressure to be perfect. Time to become a real writer.

* Tomorrow at The Writer’s Alley, I am talking about the First Glance of Love. You know, the moment that a person sets eyes on their destined love. The heart pounding, breath-stealing glance. Stop by tomorrow for a look at two of my favorite First Glance scenes from Lynn Kurland and Jenny B Jones. 

10 responses to “Blogging VS Writing”

  1. Sherrinda, I applaud you for realizing you need to cut back on your blogging so you can find time for your writing and recapture the joy. I wish you well, my friend.


  2. This is an EXCELLENT post, Sherrinda!

    I responded to your comment on my blog. And since I want to let you scale back and focus on writing without having to jump back over to my blog, I've just copy and pasted what I wrote in the comment section below:

    Sherrinda – you bring up an excellent point. Such a very good point! And that is not to jump in too early. Network, yes. Form relationships, yes. Whenever possible. But our writing HAS to come first. In fact, I emailed my agent about this recently, and she said the most important thing I can do to help sell my books is write killer stories and continue to work on my craft. That always has to be our first priority as fiction authors. So if we find that we're networking to the detriment of our writing, that's when we need to step back.


  3. Somehow we always think we can have it all, but it never works out that way. Good for you for setting your priorities.


  4. Sherrinda, you're making the right choice for you!

    Blogging and social networking is important for being readerships, but if we're not writing, what's the point since we won't have anything for readers to read.

    I work full-time in my home, but have limited blog reading and social networking to free time. Otherwise, I could spend all day reading blogs, Tweeting, and interacting on Facebook.

    As you work out your schedule, you will find the right balance for you and your family.


  5. So proud of you for doing what you need to do, Sherrinda. I'll look forward to our visits on the Alley. 🙂


  6. So very true Sherrinda! I had to do something like that recently and be more aware of my time constraints. Praying you get it all done and are satisfied with what you do! 🙂


  7. Sherrinda,

    I can so relate to this, I feel like God is slowly calling me to step back from this stuff and spend more time on my MS.


  8. Well said! Thanks for speaking it out…I think these “ears” needed hearing it. I love reading blogs, but have got to buy a timer! It really does suck up the time, doesn't it.


  9. There are so many different directions for our writing that it can be a struggle to know exactly which road to take. I enjoy blogging, but struggle with the right combination myself. I will say this though – blogging has helped me hone my writing skills and pushed me to say more in fewer words.

    Continue to listen to God's design for your writing and let it take you where ever it may. 😀


  10. Linked from Dan Bouchelle's blog. Appreciated your comments. I've seen your profile image on other blogs, so it's nice to finally “meet.”

    I can relate to what you've written here, esp. the “I need to feed my inner writer.” Me too. If I am not reading alot I have little to write of any subastance. Good post.


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